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Subject: Solo Legacy campaign: Keep some advancements rss

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Henrik Johansson
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I have designed a campaign for solo play. The base for the solo play is found in Solo play: Beat 50 VP in 18 turns, and is mostly the rules as written (RAW). I have added a legacy earning system where you may keep some of your achieved advancements from the previous game, and use them in your deck from start in the following game. The available turns before you will receive minus VP is lower for each game. You play game 1, game 2 and so on with higher and higher VP demands in fewer and fewer rounds, but also with more and better advancements as your starting legacy. The table below is used:
Column "Game" is the order of the game in your campaign.
Column "No.Adv" is the number of legacy advancements you may use in your deck from start of the current game, at no cost.
Column "Max.sum mana" is the maximal sum of the total buying costs of the advancements you may start with.
Column "Decay/Life" is the maximal allowed sum of the Decay (red) or Life (green) values, according to the Decay/Life table below, for the advancements chosen in your start deck. Most advancements have 0 Decay/Life value, and those are not in the table.
Column "Target VP" is the VP you must reach for success. The VP are counted as in the RAW, minus the subtraction of VP you get for using more rounds than allowed by the "Turns" column.
Column "Turns" is the number of turns you have to win the 15 Harvest Pool VP. If you manage to win all the Harvest Pool VP in fewer turns there is no award. If you win them in exactly what the Turns column say, there is no deduction of VP for delay. If you need more rounds, there will be a greater and greater deduction. After that number of turns, you must deduct -1 VP for one more turn, -3 VP (minus 1+2) for two more turns, -6 VP (minus 1+2+3) for three turns and so on.

Game No.Adv. Max.sum mana Decay/Life Target VP Turns
1:st 1 5 0.5 45 17
2:nd 2 10 1 50 16
3:rd 3 15 1.5 55 15
4:th 4 20 2 60 14
5:th 5 25 2.5 65 13
6:th 6 30 3 70 12
7:th 7 35 3.5 75 11

Decay/Life table
-2 devildevil: Creeping Mold
-1 devil: Hawk, Hulking Thornhide, Ley Line Overflow, Dreadcoil Cobra, Hive Swarm, Magic Seed, Overgrowth, Stag, Chromatic Wyvern
+0.5 gulp: Peacekeeper Druid, Deadwood Harvester, Canopy Explorer, Mindful Owl
+1 gulp: Grovetender, Cleansing Rain, Seedling, Lifetap Oracle, Grassland, Bear Totem, Heartwood Healer, Grove Guardian
+1.5 gulp: Calm Weather
+2 gulpgulp Lifebringer Seed

Let us assume you have managed to play 2 games successfully. In the 3:rd game you may keep 3 (No.Adv column) advancements from the completed 2:nd game.
The total buying cost for your legacy advancements may not exceed 15 mana (Max.sum mana column). You select Seedling, Bear Totem and Ley Line Overflow. Seedling cost 2 mana, Bear Totem cost 6 mana, and Ley Line Overflow cost 7 mana, so your total legacy cost is 15.
The total Decay/Life for your legacy advancements may be 1.5 (Decay/Life column). Seedling is worth +1 Life according to the 2:nd table, Bear Totem is +1 Life, and Ley Line Overflow is -1 Decay, so your total Decay/Life is +1+1-1 = 1, and it is less or equal to 1.5. So you have fulfilled the 3 demands found in the table.
The Victory Point target for game 3 is 55 VP (Target VP column).
You have 15 rounds at your disposal before you start to gather negative delay VP (Turns column).
Lets say you have won all the 15 Harvest Pool VP, plus 2 more in the last turn, in 16 rounds. You have an additional 39 VP in Vale cards and Advancements. This makes a sum of 15+2+39-1 VP, 15+2 for the harvest pool, 39 for Vale and Advancements, and -1 for using 16 rounds instead of 15. This makes your score 55, and you succeed, and may go on to game 4.
Example 2:
During setup, you put 4 recycled advancements into your 20 cards, following the table value limits from the row for game 4 (4 advancements, 20 mana, 2 Decay/Life). Then you shuffle it and prepare your field before round 1, game 4. The initial preparation phase may be different than in the RAW, since the RAW assumes empty cards with Cursed Land and Fertile Soil, and your deck start with up to 4 cards not empty.
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