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Subject: Special Monster Challenge Abilities rss

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Rob Buchler
United States
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Since the Monster challenge is basically a series of dice rolls - every monster has three attacks, hitting on a 4+, roll, repeat, roll, repeat until one dies, I thought of a more thematic variant: Give each monster a unique attack ability usable only against other monsters.

During a Monster Challenge, a monster may attempt its special attack rather than using one of its normal attacks.
The monster's player must declare he is going to use the special ability before rolling the die, then rolls to see if his monster is able to muster the power needed to launch the attack (call it the Power-up Roll).

On a Power-up Roll of 4+, the monster is able to use the attack and attacks with it, hitting on a 4+ as normal. If a hit is scored, the special attack does double damage (six instead of three.)
The special attack can only be used once per combat round [So even if you have the Berserk mutation, you can only use the ability the one time].

If the monster fails its Power-up Roll, it cannot then use its normal attack. (So a failed Power-up Roll will leave the monster with just two normal attacks in that particular combat round.)

The monsters' special attack abilities:

Gargantis: Death Screech - A piercing high-decibel screech rattles his opponent's brain.

Konk: Jumbo Pimp Slap - (Just don't use while holding a lovely blonde human in your paw)

Megaclaw: Paralyzing Pinchers - A double death grip applied to an exposed part of your opponent's anatomy.

Tomanagi: Fire Belch - A radioactive blast of bad breath that will leave 'em reeling.

Toxicor: Sludge Spew - A nasty vomit attack, probably from devouring all those cities.

Zorb: Death Ray - A look that really can kill!

The special attack abilities, I think, add to the fun and theme, while adding an extra tactical feature to the Monster Challenge to make it more than just a series of dice rolls.
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