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This is such a unique game if you ask me. Well, the theme makes it unique and the feeling I get while playing the game. Like a relationship, the game starts off pretty easy but things get complicated the longer the game (the relationship) continues.

As I play emotion cards, I imagine the relationship ups and downs while play. In a lot of ways the theme seems tacked on this, yet the lack of talking ironically enough pulls it all together to me.

At its heart, this is a simple abstract (not easy to win, easy to play). Yet, the flow of a relationship does come through. On any given turn, your options seem obvious. But what does your partner need. What are their desires? Do you take the glory for yourself of finishing the objective?

At the end of the game, you both must be in balance when entering the final circle and you need enough cards left to obtain this. This isn't always easy. As the arguments (variants) are included, this becomes harder. It really takes a couple working together.

I find this game relaxing and stressful at the same time. If we lose, does it say anything about our relationship? It can't possibly, can it? The game plays a mind trick with you about its importance. Surely, it is just a silly abstract game, but these words printed on the cards must be something. Right?



The components are okay at best. The board is very small which is okay because they are going for a portable game here. The beads are okay, but they make it hard to see the color you are on. The board is bland and doesn't really make anything pop out at you. As for the cards, I like the use of colors and their combination to make other emotions. This attention overcomes the other components to me.

Rule Book:

The rules as presented are very clear. There are just a few rules. The game does a good job of presenting the rules in such a way that it attaches to the theme (perspective comes to mind). You can read the rules in less than 5 minutes and be playing. Our first game, we had zero communication except for rules explanations.

Flow of the Game:

The game is pretty abstract. The board is a bunch of color circles on the board. You have objective cards that you are trying to "accomplish". You accomplish the objective by ending your turn on the same color as the objective.

You have a bead on the board that you are moving around. You do this by using the cards in front of you (or your partner). To move on a color you simply discard that color. As you play cards, your balance will move left or right depending on the color. If you end a turn in 0 balance, you get to draw up to 6 cards (this is the only want to replenish cards).

The game is simple to play. It takes coordination. The additional rule of no table talk adds to your frustration as you want to scream what to do, but you can't. You have to rely on your partner. Is that easy? Not for most people.

At first, the game seems easy. But you must move on your turn. And if you can't, you both lose. There are a few other rules, but the game is calm at first and moves into possible other emotions.

There are variants included (arguments) that can make the game harder if you wish.

Should I buy this game?:

This is a unique game likely for couples. It is an exercise in patience (or anger) with the person you are playing with. It isn't going to appeal to all gamers and it is super simple and abstract. The game is pretty cheaply priced so picking it up isn't a huge endeavor. I would recommend that most couples play this game and see if they can work on their (non) communication and trust. Fun stuff, right?

Keeper. For a while.
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