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So, I thought this would be interesting. I got nostalgia for my old magic cards; and I also been playing lots of Ascension, Legendary, Pathfinder, LOTR LCG, Shadowrun crossfire; all solitaire... this led up to me digging and dusting some 3000 cards with the firm idea of creating a deckbuilder out of my magic cards.

I started by creating a cube.
I did this by basically taking 85 cards of each of the 5 colors and 75 combined artifacts and multi colored. for a total of 500 cards. I kept in mind:
* Having 50 to 60 creatures per color. Blue being the lowest with 50 and green the highest with 60.
* Ensuring all colours got at least 3 "captain" cards, whether because they have high attack and toughness or very good abilities.
* Ensuring all colours had good amount of insant - sorceries and enchantments that play to the strenghts of the colours.

After that I went on to come up with rules:

Create main draft mechanism to deckbuild:
* Out of the 500 cards, build different stacks and draw cards one by one to create a center offer.
* The offer is a market draft in the style of 7 wonders duel, where you cannot take a card in a row covered by another row.

Create starter decks:
* Starter deck for player is a selection of a single color of cards worth 15 mana simbols in total.
* Each startet card should not exceed 3 mana cost.
* Each starter deck has Around 10 - 12 land

* Before you can market draft, player has to challenge another wizard. This can be done in solitaire or multiplayer.

Solitaire challenges:
To win the challenge, The object is to destroy all the creatures of the enemy deck.
* Choose a color to fight against. I used a mage knight mana dice, and the color that landed, was the color I would fight.

* Draw cards until you draw 5-6 cards of the chosen color if it is your first challenge. Subsequent challenges draw more cards (7-10-12-15, and so on). DIscard the rest.
* Shuffle the cards and create the enemy library, no mana in here though.
* Take enough mana of that color and set it in a different deck.
* Every enemy turn draw first from the enemy mana, then from the enemy library. Set the drawed cards on the side as an open enemy hand.
* Play enemy cards as they are afforded. If tied, always choose higher damage potential.
* Play your turn as per normal rules, except creatures can only target enemy creatures.
* Enemy creatures attack each turn if able. If they reduce you to 0 life points, you lose the challenge.
* Your life points are equal to the number of lands included in your deck. As your deck grows, so does your life.

If you win the challenge, take one of the enemy cards as reward and you can opt to throw one of your cards out of the game. This is the only way to thin your deck.

Contiue to deckbuild:
After the challenge, you can take up to 2 cards from the market offer.
Take 1 card at the time.
After you take 1 card, randomly discard 2 cards on the same row as the one you just took.
You can also draw 2 more land to your deck of any color.
As new cards are available, turn them up to discover them.

The object of the solitaire game is to build the toughest deck to eventually overcome a challenge of 40 enemy cards.

I still have to come up with a point system tho...

Any ideas would be welcome.

Sorry for the long post!whistle

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