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Subject: Interrupting the Interrupt rss

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Andreas Alexiou
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We tried the first mission last night and it took ages mainly because of rules questions but also because of the US elections (not the time to talk about this here...).

One main questions was this: On the commandos' turn I (overseer) interrupted one player's turn to do a surprise attack. Then there were 2-3 more commandos that had their own interrupts (spend adrenaline to boost someone else's defense) that wanted to use them before my interrupt (interrupting my interrupt). The question is, is this legal? We decided not to allow this.

Also, we decided that the kit that allows every commando to have an extra adrenaline above their limit, does not influence the "add a red die when a commando's adrenaline is max" clone ability. We only looked at the stance's max, not the virtual new max. Was that correct?

And finally, in mission one, when the elevator (or the office, I don't remember right now) is discovered, the overseer gets a discount of 1 on all his abilities. The ability of reinforcements that allows you to spawn clones for 2 adrenaline each get a discount of 1 at the total or for every spawn? (In a 4-commando game, I can spawn 4 clones X2 = 8 adrenaline total cost. Do I pay 7 with the discount or 4 (4X1)?

Thank you all in advance!
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Al Mann
South Korea
Seoul Teukbyeol-si
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For your main question, you can indeed interrupt an interrupt ability.

Errata, page 4 wrote:
Q: Is it possible to interrupt an interrupt?
A: An interrupt can be used whenever its rules are applicable.
For example, the Team Leader declares he is moving away
from a rogue clone, and the overseer interrupts the move with
a Surprise Attack. The Team Leader can respond to Surprise
Attack by using his Keep Your Head Down kit card to raise his
melee defense.

For the second question, I seem to remember there was a reason why my group ruled that the increased Max Adrenaline did count towards the preventing the clones from receiving a red die. I believe the wording on the card actually says to increase the maximum amount, but if the card text just allows an extra counter above the limit, then I would think you are correct here. I can't check at the moment (game is in a store locker), but I think I need to look at this again.

For the Dashboard spawn abilities, I once again refer you to the Errata:

Errata, page 3 wrote:
Q: How does the ready cost of the overseer dashboard
ability Clone Reinforcements work with rules that reduce
the cost of abilities that spawn clones?
A: The “2” in the cost circle for the Clone Reinforcements
ability is the base cost. The text of the ability allows the
overseer to spend more adrenaline tokens when paying that
cost to add more clones to the number spawned. All the
tokens placed in its well when you activate it are “the cost.”
This means that spawning three clones costs six adrenaline
normally but costs only five adrenaline if the cost of spawning
clones is –1.
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