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Mr Osterman
United States
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So it was that the Galactic Empire faced a new threat: A Rebellion lead by one of it's own, a literal Child of the empire:

And it was to be a civil war indeed for his own sister sat at the right hand of the Imperial Leader, serving as his Reconnaissance officer:

From the very beginning, the Mon Calamari were courted by both sides of the war, with first an effort to build an alliance led by Princess Leia, only to be countered by Darth Vader. Behind which came a fleet of Imperial Warships lead by Grand Moff Tarkin, and finally the Emperor himself in an effort to sway the great ship builders by Rule by Fear.

And they were VERY afraid.

But not to be out done, Mon Mothma attempted to incite a rebellion at all all places: Mandalore, home of the Death Star itself!

But due to a deft counter move the subjugated residents, looking up at the great "Death Egg" were swayed and refused to take up arms.

Not convinced of it, she returned but a year later to try again, and this time did indeed raise an insurrection which threw off the Imperial Chains.

Angered by the loss of the world, Darth Vader arrived and ordered Mothma in chains.

But that was not all that the empire had planned.... The Emperor called for a special meeting with the new captive and revealed to her:


Swayed, she renounced her ways of rebellion, took on the dark robes of a Sith apprentice and become an agent of evil (and Chocolate Chips).

Needing to put a mark in the win column, the Rebel Alliance sent Han Solo on a daring raid behind enemy lines, sneaking onto the loyal planet of Mustafar and wresting control of it. The people remained loyal but they had no ground forces left to protect them:

This win left the Rebellion feeling pretty confident, with alliances on key worlds close to the Empire's home world.

The Empire had to redouble its effort and organize all of its probe cards by color. Because colors are more fun.

Frustrated, the Empire had no choice. It had to make a statement, and make a statement it did:

Oh, but the Wookies are a race known not to take a little thing like the destruction of their home world lying down. No no, they rose up:

While there were no storm troopers to dismember, their bowcasters laid waste to four flights of TIE Fighters, stripping the Death Star of its fighter screen.

This was the moment the Rebels needed. They sent Luke to train under Yoda, a moment that was observed by the nearby ships who all converged on Dagobah. First Darth Vader lead the fleet into the system, followed by the bounty hunter Boba Fett on a mission to find young Skywalker.

The rebels feared that it was the intent of the empire to turn Luke as they had Mothma, so they were unprepared (and out of leaders to counter) when Luke was allowed to escape. He fled, homing beacon firmly active on his ship, to Ord Mantell tipping off the Empire that he was nearby. Imperial fleets converged there, and Admiral Veers landed an assault force on Mygeeto, only to watch the Rebel fleet escape from near by Dantooine.

It was a narrow escape. The Empire had sent probes to most of the galaxy and the Rebels has few places to retreat to. They were able to earn the respect of the people by not having anyone captured, and again by successfully liberating the people on Utapu as the Imperial Fleet moved to search Geonisis for the base. It was a brilliant move, capitalizing on the Imperial choice to ignore the small fleet at Naboo.

But, once Geonisis was ruled out as a base, there was only one place left. With the time ticking down, the Empire built a fleet and sent it to the last remaining world - the Desolate Ice World of Hoth.

Darth Vader lead the landing himself, facing his son, the Jedi now in a final battle to determine the fate of this little Rebellion.

The Rebels had done well for themselves only needing twice more to impress the people and see the Galaxy in a full Revolution. But it was for naught as the Dark Lord of the Sith rounded up the leaders of the Rebellion and ended their efforts at freedom.

Law and Order would remain throughout the Galaxy, guided and guarded by the Empire.
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Subudai (Pete) Khan
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Fantastic battle report guys. A great read. Thanks
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