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Subject: Mordor vs. The North rss

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Erik Nicely
United States
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This is a battle report of my first game of the LOTR SBG, using the excellent hardcover as the core rulebook. We used the Legions of Middle Earth build rules, To kill a King scenario.

Good (Grey Compnay-me):

Aragorn (elven cloak, armour)
4x Rangers of the North (spears)
1x Dunedain(spear)
20x Rangers of Arnor (spears)

Evil (a foul band from Mordor)

A bunch of Mordor Uruks with the Witch King of Angmar on foot thrown in. Sorry, don't have the other guy's list, trusted him to build a legal force. His 3rd game, my first. I think the evil force was 34 models.

Board: 4'x4', some rocky outcroppings, a hill in one corner (ended up bing the evil deployment area) a stream acroos one corner. No cover to break up LOS.

The Battle:

The first 2 turns both sides advanced, the uruk hai coming down a hill. My rangers were spread in a line 1 man deep across the whole board to maximize LOS for my archers. The rangers archery gave a lot better than it got, 8 uruks were killed by turn two.

Turn 3 the evil player had Priority and Aragorn called a herioc move to prepare the rangers for the imminent uruk charge, trying for 2 spearmen to support every front line human in small 3-man groups. The ranger left flank had no heroes to call the herioc move and had to face the onslaught unprepared. It might have been a better idea for the rangers to keep the range open and go for another turn of pure archery. The ranger defense was only partially effective and the uruks ended up with several 2 on 1 fights. Since evil had the priority Aragorn was not in the front line. 3 ROAs and 1 ROTN met their bloody doom.

By turn 3 the Witch King had drained the Will of the Dunedain and one ROTN.

Turn 4 good had Priority. A few rangers on the right flank are still far enough away to attack with bows and do so, 1 uruk dies. The rangers surge forward with Aragorn charging the Witch King. Several rangers die, only two uruks meet their demise. Aragorn and the Witch King exchange blows, Fate keeps the WK alive and he is pushed back.

Turn 5 is even bloodier. Evil had Priority, another Herioc Move is called by Aragorn as his men move forward to sheild him from the coming assault. Isuldiur's Heir is picking his fights. All men in the force are either in melee or supporting with their spears. More rangers die. In a mix of Dunedain, ROTN, and ROA the good death toll is getting close to 50% casualties. It's looking bad for the Grey Company.

Turn 6 the Grey Company has Priority. A couple of winning melees have left a path open between Aragorn and the W.C.. With no Might left, the evil forces can't interrupt the rangers' move. Aragorn charges the Witch King with one ROA supporting and the rest of the rangers are all in melee with the uruks. The WC has 2 uruks supporting but still loses the melee. Fate doesn't save him and the Witch King is destroyed. Victory conditions are met, good doesn't rout at the beginning of the next turn.

This game was very, very fun. I would have said that even if I had lost. When it comes to heroes fighting, Aragorn vs. the Witch King was an ideal first match. The uruk hai are NASTY to fight against, especially when they have pikes. I'm thinking about what minis I'll get for my first evil army and it will include uruks.

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