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Max Caine
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Eons ago, the Order of the Key was founded by the Elder Things to watch and ward over the evils enchained in Cynder. Today, the strength of the Order has faded to almost nothing. Where thousands once stood, time, treachery and treasure-hunters have reduced their numbers to a few hundred. Grand Master Typhon, insecure in his position and fearing the total dissolution of the Order has secretly begun to send the youngest and most rebellious adepts on secret missions beyond Cynder to secure the future of the Order.

There isn't a lot of love for Cynder, so I thought I might lavish some by thinking about what kind of a character might come from Cynder. My inspiration came from B.P.R.D. There are often hints and suggestions about the Hyperborean order which watched and warded the Ogru Jahad and fought the Ogru Hem. What if such an order still existed, now in its twlight years before its dissolution?

The basic idea of the Warden is a debuffer. His class skill specifically reduces the offensive stats of enemies and the skill trees mostly focus on denial and cursing. Stat tests have been heavily embedded into the skill trees with the option to use grit instead of take a test. One of the most significant difference is that instead of taking a starting ability, the Warden takes a Vow. In return for certain magical artifacts, the Warden must complete certain tasks. Failure to complete those tasks means that the Warden suffers a stat loss until he completes a penance.

This is a first draft - a lot of ideas, but it needs a lot of work. If amyone would like to take a look at it and give me some feedback, that would be most welcome.

Class card

Stats: 2 Cunning, 2 Strength, 2 Agility, 3 Spirit, 2 Strength, 2 Lore, 1 Luck, Initative 4.
2 Combat, Ranged/Melee 4+. Health 9, Sanity 11. Defence 4+, Willpower 3+

Starting equipment:
Robes of Passage: Clothing, Torso, 1 weight. Wearer ignores all Cynder World Card special rules
Skirmisher's Dirk: 1 weight, 1 hand, +1 Combat.

Class Skills:
Leash the Beast, Bind the Formless: All enemies with the Demon or Void keyword are at -1 combat and -1 initative when on the same tile as the Warden (to a minimum of 1)
Suffer not the Liar, nor the Vain and the Low: Is at -1 Initative when adjacent to a Hero with the Holy, Outlaw or Performer keyword.

Instead of a starting ability, the Warden takes on a Vow. The Vow represents what the Warden declares s/he will do to help the survival of the Order. In return, the Order grants the Warden certain artefacts from their reliquary to assist the Warden in the execution of his/her vow. Each Vow has 2 requirements. The Warden must meet these requirements. Some of the requirements require a test . If the test is successful, the requirement is satisfied and the Warden will get an XP reward. If the Warden fails the test then the requirement is still considered satisfied but at some cost to the Warden. If the Warden fails to meet the requirements of the Vow that Warden must the take a Penance (see Penance).

Vow of Replenishment
You must give up ¼ of all money and dark stone (rounding up) found during a mission in a tithe to the Order, regardless of whether the mission is successful or not. This is deducted at the end of the Adventure before journeying to town.

You must spend the first day on any visit to a Frontier Town preaching and looking for recruits. Make a Cunning 6+ test. For each successful dice you roll, get 20XP as you find a promising recruit. You may not visit a location on this day, as you spend all of it looking for recruits.

You get:
Needle of Inquiry: Artefact, Majik. Add 2 dice when scavenging and may discard and re-draw one scavenge card. (no weight).
Mask of Welcome. Artefact, Clothing, Face (1 weight). Roll three dice when rolling for a location event and discard the lowest.

Vow of Retribution.
Each fight, select 1 enemy after placement of enemies. This enemy immediately gets an elite ability and has double its usual health. You must personally kill this enemy.

If you face an Epic Threat, you must do at least 25% (rounding up) damage to the Threat.

You get:
Blade of the Final Strike. +1 Combat. 1 hand, 1 weight, weapon, blade, artefact. If an enemy is at 10% health (rounding up), any hit on the enemy automatically kills it (do not roll for damage) except enemies with the Tough or Regenerate ability.
Scorching Rune of Execration. Clothing, Tattoo, Face (no weight). +1 combat. Any enemy within 3 spaces of the Warden at the start of their activation will target the Warden if they can attack the Warden. This item cannot be lost, traded, discarded or otherwise got rid of for any reason.

Vow of Reclamation
You must perform a ritual of consecration after every fight. Make a Lore 5+ test. On success, get 20XP. On failure, take a corruption hit.

You must complete a unique travel hazard after every Adventure.
Gather Ritual Materials: The materials necessary to complete rites of consecration must be gathered regularly as they loose their potency over time. The Warden must risk the badlands in search of what he requires. Make a cunning 5+ test. On success, you get 15XP. On a failure, loose 2 health (carried over to Town and the next Adventure unless healed) while gathering materials. If you avoid or are otherwise unable to take this travel hazard you must take a penance after the next adventure (see Penance) and cannot perform rituals of concecration until the penance is completed.

You get:
Blessed Chalk: Artefact, Majik (no weight). +2 Lore when performing a ritual of consecration or while making Penance. Once per fight you may forgo your fight action to draw a sigil. Place a sigil marker under the Hero. All enemies on or who enter the same tile as the sigil must use an extra move point to move a space on the tile.

Sickle of the Warm Harvest: 1 hand, 1 weight, artefact, weapon, sickle. +2 cunning when gathering ritual materials. +1 damage on all combat rolls.

Vow artefacts may not be sold, traded or otherwise given away in any form. They can be lost, destroyed or otherwise forcibly removed. A Warden may get a replacement artefact at the listed cost on the card whenever they are in town (no location is necessary).

If you fail to complete your vow then you must perform an act of penance. Until the act is completed the Warden is -1 for all stats, makes defence rolls at 5+ and may not replace any lost Warden artefacts. You do not have to complete any part of the chosen Vow until the penance is made.

Vow of Replenishment: The Warden must tithe $250 and 3 dark stone (must be done all at once) at the end or start of any Adventure. Or he must spend 3 days in town doing nothing but looking for recruits.

Vow of Retribution: The Warden must complete a special mission, Trial by Combat. This may be completed at any time in or outside of an Adventure.

Vow of Reclamation: The Warden must participate in a unique travel hazard.
Rite of Purification: The Warden must undergo a day-long rite to prove his/her worthiness to continue. Other Heroes may participate in this travel hazard if they so wish. Add the Lore rating of all other Heroes participating in the Rite to the Warden's then make a Lore 5+ test. You must roll a total of 5 successes (i.e. five dice which roll 5+). If you do, each Hero participating in the Rite gets 20xp. If you don't, count the number of successes rolled and each hero in the Rite takes 5 - number of successes rolled wounds as the rite takes blood for payment. For every success over 5, all heroes get 15xp per success. In all cases, the penance is considered completed.


1) Servitude
Damned Soul: Select an enemy. That enemy takes 1 wound at the start of each of its activations ignoring defence.
Lavabat: Take 1 wound. All enemies within 2 spaces of the Warden are -1 Combat (minimum of 1). +1 Move, +1 Initative
Lava Man: Take 2 wounds. Replace 3 spaces with Lava markers. Enemies are affected by these Lava markers. +2 Health, +1 Max Grit
Succubus. Take 2 Sanity damage. Spend 1 Grit. Select 1 enemy (may not select XL or XXL enemies). You control this enemy for this turn. If the enemy has already taken their turn, they take another out of sequence.

2) Sigils
Sigil of the Eye: Pass a Lore 4+ test or spend 1 grit at the start of a fight. All enemies are at -1 initative for the fight. +2 Lore
Sigil of the Key: Pass a Lore 4+ test or spend 1 grit before resolving an encounter. You may reroll 1 test on the encounter. +1 Sanity, +1 Max Grit
Sigil of the Lock: Pass a Lore 5+ test or spend 2 grit at the start of a fight. Select an enemy ability from the enemies present. The ability does not work for the duration of the fight.
Sigil of the Gate: Take 3 wounds or loose 3 Sanity. Draw a threat card (do not place enemies). Choose 1 ability from 1 enemy type on the card. All Heroes have this ability the next turn.

3) Banishment
Turn Back! When rolling for a random number of enemies with the Demon or Void keyword, subtract 1 from the number rolled (to a minium of 1). +2 Sanity
The Secret Names: Select an enemy type, roll a D6 at the start of each turn of a fight. If you roll higher than the Defence rating that enemy type is -1 Defence that turn.
Soulfire Aura: Pass a Spirit 4+ test or spend 1 grit. Select 2 Heroes, those heroes get additional +Damage equal to their spirit next turn.
Exorcism: Once per fight, select an enemy. Roll your Spirit dice, roll dice equal to the enemy's defence and total each set. The enemy takes wounds equal to your total - its total ignoring defence and abilities.

4) Patronage
Mesaud, the Red Wanderer: You gain an additional 2 dice when making any Travel Hazard test. +1 Max Grit
The Protean Mist: You may transfer Sanity damage to Wounds and Wounds to Sanity damage on a 1 to 1 basis. +2 Health, -2 Sanity
Titan-limbed Oonooth: +3 Health, +2 Combat, +1 Initative, -2 Sanity
Fallen Menanoth: At the start of any Mission, select one skill from any Hero in the Posse. You may use it as if it were the Warden's. Draw a Growing Dread card.

Penance Mission: Trial By Combat

One moment you are among friends and allies. Then the air shimmers and the next you find yourself in an unfamiliar hall. Crystal orbs set in the walls burn blue-white and the scent of sulphur is heavy in the air. Thick wrought-iron portcullises bar every exit. Looking up, you see a heavy stone balcony with your comrades seated behind it. Then there is no more time for contemplation. The ground glows red in front of you and a beast claws its way up from the earth. As you raise your weapon in response, a single word echoes through your mind - “Repent!”

Set up
Take the Summoning Chamber tile if it is not in use or a similar sized tile. Put it in an empty space, then place end caps on all doorways. If you are taking the trial during a mission mark where the Warden is on the tile he is on. In all cases, take the Warden and place him in the middle of the tile. Then draw a low threat and roll for elite abilities as per posse level. Place the enemies around the edge of the tile. Start the fight as normal.

Mission Goal
Survive! Whether deliberately or by accident, the Warden has broken his vow. This does not matter to his masters. He must atone for his sin, and the only way for the Warden to do so is trial by combat.

Special rules
Neither Dread nor Darkness
You do not roll to hold back the Darkness. Any Darkness or Growing Dread cards already in play do not have any effect in the mission. You do not advance the Depth Track.

Shouted Advice
The rest of the Posse can shout advice and guidance to the Warden. Each member of the Posse can shout advice at the start of the turn before any activation takes place. If a member of the Posse does this then the Warden is given a specific benefit. He may:

Add a +1 modifier to a single combat or ranged dice
Subtract 1 from 1 successful enemy combat or range dice
Add a +1 modifier to a single defence or willpower dice
Reduce the defence of one enemy by 1

Certain Heroes have skills which can be used instead of generic advice. When using a permitted skill, it counts as a shout, and also counts as if the Hero using the skill were standing next to the Warden.

If a Saloon Girl/Piano Player has the Gentle Manner skill, s/he may use the Comforting Presence skill

If a Lawman has Motivate, Reassure or Teamwork skills, s/he may use them

The more voices that shout the more garbled the overall message is and the Warden has to concentrate hard to understand what is being said. If two people shout advice the Warden must pass a Cunning 3+ test or he may not use either benefit. If 3 people shout take a Cunning 4+ test, 4 people take a Cunning 5+ test, 5 people take a Cunning 6+ test. 6 people is an automatic failure however the noise is so loud it distracts everyone and all enemies and the Warden are at -1 to hit this turn.

Defeat all enemies

The Warden gets d6x5 XP. Each of the Heroes who successfully shouted advice gets 15xp.

The Warden must take an injury test with a -1 modifier.
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