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But we have to change the rules because Monopoly's so boring!

ok, so I had this game but traded it a few years ago.

Whilst I overall enjoyed the base game, my main criticism of it, was centred around the combat system.

I found it cumbersome and confusing and whilst I accept some luck is an integral part of a game, it niggled me that you could be unlucky and draw a handful of naff cards, to use in a battle, against a luckier draw of an opponent, even though you had invested more in your military strategy than they had and so could come unstuck.

Also this "boring" mini game, of a modified rock, paper, scissors mechanic, detracted from the more strategic aspects of the game, which interested me more as a Europhile.

Last night, a friend brought around his copy and we had a 4+ hour game with three players.

It seems my original view of the game, wasn't unique to me and after a while, we all avoided combat, as it just took up too much time, was dull and just seemed pointless.

Rather than bin the game, I was wondering if anyone had come up with a quicker way to resolve combat, without the pain of this mini game.

Whilst not a lover of dice, there use to resolve combat in this instance might be of use here.

I was thinking of utilising average dice in some way, to do away with anything too "lucky" and whilst I think I could come up with something, I recognise that balancing/converting some of the tech cards (eg how does +4 translate into such a dice mechanic work) may need some time to evaluate.

Therefore to save time and brain ache, I wondered if anyone had gone before me.

I know there is an expansion which is supposed to "fix" the combat but it still uses this minigame.

The game is long enough as it is, and if we could just say okay, my level 3 army attacks your level 2 army", throw some dice and within a blink of an eye say, "yep I won, or lost, now lets get back to the game" then that would be great.

Anyway, I know there probably will be those tempted to say, "if you don't like this part of the game, then this game isn't for you" and maybe that is true but as I say, at the moment this game isn't for me, so no harm in asking before I resign myself to that fact.

It may be, that this question has already been asked but as usual, I can never find anything using BGG naff search facility and spent ages trawling through irrelevant threads sorry.

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Ben Kyo
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Forward 1, Forward 2, Forward 3... siege attack 5?
Why for this life there's no man smart enough, life's too short for learning every trick and bluff.
The Wisdom and Warfare expansion doesn't eliminate the minigame, but it does make all the cards roughly equivalent in utility. It also has a side-effect of allowing you to predict outcomes much better, which speeds up each minigame to the point I found them very unobtrusive. I would never play without it.
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Brian Lemler
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I'll go ahead and be the one to throw out the dice option (at least how we use them)...

I do not use flags as the units, rather I use miniatures from the Eagle Games Civ edition and/or any miniatures of your choosing (but you could use flags in a pinch). Each flag or miniature represents one unit so I don't use the combat cards at all.

All base combat throws 1 die (modifiers are available below)
* Starting at level 2 (Medieval), add 1 bonus to your roll for each advance in era. So a Medieval unit gets 1 bonus to roll and can throw a 7 as their highest roll. Industrial gets 2 bonus to roll, and Modern gets 3 bonus to roll.
* Tie rolls go to the defense, under normal circumstances.

These scenarios receive an extra die (take the highest roll of all your dice):
* Rock/Paper/Scissors
Infantry gets an extra die versus Mounted
Artillery units (not including Archers) get extra die for city attack
Archers get an extra die for City Defense.
Mounted don't receive an extra die but get 1 extra move and Mounted units win all tie dice rolls.

* Great Generals and Unit stacks
A great general unit can be attached to a unit and give 1 extra die to that unit.
A stacked unit can be created by learning the requisite tech and combining 2 or more of the same unit. That stack gets an extra die for each additional unit. So a stack of two units gets 1 extra die (roll 2 dice). I use flag markers with the original miniature to signify either GGs or stacks.

Other stuff...
* When a barbarian hut gets created, we roll to see what unit type (infantry, cavalry, artillery) gets assigned to the hut. We use the era that the lowest player is capable of building as the barbarian strength.

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