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Subject: Solo Variant rss

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Andy N
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1) Randomly lay out half the Classes
2) Randomly deal each Class one Weapon
3) Randomly deal each Class one Boast
4) Choose 3 Classes to be in your party

Turn Sequence

1) Deal two cards from the Encounter deck
2) For each Encounter, choose which hero will address it. Each Encounter MUST be addressed by one (and only one) hero.
3) A hero can voluntarily address both Encounters in a turn
4) The order of resolving the two Encounters is up to the player

End Game

Once a hero has 4 or more Wounds, they are dead (as usual), and the two Encounters each turn must be assigned to the remaining heroes, until all heroes are dead.

Once all heroes are dead or you have reached the end of the Encounter deck, total up your collected treasure (adding 5 Gold for each surviving hero) to determine your score for the game:
30 or Less: Unicorn Dung
31-50: Goblin Gawker
51-70: Skeleton Smasher
70-90: Dragon Demolisher
91-99: Balrog's Bane
100+: Daring Debonair Dungeoneer

Specific Card Clarifications:
Weapon Abilities: All Weapon abilities that say "you" are referring to that specific hero and Monsters they are encountering

Class Abilities: All Class abilities that say "you" are referring to that specific hero and Monsters they are encountering

Encounter Text:
All Treasures and Penalties affect only the hero who is addressing that Encounter, and completely ignore the other heroes in your party.

Holy Sword: Discard all penalty tokens on the attached hero
Wand: Look at and reorder the top 3 cards of the encounter deck, and pay a weapon ability token to discard one of them. Utilizing this does not force the Wand holding hero to actually encounter a monster this turn
Sack of Loot: Track this hero's Gold total separately from the rest of your party, since Sack of Loot only counts this hero's gold total

Priest & Alchemist: They may heal any hero, but in accordance with their ability text they must be in an Encounter.
Wizard, Thief, Trapper, Prospector: Their abilities only apply to Encounters that they are involved in
Adventurer: May only use his ability for Encounters he is involved in, but you can choose another hero in your party to visit the Encounter the second time instead of the Adventurer.
Zombie, Necromancer, Avenger: Replace "player" with "hero" in their ability text

Side Passage: Since this card is not an Encounter, you don't have to assign a hero before choosing between the two drawn Encounters. Draw the two new Encounters, choose one, discard the other, then assign a hero to the one you chose (as well as the other Encounter you drew alongside Side Passage)

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