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Episode 76 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Tuesday, November 8th & Wednesday, November 9th

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Alright! New week! How is your Monday going? I am going to take a slow week, which doesn’t mean I’m not doing these podcasts, I’m just putting the rest of my life on a slower pace. It does mean however that there will be slight changes to the First Roll. That will go from a 5 times a week show to a three times a week show which will be aired on Tuesday, Thursday and one in the Weekend. Since the weekends are a little unpredictable these episodes might sometimes slip in between the cracks, but I’ll take those projects into the Tuesday Show that comes after it.

Anyway, Here are the Games that will end their Kickstarter Campaign on Tuesday, November 8th & Wednesday, November 9th.


Moonstone - Fantasy Skirmish Game:
Moonstone is finishing a successful campaign. I backed this project when it first came out with a pilot campaign and now they’re back with the full game. I can guarantee that it comes with very pretty, high quality miniature in a whole range of different species. The Two player starter set is 58 and the I want it all pledge is 200 for metal and 260 for resin miniatures.

And the other miniatures project is Purgatory… this is a bad day for my wallet… These guys were on my show a while back ( and I personally love everything about it! The great minis, the setting all of it. The tried doing things differently to other skirmishers which resulted in a very unorthodox little game… I could go on and on about this one but just go check it out for yourself!


Boardgames then! C.O.G. (short for Cabinet of Gadgetry) by Dr. Finn Games is a little short on funding, even though it has 400 backers. The Cabinet is asking you to build them ‘The Great Apparatus’ to get the citizens through London. Get the words (or parts) you need on your board by spelling it all out. C.O.G. is 45 USD.

Gnomes and Associates:
A game that IS already funded is Gnomes and associates. It’s a family friendly introduction of miniature board games. Become the most influential guild in the Kingdom in this easy to learn but very diverse board game. The game is 49 EUR with one stretch goal of your choosing or 110 if you want it all!

Out Last - Westbrooke (Relaunch):
Out Last - Westbrooke is an intense Zombie survival game of which one of thecreators was on the show a while back (check it out here: It’s a bit shy on funding, but the 48 hour mails are still to be sent out at the time of this writing. Try to escape Westbrooke before the nuclear bomb falls, while also keeping the Zombies at bay. It’s 35 USD for the standard or 43 for the deluxe version.

Card Games:

Card games then! First, Xenofera! Be a true Huntsman and capture the most magnificent collection of alien creatures, known as xenofera. Go for glory! Xenofera is 5 USD for a PNP or 30 for the boxed copy!

1750 - Britain vs. France:
1750, the card game that pitches two of Europe’s greatest rivals (britain and France) against each other is ending its campaign in a successful manner! Get those stinkin’ French (or those pesky brits) out of your way for colonial superiority in a game that looks to provide a historically accurate picture. 1750 is 39 USD.

Next, Quadrum! It’s basically dominoes with 4 different sides and 4 different symbols. Use wise strategy in this tile-laying game. It’s 10 AUD.

Tavern Masters Card Game:
And the final card game is ‘Tavern Masters’. Run the most successful tavern in a magical village and try to keep everyone happy in a Co-op, Competitive or Solo Game! Tavern Masters is 5 USD for PNP and 35 for a Boxed Copy.

Role Playing Games:

One RPG today! And it’s Adventurers! A traditional, Old school RPG is getting revised rules and it is also getting actual printed copies! A very simple ruleset that can fit on two pages but it just works! Add a lot of Adventurers! Settings and you’ll have a proper gamenight. 10 EUR for a PDF book and printed copies start at 20.
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