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Episode 75 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Saturday, November 5th to Monday, November 7th

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Alright! After seeing a nice toasters concert last night, woke this morning feeling like well.. Maybe I shouldn't have gone. Should’ve taken proper rest but what are you going to do? They are one of my favorite bands. Anyway, here are the games ending Kickstarter this weekend and on Monday, November 7th.


Sleepy Sentries & Sleazy Merchant:
The Sleepy Sentries & Sleazy Merchant are coming to the tabletop and dioramas! This campaign has changed a lot of the contents since I last saw it: so much extra stuff to be added on! The models (or at least the base ones) are still 7 USD a piece though, that didn’t change!


Holdfast - Eastfront 1941-45:
Boardgames! The Holdfast Eastern Front campaign is successful! Whether you want to play the Russians or the Germans, you can now play one of the greatest military campaigns in history with this new chapter of the Holdfast System! It’s 65 USD.

The Bead Game Box:
Another “boardgame” is the Bead Game box. Actually it is a box that could hold up to 108 different games that you could play with the colourful beads inside the box. There is something for everyone in there, so I suggest you check it out! There’s a lot of different pledges for this so please check that out for yourself!

Chariot Race:
Eagle Gryphon Games’ Chariot Race has got over 500 backers! It’s a shame that I couldn’t get this game to my side of the ocean, because Roman Chariot Racing… It’s something different for a change! Take your horse and chariot and hope Fortune favors you! It’s 24 USD!

Laser Ryderz:
And the final ‘board’ game is Laser Ryderz. A high-speed, high-energy, trackless racing game with light push your luck, area denial, and strategy elements. I really dig the style this is put in with each player set being tucked away in a VHS-like box and artwork that completely matches it. Race over the table and try not to bump into other racer’s tracks or you’ll end up crashing in Laser Ryderz. It’s 29 USD.

Card Games:

Mythos - Game of Fables
Card Games! First, Mythos - Game of Fables. Summon cool-looking mythical beasts in this fast paced tactical card game! Not quite sure what else to say about it (and that's not the game’s fault by my head’s) but it looks cool! 3 USD for a PNP and 20 for a physical copy

Dungeon Cup:
Next, Dungeon Cup. The illegitimate child of Beer Pong & Final Fantasy is still a little short on funding but it’s here because I think it could still make it and I really like the concept of crossing a Drinking game with an Old School RPG! It’s 25 USD.

You’ve Been Shaved:
You’ve been shaved is going to finish its campaign successfully as well! The fast-paced game about beard-envy for all the hipsters, hipster-haters and your family where you must protect the your beard for as long as you can is 10 GBP for a PNP, 20 for the game and 30 for the game plus 6 beards for people who can’t actually grow a beard.

Alien Uprising - Zothren Invasion (Relaunch):
It’s not often that I cover a game two days in a row, but in the case of ‘Alien Uprising - the Zothren Invasion’ it’s the way it is! It was a very short campaign for this mech-building, bug squashing card game from Mr. B Games. The campaign is active until monday and it looks like this one is going to make it, which makes me glad! It’s 16 USD.

Role Playing Games:

Swords & Wizardry:
One RPG that ends this weekend: the 3rd print run of Swords & Wizardry. It is a very successful campaign nearing triple its funding target. Be part of this completely redone award-winning RPG! The PDF is Pay-what-you-want and the hardcover is 35 USD.
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