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Subject: Pixelated Tactical Warfare 4: It's a Trap! rss

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After four Pixel Tactics reviews, it’s getting difficult to find something original to write about. There’s not much to do but to talk about the different Heroes & Leaders available in this set, but even then, Tom Vasel has already done that. Still, I’m pretty sure I played this game more than Tom did, so I guess I could still chime in.

Pixel Tactics 4 was officially released before the release of Pixel Tactics Deluxe, but I don’t think it hit retail before Deluxe. It was available in PnP files, at least. That would make PT4 the first PT set to introduce Traps if you exclude the mini-expansion Argent University.

PT4 is also the last set to be released to have the total Attack + Defense of its heroes under the original 201 from the first game. Both PT5 and PTDX will rectify this, although they will lean towards the defensive side rather than the all-out offensive inclination of the first PT.

As it stands, PT4 might not be my favorite deck by itself, but I will gladly play it anytime and enjoy it just as much. It may be worth mentioning that PT4 does not feature any Status Effects such as [+1 Attack] or [No abilities] and etc. Also interesting to note is that the Time Traveler is the pixel hero with art that differs on both sides this time around.

There are quite a few new (as is always the case) exciting Heroes/Leaders, and others I feel reluctant to use because of abilities I tend to dislike.

Here are some details on some of the new cards (I apologize for the picture quality):

There’s a mistake on the Slayer card.

Its Order should probably be a Trap (or, less likely, an Operation). As an Order, it’s unplayable. We pretend it’s a Trap. If we ever get confirmation, I’ll update this review.

Otherwise, the Slayer is a generally strong card, especially in the Rear. With a Ranged Attack of 4 (and +3 against Rear heroes), she can be a real thorn in your opponent’s side. As a Leader, Tyrafelle Malentas is just as annoying/awesome, depending on your point of view.

Same could be said of the Artillery, with a whopping Ranged attack of 5 and possibly 8 in the Rear if you’re willing to spend the extra action.

The Statistician is, to me, to toughest guy to get rid of in this set. He’s a 0–6, but in the Vanguard, not only does he have Intercept, he has, “When this Hero takes damage, apply the same amount of damage to any other Hero in Melee.”

Whenever this Hero takes damage! Whether it comes from an Order, a Trap, a Spell, or any regular Hero or Leader attack, boom, you give it back. That is very scary. It makes you think twice about attacking the Statistician, but then again, you’ll have no choice since he’ll most likely be in front of his Leader. His Flank ability is very good, too.

Melinda Marsellis (the Secretary) is an attractive Leader. She gives all of your heroes (and herself) the ability to make forerunners attack or cast spells. It’s a very good ability to have.

Garek Teslas (the Gangster) gives Intercept to all of your Vanguard Heroes. But more than that, he lets you recruit a hero behind another you just recruited for free! This means you could potentially recruit 4 different Heroes in one turn. Wow.

Anath Adrasteia (the Dread Knight) is an incredibly powerful 8–30 Leader, and she gives all of your Heroes +3 Attack and + 3 Life. She takes 2 damage per turn automatically, but that still leaves you much enough time to annihilate your opponent.

The Biomancer is a very fun Hero to use in the Flank wave, as it lets you take the top card of your opponent’s deck and set it down as a corpse in their Unit.

Burgundy Twelve (the Graffiti) is fun to use both as a Leader and a Hero. As a Leader, your Vanguard, Flank and Rear heroes can only be attacked by their corresponding zone in the opponent’s Unit. (Vanguard for Vanguard, Flank for Flank, Rear for Rear) As the Graffiti, I’d say he’s good in any position depending on the playing field when you play him and you could even legitimately use him as an Operation. One of my favorite Heroes in this set.

One thing I like less, for example, is the Exorcist’s Trap effect. If a Rival has no cards in hand after Recruiting, discard the top 7 cards of their deck! That’s a lot of cards you discard. I’ve never been a fan of effects like these. Sure, you could always plan for it to never happen if you’re only playing with this set and you know this card exists, but otherwise, it can be annoying.

That was but a small sample of the cards available in PT4. A lot of good stuff in here, even if there's some you’re bound to like a little less, but that’s to be expected of any game with so many cards.

Pixel Tactics still remains one of my favorite games, and if you’re a fan, you should absolutely get Pixel Tactics 4. At that price point, why would you not?

Final Score: A+
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