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Subject: More info about the new guilds rss

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Mister Zombi
Near Dijon
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In their last update HGF described all the new guilds for the game, some of them are already unlocked and available, the others are still pending unlocking. Anyway, they all look very cool and I hope that we will manage to get them all, feel free to talk about them here, pick your favorite...etc.

Herborists :
Here are the Druid characteristics : Druid
Combat : 1 / Larceny : 2 / Health : 2
Ancestral Path.
Any move towards an adjacent forest is free. Herborists are Nature's Guardians and we find amongs their midst the most pacific creatures of all : Druids and Fairies. Frail and poor fighters, the Herborists capitalize on their knowledge of the paths of Marvellands to defeat their enemies.
The Herborists Guild is a movement and resource-oriented guild. In that capacity they are in direct conflict with the Craftsmen. In fact, the objects of their desires are the Moon Stones that they give as offerings to the Wood Spirits. But all components are of importance ! Thus, Gathering gives one Gold coin for each component transfer.
Well decked in Sprint and Protection cards, the guild can count on Action cards like Ointment to heal its miniatures, Magic Mist which can prevent transfer on a specific zone, or even Collection and Poisonous Mushrooms...

Collectors :
The Collectors Guild looks after the working order of the lands and tax collecting with the other Guilds. For this purpose, they recruited the cream of the crop by calling upon the Troll and his formidable fighting abilities and the swift and discreet Fairy.

With the Collectors Guild, the opponents' Treasures will be your main goals. As you may recall a Treasure is the gold possessed by a miniature or a booty lost on a corner of the table, waiting only for a merry robber to pick it up. In short, first and foremost gold is circulating! And any opposing miniature moving with loot becomes a potential target for the Treasury Department. Finally, enemies lairs can be subjected to a tax audit! If any of your miniature control an enemy lair at the end of a turn, you win 2 Gold Coins.
In order to achieve its tax collecting duties, the Guild can count on Action cards like Tax which grants the Collectors one Gold coin each time an enemy Guild reaches one of its goals. In an other kind, Insurance can save part of the Treasure when a Collector is removed from the game board. Loan and Wealth Tax complete the hand.

Boogeymen :
Here are the Pumpkin characteristics : Pumpkin
Combat : 1 / Larceny : 3/2 / Health : 2
Trick or Treat!
Your opponent can give you 1 Gold coin to reduce your Larceny skill to 2 dice.
The Boogeymen appear during Full Moon nights to disturb the Guilds' rest. Pumpkins go around every lairs to demand candies. Any that crosses their path must pay or suffer the consequences!
If the Pumpkins don't make for great fighters, they are cunning thieves! With an excellent score in Larceny, the guild can count on cards like Smarty-pants to push on its strengths and Improvisations to mitigate the rest.
Anyway, if your opponents want to diminish your abilities, they make you rich! Worse for them, if everyone at the table cave in and pay, you accomplish the Sweep and you earn even more!
With We want Candies! You'll become your opponents nightmare. Leave a pumpkin token in an enemy lair and if it's still there when the turn ends, you win the objective. The Boogeymen are known for their ferocious tricks and we wanted that to be reflected in their Action cards! By using Peek-a-Book! You will be able to discard a random card from an opponent's hand. Now that oughta ruin quite a few plans…
Last but not least, Pumpkins can be reanimated thanks to Rise and Walk, coming back in the game where they died. They are gonna drive you crazy!

Counterfeiters :
The Counterfeiters Guild regroups Gnomes and Goblins. Rivals of the Craftsmen, the Counterfeiters also count on the making of artefacts, sorry, copies, to win the game. The Guild's miniatures won't bother with your successes, because Goblin and gnomes can throw again a failed dice.
Forgery wins them 3 Gold coins for every fabricated artefact. Blackmail reflects the shady business of the Guild. The Counterfeiters designate an opposing Guild at the beginning of their turn, and every successful Larceny against that Guild gives Gold to the Counterfeiters.
Counterfeit enables the creation of an artefact from bad components! Counterfeiters are relatively polyvalent but have the annoying habit of influencing fate with a great number of Protection cards. To expand their small venture, Counterfeiters use Action cards like Chocolate coins. With Scam, a Counterfeiter can exchange a component in his possession for 2 Gold coins.

Here are the Elf characteristics : Elf
Combat : 3 / 2 / Larceny : 1 / Health : 2
The elf can fight an enemy on an adjacent zone. When she fights in her zone, her ability is upped to 2.
The Pathfinders are the mapmakers and the roadmasters of Marvellands. Their task is to repel the Boundaries, explore the dangerous zones and insure the safety of the Lands. Only experimented guides can answer the Pathfinders' call! With its ability to guarantee his success, the Goblin is the perfect recruit. Supplemented by the Elf, capable of cleaning the way from a distance, the Guild's advance is a steady one.
Pathfinders must chart the land. To that effect, they must control two terrains of the same type at the end of a turn. On top of that, they have a duty to establish a safe passage, in other words taking control of a terrain from a enemy Guild.
The Pathfinders Guild is a blunt and direct Guild, benefiting from a good mobility (many Sprint cards). Especially, the guild knows how to answer to threats from other Guilds with On Guard, which removes two successes from a Larceny, or from terrains with Lantern, wich ignores penalties from Ruins and Stone circles. Finally, the guild knows how to get shelter from Storms and unearth Discoveries.

My personal preferences are :
1) Boogey men
2) Counterfeiters and Collectors (can't separate them ^^')

Then the herborists and pathfinders (on the same level too) because they seems to be harder to win with. But why not playing them sometimes in order to increase the challenge ^^
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Albane Roger
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My favorites are:
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