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Subject: Big*Bang is available from nestorgames! rss

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(from Valencia, Spain)
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My best-rated game: Tetrarchia, about the tetrarchy that saved Rome
My latest game: Big*Bang, a simple abstract about the first minutes of the Universe
Big*Bang has been published by nestorgames and is already available! meeple


A second after the Big Bang, the matter and antimatter that had just been created annihilated into light. Hopefully, a tiny excess of matter survived, about 1 particle per billion, providing the building blocks of the Universe we live in. Find your antiplayer and re-fight that clash between matter and antimatter. Physics is the only rule!

A designer diary will follow soon, but just some words about the game. It is a fast-playing abstract that recreates the very first minutes of our Universe, with simple mechanics but a very strong theme, and it contains antimatter pieces!

There is a tweak in the theme, since I superposed two main stages that we think were not supposed to co-exist:
1) The matter-antimatter annihilation clash, during the very first fractions of a second.
2) The race to build Helium, during the first 3 minutes.
I made both stages co-exist so that the gameplay became far more interesting. If two races, towards Helium and antiHelium, coexist, players will face a dilemma similar to the core of TZAAR: "shall I make myself stronger (by fusing my stacks) or my opponent weaker (by annihilating his)?".

In that sense it could be considered, at least in part, science-fiction. However, there are space missions in progress looking for traces of antimatter galaxies. The idea behind it is that maybe some antimatter survived the clash as well, and the rapid expansion pushed antimatter-dominated regions away enough from matter-dominated ones so that annihilation stopped. The chemistry of antimatter is exactly the same as the matter one, so the only chance to reveal those 'antigalaxies' would be a gigantic galaxy-antigalaxy clash (that may be too rare?) or traces of antinuclei built in 'antistars' in the cosmic rays that reach our atmosphere (maybe too far from those antimatter regions?). No results have been found yet, but it has been a short time since we started looking...

Therefore, the game takes place under the hypothesis that the matter-antimatter clash extended at least for a few minutes, enough to let the two nucleosynthesis races start. As I said, I'm writing a designer diary expanding all this discussion. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the game! And learn some Physics...

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