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Subject: Individual Card Lists: Actions rss

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Jeremy Anderson
United States
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Again, a reminder that Raging Inferno is not on this list because it is not an Action. That's a typo; It's an Attack.

Bountiful Harvest: Two heroes draw one card each. You may not choose the same hero to draw both cards unless you are playing the solo variant. For each [Hammer] Villager in Town Square, you may choose a hero to draw a card.
Each hero draw is handled individually. If there are two [Hammer] Villagers in play when you Bountiful Harvest, first you choose two heroes to draw a card each. They look at (and can reveal) what they've drawn, then you choose a hero to draw another card. That hero looks at (and can reveal) what they've drawn, and then you choose a hero to draw another card.
If you pay magic when you play Bountiful Harvest, you may play another Epic card this round, and a hero of your choice gains 2 prowess, which may only be spent to hire a Traveler or heal a Wound.

Frozen Ground: Place one damage counter on each space of the Monster Attack Area. The next monster to move onto each space gains that damage after it acts. Damage counters placed onto spaces with monsters already present remain on the space until a new monster moves onto the space.
If a monster moves onto a space with more damage than it has health, all the damage is used up anyway.
I'm aware that this is a change from the ruling I made in the FAQ/Errata. I've determined that the "after it acts" change leaves it very strong but acceptable, while declaring that only 1 counter can be waiting on a space a) weakens the card to the point where players aren't likely to buy it at all and b) is not remotely implied by the card itself.

Heal: Return an Affliction card from any discard pile (the discard pile of any hero or, if you're playing against Lycanthropes, the Town discard) to its stack. If you pay a magic, you choose a hero (you may choose yourself) and that hero draws 2 cards. Additionally, if you paid the boost you may play an extra Epic card this round.
This card is an important reason for players not to discard their hands until everyone's done with their turns! Heal can't get rid of cards in hand, and you aren't allowed to discard cards from in hand at will, so if there aren't any Afflictions in any discard piles you may have to get into melee combat to make Heal useful.
Players are allowed to look through their discard piles if they aren't sure whether or not they have Afflictions for you to remove. In general, you're allowed to look through your discard pile at any time.

Prophecy: Draw a card. Then all heroes, including you, look at the top two cards of your decks. You don't draw these cards (draw effects like Burn and Heroism do not take effect) and may not reorder them. If you wish, you may move one of them to your discard pile.
If you paid 1 magic to boost Prophecy, the next monster you defeat this round will be worth 1 extra Heroism. This is true even if the monster is normally worth no Heroism (Zombies), but does not apply to other things that can be destroyed with damage (Freezes) or other ways to earn Heroism (sealing Shadowrifts).
Multiple boosted castings of Prophecy do stack, meaning that a 3-Heroism monster with 6 boosted Prophecies could be worth a whopping 9 Heroism for the party!

Resurrect: If one or more of the cards revealed in Town this turn is a Corpse, put one back on the Corpse stack. If you pay 2 magic you may look at the top card of the Traveler deck. If it is a Villager, you are allowed to put it directly into play in Town Square.
You are allowed to perform the boost effect of this card independently of the Corpse removal. This may mean that the number of cards in town exceeds five; This is allowed.
You are not required to put the Villager your Resurrect finds into play (for instance, if it is an Infiltrator). However, you do not get a refund of your magic points if you do not use the effect.

Revitalize: You choose a hero (you may choose yourself) and that hero puts a Wound from in hand back on the Wound stack. If you pay 1 magic to boost Revitalize, each hero (including you) chooses either to put a Wound from in hand back on the Wound stack or to draw a card.
If the hero you choose has no Wound in hand, the basic effect of this card has no effect. You are allowed to ask who has Wounds, however.
You are allowed to play the basic part of the card without removing a Wound to get the boost effect. That is, if nobody has a Wound in hand you may still play Revitalize and a magic to make everybody draw a card.

Rousing Speech: Each hero besides you draws a card. If a monster has been defeated earlier this round, you may play an extra Epic card this round. If you pay 1 Coin resource to boost Rousing Speech, you also put a Might from the Might stack on top of another hero's deck (not your own).
If the Might stack is depleted you are allowed to spend the Coin but there is no effect.
As with any Coin cost, you may either return a Coin to the Coin stack or play a Heroism to pay this boost.

Stance of Stone: You may play this card at any time (including the draw step, if someone has drawn a Burn, or the Monsters Act step) to prevent a hero from gaining an Affliction. This effect only occurs when you first play the card.
Stance of Stone is (surprise) a Stance. This means it remains in play during Cleanup. If you play another Stance, Stance of Stone is discarded from play without effect. If you play an Attack while a Wall is in play, Stance of Stone is discarded from play, the Attack deals +1 damage, and all heroes immediately draw a card.
As with Skills that are also Spells, Stance of Stone is a Spell Stance, which means you may discard it from your hand for 1 magic, but may not discard it from in play for 1 magic. Also, cards that respond to you "playing a Spell" or "playing an Action" only respond to when you first put it into play, not when it is sitting in play or when its secondary effect triggers.
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