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I love science fiction and I love customizing my favorite games. One of major peeves about board games is they never last long enough. It's hard to have a meaningful campaign because there's either never enough options or it's dumbed down to be more appealing. Because of this I've started making my own version of Axis and Allies, since AA dominates the strategy games, however if I could determine the legality of my version should I design my own pieces and art work it could be it's own game.

The Concept
Create an advanced sci-fi strategy board game with expansion maps and ever increasing difficulty while retaining a fresh gameplay experience that plays smoothly and is fun for both beginners and pros.

The World of Alliance 2199
*All names and rules are subject to change feel free to offer suggestion*
Alliance 2199 is a game of global domination and beyond. The powers of good vs evil battle for control of territories across the galaxy. The year is 2199 AD and a new age is dawning on humanity and with it came strife and hardship. An alien technology discovered deep underground allows for instantaneous travel to another world dubbed Strata-X by the archeological teams sent to investigate. This caused a massive boom in technological advancement and caused many wars. But mankind moved on and colonized the stars. New powers were born and old ones fell, but war never changes. Forces once again begin to clash in a ploy for galactic domination, and the key lies on Strata-X. Strata-X is earth-like, rich with fuel sources, and massive economic potential. Whoever controls Strata-X controls the future of humanity. Choose your side, choose your faction, and determine the fate of humanity.

One of three maps

Progress So Far 11/3/2016
1. I've completed a rough draft of the map for Strata-X.
2. The "Unit Chart" showing basic unit cost, movement, attack, defense, and special rules has been moved to "rough draft" phase.
3. Rules for Command Card play has been roughly decided
4. Work on the earth, moon, and command card decks begins tomorrow.
5. Proxy pieces have been identified for use from Halo Wars Risk, Axis and Allies, Dust, StarCraft Risk, Risk 2210, and x-wing until suitable pieces can be made or purchased (looking for sci-fi based units capable of filling A&A type roles).
6. Rule Book is in progress but far off from rough draft phase.
7. Facilities Tokens have entered into rough draft phase.
8. Faction logos and names need work.

Rules for Alliance 2199
Many of the rules will be similar to Axis and Allies. To avoid reading things you might have already seen I'll only be posting rules that are different (probably).

The game can be played with some or all of the following victory conditions:
Attrition - Eliminate the production capability of all enemy players.
Conquest - Conquer all territories
Efficiency - Whittle down the will of the enemy players. Play until the enemy team surrenders.

Each player must choose a faction and ideology. Then determine which factions are in alliance. Alliances can only be unbalanced if there are an uneven number of players. Your Ideology card determines the number of starting Economic Development Credits, units and facilities you receive at the beginning of the game. Players now roll a D6 to determine turn order, with the highest going first. Following turn order each player places a control token on an unoccupied territory or sea zone on every world in play until there is no unclaimed EDC sectors. Then each player simultaneously places their set number of pieces on their territories or in unclaimed sea sectors. Units cannot be placed in Coastal Sea Sectors adjacent to hostile territories. Total the value of each EDC sector per player and place a control token on the corresponding value on the EDC Tracker. Shuffle the Command Card Deck. Each player takes their turn based on the previous die roll. The turn will be played in the following phases...

Turn Phases
1. Purchase Command Cards
2. Execute Orders (play command cards)
3. Conduct Invasions
4. Tactical Movement
5. Spaceport Movement
6. Purchase New Units
7. Place New Units
8. Receive Economic Development Credits (EDC)
9. End of Turn

Currently this game is slated for 6 players. 3 players per side.

Factions are very much in the alpha design phase and do not reflect final faction choices.
Axis Factions
1. Slavic Syndicate (SS)
2. Free Islamic Federation (FIF)
3. People's Liberation Army (PLA)

Allied Factions
1. United Nations Defense Forces (UNDF)
2. European Coalition (EC)
3. Confederated States of the Americas (CSA)

The maps:
Currently my filesize is too large but below is the link to the jpeg file on my google drive.


Unit Rules:

Weather Fronts:
At the beginning of each round spin the weather dial for each weather front on the board. Move the weather front tokens onto the corresponding territory as shown on the dial. Place a green chip on the weather front token if the movement on the dial is shown as green or a red chip if the movement is shown as red, if no color is indicated the weather is neutral. Red weather fronts indicate severe storms and prevent movement into or out of territories. If any units are located on a red marked storm front roll one d6. On a roll of 1 the units stationed there take a hit and a casualty is selected by the owner. Green weather fronts indicate favorable weather and increase all unit movement through them by +1. Weather fronts without a color marker are considered neutral or inconsequential. They do not alter the territory in any way.

Weatherfront Tokens

Command Card Rules:
All players are restricted to buying command cards during the Purchase Command Card Phase. Cards are purchased for 3 Economic Development Credits a piece. A player may purchase as many command cards as they desire during this phase. Each card has various phases it can be played in but there is no limit to the number of command cards a player can activate during a round. To activate a command card simply pay the EDC activation cost (located in the top left hand corner of the card) and place face up for all players to see. Once the card has been completed place it into the discard pile, unless otherwise noted. If all command cards have been used reshuffle the discard pile and use again.

Command Card Ideas

Skilled Refugees - Play on any territory to raise its ED by 2 can be destroyed by strategic bombing.

Conscripts - play on a territory to convert its ED value to infantry. Place these new soldiers on the territory conscripted.

Prisoner Exchange - Play before your combat phase. Place two infantry on any territory next to an enemy territory. That enemy player may also place two infantry on any territory adjacent to you.

Tactical Strike - Remove 3 enemy units from any Territory or Sea Zone.

Economic Boom - Recieve an extra 20 EDC during the Collect EDC phase.

Alien Manipulation - You may send forces to any moon territory using a Space Port during the tactical move phase.

Alien Epidemic - Chose one enemy territory or sea zone. The opponent must role 1 d6 per unit located there. On a roll of 1 the unit is dead and must be removed.

Greater Good - Remove any number of units on any one territory or sea zone into their original EDC cost.

Liquidate - Convert the EDC of any one territory into one Infantry unit per EDC. Place these infantry on the same territory and place a Cancel Marker on the territory to indicate the loss of EDC. Adjust your EDC score.

I'll try and keep everything updated on here as much as possible and when everything is done I'll share the files so you guys can all play test for me if you are so inclined. Please let me know if you see anything out of place or in need of a tune up. Everything needs critiques as I'm surrounded by yes men.
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I'm a big fan of axis and allies and so to me this looks very interesting. I will be following this one closely

On a further note, Unless you already have a dedicated group, finding playtesters might be very hard due to the weight of the game (lots of setup, lots of components, multi-player ect..) Table top simulator or Tabletopia might be valid options to look into...

Good luck and keep us posted!
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Ken Kroeker
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Thanks I'll look into it. My group right now is only 4 strong so those programs might come in handy.
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