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The USS Hathaway, an 80 year old Starfleet vessel that Riker had to take command of and pit against the flagship of the fleet, the Enterprise-D. He had 3 days to do it in, had a crew of about 40, and no working warp drive. He had to rely on his ingenuity, his crew, and his ability to fool Picard to win. Needless to say, during the one episode the Hathaway was in, shenanigans ensued, the Ferengi arrived, and that Hathaway had to be “blown up” to get them away. Not a really successful training exercise, and also features the episode where Wesley had to go back to the Enterprise to save his science experiment, which just happened to be an alternate way to field warp drive for a few seconds, which just happened to run on the basically empty remnants of dithlium crystals in the warp core, which just happened to provide enough warp drive to let the Hathaway escape from the Ferengi, which just happened to work in the 1.4 seconds it took the torpedoes from the Enterprise to “hit” where the Hathaway was, which just happened to get the Hathaway far enough away in the 2 seconds it actually worked that the Ferengi wouldn’t detect them.

Yeah, it was one of those episodes. Anyways, the Hathaway costs $15 and comes with 1 ship and base/stand, 14 cards, and 2 token sheets, is she worth it, or will she be better off left alone in the vastness of space?

Here is a picture of the ship. It’s a pretty cool looking model and is a bit small, though the ship was small to begin with.

As stated, the Hathaway is a cool looking model. I like the color on her, a rarity for me with these attack wing ships! She comes in at 22 points with 3 weapons, 1 evade, 4 hull, and 3 shields, a 180 degree firing arc, a full action bar (evade, target lock, scan, battlestations), and the ability to perform a 2nd action from her action bar during her maneuver phase as a free action for the cost of an auxiliary power token. She also has 1 tech, 1 weapon, and 2 crew upgrade slots. All in all, she packs some good power for a 22 point ship. Her maneuver dial has straights at 1-4 (with 1-2 green), banks at 1-3 (with 1 green), turns at 2-3 (with 3 red), and a red backwards 1. Her generic version costs 20 points and loses 1 shield, 1 crew, and 1 tech upgrade slot. All in all, the Hathaway is really, really useful support ship. She can maneuver fairly well, though her limited green options can pose a problem, and she hits decently. I wish she had 2 evade instead of 4 hull, but the 4 hull does let survive at least a couple rounds of damage from a heavy hitter. The 180 firing arc makes her really useful, and the fact that she can wield 4 upgrades is great for a 22 point ship, especially since she has a tech upgrade slot. I like this ship a lot, and she sees a lot of play as a decent support ship since she can hit ok, get out of the way, and keep firing the entire time. I only run the named ship since I fell like losing 1 shield, the tech, and 1 crew is just not worth it for 20 points when I can add 2 more points to my fleet and run a much better version of the ship. All in all, I recommend the Hathaway since she is a fast, maneuverable support ship that can either provide additional support to your heavy hitters or protection for something that is less maneuverable.

Captains: The Hathaway comes with 2 captains, a generic Federation captain and Riker. He costs 4 points, has a skill value of 7, and an elite talent slot. His ability is that he rolls +1 attack or defense die when attacking or defending against an enemy with a higher hull value. This ability is amazingly solid. Riker is a great captain, and fits perfectly on an escort ship. He has a good skill value, the extra dice are always helpful, and combining him with a ship like the Hathaway and a 180 firing arc means you can maneuver to stay behind your enemy while hitting him repeatedly. Riker is an amazing captain, and is my go-to escort captain for the Federation. He costs 4 points, true, but his ability is absolutely worth it. He hits with the attack dice of a Galaxy against bigger ships but costs 2 points less. Sold!

There are 3 crew upgrades in this pack. Wesley Crusher (let’s all sigh here) costs 5 points and at the start of the game lets you put 3 Federation tech cards facedown under him. All tech has to cost 4 points or less. During your activation phase you can discard Wesley to flip 1 of these tech cards face up even if it exceeds your tech limit, discard the other 2, and put an auxiliary power token by your ship. A semi-useful ability, it does have the element of surprise but I’m not a big fan of 5 point discards. I can see using him in the right situation, but I would rather bring something else for 5 points.

Worf also costs 5 points. When defending, you can disable him to cause the attacking ship to roll 1 less die, ignore any scan tokens, and the attacker cannot spend battlestations or a target lock to modify its attack roll. This ability is really useful, especially on a flagship, and rightfully costs 5 points. Mix him with ship or captain that gives free actions, and you can survive a lot longer while still allowing yourself to enable Worf and take another action. I really like Worf, and find myself at least considering him for most of my fleets.

Geordi costs 5 points as well and makes all of your tech upgrades -1 cost. Additionally, when defending, you may disable him to roll 1 additional defense die for each tech upgrade on your ship to a max of 2. A useful version of Geordi, I like the one that comes in the base set better. He also doesn’t really fit on the Hathaway, but if you put him on a tech heavy ship (maybe with Styles from the Excelsior as commander?) he can be useful for keeping yourself alive as well as keeping costs down. I don’t mind Geordi, but I usually will run the base game version of him instead of this one.

The elite talent is Improvise which costs 5 points. During the combat phase if you are attacking or defending you can disable this card and any other upgrades to reroll a number of your dice equal to the number of upgrades you disable not including this card. This is a very, very situational card that may keep you alive for one turn (or may kill your enemy) but can be very, very heavy in terms of actions to reset your ship. Personally, I don’t use this talent as there are better talents available and this one is just meh for what it does. The only thing I like is that it is a disable and not a discard. I leave this one in the box personally, however, though if you want to add it with a crew heavy ship with Phlox from the NX Enterprise I can maybe see running it.

The single weapons upgrade is photon torpedoes. It uses the new time tokens, costs 5 points, has 5 attack dice range 2-3, and lets you convert a battlestation result into a crit. Still not a big fan of torpedoes, but the time tokens versions are the ones I use if I run them.

Finally, we have 2 tech upgrades in this pack. Warp Jump costs 5 points and lets you discard it at the start of the combat phase before any attacks are made to remove your ship from the board and replace it anywhere in the play area at the end of combat phase but not within range 1-3 of another ship. You also cannot attack this round and lose any tokens on your ship. There are really unlimited options with this upgrade and I love the versatility. Escape from danger, move to a critical location, flank an enemy, surprise move to attack from somewhere else, jump between ships that need support, and a lot of other ideas. This is a 5 point discard I consider using because it is so useful and has no restrictions. Put on a flagship to run? Check. Escort to protect multiple ships? Check. Scenario specific vessel to complete the scenario? Check. Whatever you want, this card can do, and I love it. Use it at the right time to tip the scales in your favor! I’ve used it to jump and leave an enemy fleet circling a ship that was no longer there, to win missions, and anything in between. I really, really enjoy this card, and the fact that it doesn’t cost an action is even better.

Navigational Station costs 4 points and lets you disable it whenever you perform a green maneuver to immediately perform an evade action. Limit 1 per ship. Another useful tech upgrade, throwing this on a ship that gets a lot of auxiliary power tokens or has a lot of green maneuvers is really useful to get evade tokens. This is a solid upgrade that can fit in almost any fleet and help keep you alive, all very useful abilities to have. It does cost an action to enable, but that is not a huge price to pay for a free action. I really like this upgrade as well, and usually throw it on a ship I know I will be pulling a lot of auxiliary power tokens with.

This is a really great expansion for Attack Wing. The Hathaway gives the Federation a surprisingly versatile support/escort ship that has a lot of options for upgrades for the low cost of 22 points. I really enjoy this ship, and she is seen frequently as an escort in my fleet. A bit fragile, the right upgrades can make her a monster. Riker is amazing, the crew upgrades are great (Worf), situational (Crusher), and decent but depends on the fleet (Geordi), torpedoes are torpedoes, and the tech upgrades both really shine. I love the Hathaway, and would recommend her to anyone who plays Attack Wing. She is full of options, is cheap, and provides a lot of really helpful upgrades that you can use almost anywhere. This ship is amazing!

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