Donald Dennis
United States
Pawleys Island
South Carolina
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If I don't find a job in the area I'll need to get rid of these things I'd rather not just put them by the dumpster for whatever scavenger happens by. They are heavy, sturdy, lighted display cabinets with locking glass doors which straddle equally heavy drawers. These units were made to withstand the rigors of retail sales, and would be perfect for an unfinished basement or large dining room that is being converted to a game room.

The upright display cabinets are designed so the shelves between then can be adjusted to any height. They are not that stable when freestanding, so they really need the drawers and shelves between them, or could be bolted to the wall somehow.

If I get a job locally I'd love to keep them all, or at least part of the set! But really they need a good home.

I currently have five of the upright display cabinets, and six of the drawer units. Though a friend has two more of the display cabinet units, which are a bit wider than the ones pictured, he'd be willing to part with.

Check out my image gallery to have a better look at them.

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