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Subject: Third Age Risk (rework of Middle Earth Risk) rss

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Luka Petrovic
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Third Age Risk is a rework of an already existing Middle Earth Risk. It won't be sold in retail and if finished will be available as printable pdf files.
Major changes:
-One ring mechanic removed, game is won by world domination.
-Map remade.It has a total of 102 territories at the moment.With smaller regions.
-Almost complete rework of all cards.
-Special locations removed (more on this later)
-Power points remade (more on this later)

Other changes:

Strongholds reworked and more of them added. Every time a stronghold is attacked 2 battalions are added to it for the duration of battle. Since strongholds give an extra battalion per turn and will have a bigger role in this version, a buff to the bonus was needed. Strongholds give +1 to highest roll as well.

Power cards reworked. Instead of awarding power points these cards now require power points to be used. Power points are a usable resource gained by controlling strongholds,regions and completing plan cards.These can be used at any time if the conditions are met.Most of them affect battles and a good amount of these require a leader to be present.

Mission cards replaced with Plan cards. Plan cards are placed face down when in use. They can't be activated until 2 turns have passed since the card was placed. While active they give certain bonuses which help you to complete the objective given by them. After completion they give a reward depending on the difficulty.These don't require leaders to run around the map.

Strategic cards added. These can only be used during the players turn. All of these have conditions that have to be met before activation. The requirements are mostly Control territory/region. They give battalions,leaders, increase reinforcements per turn or reduce it for the enemy.

Palantiri will be a thing as well.These will require a leader to be present and will be used to reveal your enemy's plan card and power cards in his hand or, depending on your dice roll, you will have to reveal yours and your leader will be hurt and unable to move or act for a set amount of turns.

Side notes:
-Some cards will be a part of a bigger chain (ex. Anduril Reforged, Call upon the Oathbreakers and Return of the King). While others will have counter cards. An effect of a certain card can be cancelled by the opponents card or using a card will allow the opponent to use a bit stronger card.
-Special locations were removed because of map space. I chose map looks over function.Instead of special location names, the name of territories will be used in all cards.
-Northern Wastes are a special territory, they aren't part of any region.You first have to move there, spend 1 turn with an army there losing some battalions(how much to be decided later). And then you can attack any territory adjacent to it.

The game is meant to be longer and to be played with up to 6 players.For shorter games I will try to balance out south only and/or north only fights.

Some additions which are still being considered are:
-Capitals and capital improvements.
-Territories controlled by neutrals.
-Battlefield types (ex. Forest,Mountain,Swamp,River delta) which change the amount of units that can attack and the amount of dice rolled.
-Starting cards (would act like a patch choosing card, each giving a different bonus, a different plan card at start, and capital if capitals are added)

At this point all of this is open to change as are all other game elements.

Current map(note: I did this in 2 days it's far from finished and as previously stated it's open to change)

List of regions and income they give,also open to change:
Western Gondor-2
Eastern Gondor-3
Ithilien -2 All 3 -9
Southeastern Rhovanion-3
Northeastern Rhovanion-3
Arthedain-2 All 3-7
Middle lands-1 (Dunland and Enedwaith)
Eastern Rohan-2
Western Rohan-2 Both 5.
Moria-0 (it isn't a part middle lands color will be changed)

If anyone has any ideas or doesn't like a certain change please let me know.That's why I posted this.
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