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Philip Jelley
United Kingdom
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[Jelley, Phil]Unofficial Amendments

Well, they make sense to me...

3.0 Important Definitions

Closing In: Replace “Pressing an assault with greater risk of loss” with “Going over the top in order to attack an enemy occupied square, units that fail to close in retreat to their jump off square, but may still be subjected to defensive fire” A return to TBP.

7.4 Solitaire Play

Add “+1 to the Lull Turn die roll if the weather is rain or snow.” A weaker player has a half chance of forcing a lull turn if the preceding turn was active, or at least a quarter of the time rather than a sixth of a time as here, a +1 drm for rain/snow turns seems reasonable.

12.7.1 Facing

Delete and replace with “All French units face north at the start of the game and German units face south. When Artillery units are used to bombard or counter bombard they are turned 45 degrees to the left as a reminder that they cannot be used again in the Bombardment Segment and are turned back at the end of the phase. In the Movement Segment turn each unit 90 degrees to the left when it has completed its movement. At the end of the segment turn all units that did not move 90 degrees to the left as well. In the following turn all French units will be facing west and all German units east, turn units 45 or 90 degrees to the right so that they will return to a north-south facing at the start of the next turn. By this method players will be able to clearly see which units have moved and which have not. In the other player’s Defensive Fire Segment the defender may determine in which direction his units are facing, if this will affect flank attacks (16.3.2b).” I find that facing in combat occurs occasionally, but forgetting which units have or have not moved or bombarded is a constant problem and I used facing for this purpose. I am prepared to allow the defender the benefit of the doubt, this is World War I.

12.8.1 German Infantry Modes

German infantry can only assault when in mobile mode. Units in entrenched mode can consolidate (14.2.8 ), but cannot advance after a breakthrough (16.5.4), and their primary combat value is only used for counter-attacks in the French player turn. Large German regiments can usually close in without trouble and are the devil to shift when they advance or breakthrough. I feel that the Germans are too strong in VAGL and this limits them. It also fairly represents the vulnerability of units going over the top as opposed to entrenching.

13.4 Closing In

Replace “Once the player has committed a unit to an Assault, he may choose to press it forward and “Close In” with the enemy to inflict greater losses. This comes with a risk that the closers themselves may suffer more losses from Defensive Fire. Closing in is always optional” with “Once the player has committed all his assaulting units, he must make a die roll for each assaulting unit to see if it goes over the top and “Close In” with the enemy. Units that “Close In” must attack and those that fail may not attack, although they may still be subjected to defensive fire”. A return to TBP.

13.4.3 Marking Closers

Delete and replace with “Units that “Close In” are pushed forward into the assault square with the rear of their counter in their jump off square. Units that fail to “Close In” are retreated back to their jump off square”. A return to TBP, with units failing to get in due to poor command or communications, barbed wire, machine guns, artillery fire, mud, etc...

13.4.2 Closing In Effects (Should be 13.4.4)

Delete and replace with

Defensive The defender receives a -1 DRM for their defensive fire versus attacking units that “Close In”.

Offensive The attacker receives a +1 DRM for each surviving attacking unit over one that “Closes In”.”

13.4.3 (Should be 13.4.5) Delete

15.0 Defensive Fire

Add “Defending units must Defensive Fire a jump off square which contains any enemy units that are closing in on its own square. Otherwise the defender’s units may Defensive Fire on any adjacent jump off square even if its units are closing in on another square or failed to close in. Defensive Fire results affect all assaulting units in the jump off square whether they closing in or not, but units that did close in must absorb all step loses first, even if they are eliminated as a result.” Clarification taken from TBP (10.2), the fire first at the mass of infantry attacking YOU seemed sensible as well, soldiers are like that.

16.3.2b Flank Attacks

Add “The defender decides in which direction his units are facing in the Defensive Fire Segment, at the end of the Assault Segment they are returned to the same facing as the rest of his units.” To tie in with 12.7.1 above.
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