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Subject: The Breaking of the Fellowship rss

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Dave J McWeasely
United States
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Best. Free. Comeback. Evar. ninja

Saruman revealed his treachery in Isengard, and Ents began to gather.

The fellowship set out, and facing intense scrutiny from The Eye, they decided to move Strider towards Dol Amroth and Legolas to the western wilderness, south of the Shire.

With a great host, the forces of Mordor bore down on their old foe: Gondor. Minas Tirith's defense was led by Faramir and his rangers. The forces of men were mighty, but the Shadow was Moving in a steady stream of reinforcements. Book of Mazarbul, which was intended for Legolas and the dwarves of Ered Luin, was instead used for its combat effect in the field.

This left Legolas with nothing to do but hang out in the Shire for the rest of the game.

But for the tragic loss of Meriadoc Brandybuck, the fellowship safely made the trip through Moria. Unexpectedly Cruel Subterranean Weather slowed them down. Gimli took his leave to take There and Back Again to Erebor. Though the dwarves got to war, an Easterling army locked them up in siege before they could fully prepare their defenses. The dwarves were slowly ground down and crushed.

At the falls of Rauros, the Fellowship was revealed to the Enemy. The Breaking of the Fellowship hit for maximum effect, stripping Gandalf, Boromir, and Pippin. Gollum appeared and took over as guide. By the time the fellowship made it to Osgiliath, they were at two corruption, a bit high for attempting to destroy the ring.

By this time Minas Tirith had fallen, but Gandalf the Grey, Strider, and Boromir were raising a new army in Pelargir. Frodo resolved to go there, but instead the army came to them and attempted to attack Mordor. A counter-attack from the Haradrim was quite effective, however, and left the captains of the west with but two regulars to attempt this deed.

The Free People despaired. The Fellowship was savaged. Military invasion of Mordor would fail. A council was held. Some argued for surrender to Mordor, as they could see now no path to victory. However, with heavy hearts they decided on another desperate plan.

The heros abandoned their army. Gandalf and Boromir rode to the defense of Dol Amroth. Strider fled to Rohan. The once grand army of Gondor languished, unfought, the rest of the game in Osgiliath. The shadow seized Pelargir, but didn't have the strength to challenge Dol Amroth.

Two huge evil armies bore down on the grasslands of Rohan. Strider and Eomer marshaled the Mark, and made sure a respectable force fortified Helm's Deep. (Since ~turn 4 the Free had been holding all three Ent cards, severely annoying them since they'd not rolled a Will of the West at all, either during Strider's extended tour of Gondor, or now, when they badly needed Gandalf the White).

At Helm's Deep, the Rohrim found valiantly, cowing the first wave. Saruman and Sauron brought in reinforcements. In a stunning display of Horse-ness, Shadowfax carried a freshly whitened Gandalf to the Fords of Isen, where he unleashed the final Ent card and slew Saruman! Unfortunately for the Free People, there were still FIVE elites and FIVE regulars besieging Strider in Helm's Deep. Gandalf and Pippin began building a new army in Westemnet. They marched on Orthanc, and fought the two defending Wargs, but were not very energetic.

Also, Legolas and the Dunedain threatened Moria, but the Mouth of Sauron led a huge host of Dunlendings, and cowed them.

For lack of something better to do, the Fellowship entered Mordor. There they hit a stroke of luck when they got Phial of Galadriel and Smeagol Helps Nice Master, though they also ate multiple high-heat eyes and red tiles.

The DEW line came under renewed assualt. Dale fell, but Woodland Realm held.

The massive army besieging Helm's Deep ignored Orthanc's peril and instead pressed their assualt. Through stubborn card play, the Rohrimm held on until Gandalf & Co rode to their rescue! But a single regular from Helm's Deep lived, but happy they were to be saved nonetheless.

With the last Character Card of the game, Strider issued the Challenge of the King for maximum effect: it eliminated the red eye and a grey eye! That never happens. With that tile gone, the Free had an 8/9ths chance of unmaking the ring, and indeed, they did so with only 9 corruption.

FP Ring Victory, snatched from the jaws of defeat.


ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja

This game used a variant, as yet unnamed, but here's the rules:

National Action Tokens for both sides that:
* Muster on 4,5,6
* Play Cards
* Move armies
* Muster Regular/Leader/Nazgul

Companion Action Token that:
* Moves all companions
* Moves all companion led armies
* Seperates companions
* Attacks with a companion led army

And remove all talk of "Forfeiting Companion Leadership" from combat cards.

As you can see, the companions did get around quite a bit, and they mixed it up in an offensive/defensive game with lots of see-saws and daring escapes. Legolas to the west. Gimli to a Heroic Death in Erebor. Boromir to Dol Amroth. Gandalf and Strider to the wars in Gondor and Rohan. And Pippen went to Fangorn and Rohan. Alright, some of this was not by choice, but rather a result of the Breaking of the Fellowship. That card should only ever be used in Mordor!
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Randall Silver
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Now that sounds like a great session! Reading this one made me phone a friend to play War of the Ring ourselves. (in two hours, can't wait)
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Markus Hietava
flag msg tools the Shadow player had Erebor, Minas Tirith, Dale and Pelargir (This isn't mentioned, but as they were laying siege on Dol Amroth this one's kind of a no-brainer). 6 victory points, while the FP practically has at least Orthanc. And went easily to Mordor, while doing this. Two corruption next to Mordor? Two!? That's ridiculously low.

Sounds to me like your opponent wasn't too good or that with the expansion and houserules (NATs) the game leans pretty heavily towards the Free Peoples. I'm all for the good guys getting a win, but still.
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