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So I collected this game a lot as a youth, but never really got too into playing it, mostly because it was terrible. As an adult, I'm now 6 cards from done with the set, and much more observant of the games issues. So, in an effort to create a decent game for a local play group, I've come up with a set of house rules that changes some of the mechanics to make for a better game, with far more strategy. we go.

Deck Building Rule Changes:

-Each player uses a 50 card deck

-You are allowed 3 copies of any card in your deck

-Any of the gundam units from the EW set, as well as Tallgeese 3 are limit 1 per deck.

Starting The Game Rule Changes:

-Draw a 5 card hand

-If you are unsatisfied with your starting hand, you are allowed one mulligan

-If you mulligan, draw 5 new cards, and the first card you play costs 1 additional card.

Winning The Game Rule Changes:

-Collect 6 War Experience Counters

-Destroy all of your opponents Supply Base

-When you destroy an opponents M.S. during a clash you may collect one War Exp., or remove one of your opponents War Exp., or you may shuffle the top 2 cards in your dry dock back into your supply base.

Gameplay Rule Changes:

-Any card with Gundam in the title, as well as cards called Tallgeese, Mercurius, Vayate, and Char's Zaku are limited to one in play on your side of the field. If you would play a second copy, the first one is sent to your dry dock. No War Exp is awarded when a mobile suit enters the dry dock in this fashion.

-This rule applies to pilots as well

-Different cards, with the same name are allowed. (i.e. ms-001 Wing Gundam and ms-031 Wing Gundam may both be in play at the same time)

-Whenever a mobile suit you control without Gundam in the name shares the m.s. battlefield with a mobile suit you control that has Gundam in the name, the non-gundam mobile suit adds +1 to its clash points.

-Once per game you may remove one War Exp. from your Exp. pool to reduce any cards cost to 0.

That's my initial update to the rules. I feel these changes create a much more strategic game, creating scenarios where you have to debate whether adding one, or removing one War Exp is the better choice. If defending or just taking the attack head on becomes a better choice. Strategic timing on Gundam units. Or perhaps build a force of a gundam + dolls, to buff all of their clash points, ensuring more of a leadership based role for your Gundam, etc.

Nothing is going to perfectly correct a game that no one cared about when they made it, but these should help quite a bit. Anyone have any opinions on this? Changes? Other ideas? etc.?
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