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Subject: FP Military Attempt rss

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Ira Fay
United States
New Haven
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Hello all! Steva was kind enough to play two practice games with me where I played FP and tried for a military victory. The first game he won quickly when he managed to inflict 6 damage on an army in one round of combat, killing Aragorn early. I resigned at that point.

The second game went much longer. I would have posted this in session reports, but for some reason the BGG mods seem to think that a link to a log file doesn't belong in sessions. So, I'm posting it in general, for general interest:

If you take the time to watch it, I welcome your thoughts on my decision related to the Ents, plus any mistakes you noticed from either of us.

Steva gave me 1 allocated eye on round 1, with the understanding that I would make a FPMV attempt. The point for me was to practice FPMV, but we agreed it would still be a ladder game. By allocating one eye, it simulates a situation where FP might reasonably choose to start with a military attempt if Shadow rolls a lot of eyes. What's interesting to me, as I play more FPMV, is how balanced the game is, and how FP can make a reasonable attempt at winning the game even without overwhelming starting situations. I previously thought that FP should only try a FPMV when shadow rolls 3+ eyes, and FP has a strong military card to start (like F!F!F!), and can get Aragorn turn 1. But really, FP doesn't need anywhere close to that lopsided of a start to try winning militarily. Yes, it requires some luck, but so does the ring game.

I'm really impressed at how balanced the game is, in all ways. It's truly incredible game design!
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Rob McArthur
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I had a great game where the south was really locked up, so I marched Gandalf and the Lorein elves into Moria. Saruman ended up marching north and crushing us, but I was at 3 VPs for a few turns and besieging the other northern fort.

It was a lot of fun to attempt.
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Falenthal Greenleaf
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My only FPMP was a surprise for both of us: me and the SP.

I really wanted to make a rush and run with the Fellowship as quickly as possible in that game, but my dice kept rolling no Character icons. No Swords in 3 turns.

So, with all Muster and Army actions available, I just advanced the political status of most nations and mustered whenever possible. The SP was taking it easy, preparing the hotspots to march to war.

And then, I decided to make the move first: with the northern forces (Bree, North Downs, The Carrock,...) I managed to move to Angmar in a Blitzkrieg and conquer both Angmar and Mount Gundabad without giving time to the SP to reinforce them enough!

That was 3 VP in two turns!

Only 1 VP away from Military Victory, I had to try it...

I decided to give up my own strongholds, and go for one of his. I emptied Gondor and marched to Morannon (he had reinforced Minas Morgul to march on Osgiliath and Minas Tirith). While he took Minas Tirith without any resistence, I assaulted Morannon. The SP decided to go inside the Stronghold to force a siege... and next turn I just bypassed Morannon and went for Barad-dûr, which was weaker.

The siege of Barad-dûr was epic, with a bleeding of units in both sides. On the last turn, he had one regular Sauron unit in Barad-dûr, and I had one regular Gondor unit with Boromir as Leader. With just one die to roll, we both failed our attacks.
I did my leader re-roll... and rolled a 6, taking down Barad-dûr with Boromir as the hero of the Age!

The turn didn't last enough for the SP to retake Barad-dûr or any other of his strongholds, and I had my one and only impressive FPMV.

The whole game lasted 1h30m. We still had time to play Knizia's cooperative Lord of the Rings afterwards.
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