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Subject: Questions about unclear rullings rss

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George Koukouvais
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Here are some unanswered questions about the rules of this board game. I have already directly asked all of them to Yoka Board games, but after their initial reply that they would take 1 day to answer all my questions, nobody replied. Then i tried asking them once more at their facebook page, with no luck again. So here it goes in case someone else here can help me:

1) Is the enemy able to attack you if you attacked him from an adjacent area during the Akatsuki Phase?

2) Does the "Nine-Tail Chakra Mode" Fight technique card of Naruto injure ALSO the enemy you are currently fighting except the OTHER enemies in the same zone and adjacent zones if you roll a power icon or this is the only enemy that doesn't suffer this one injury from the extra effect of the Fight card?

3) When you gain experience and you reach the point where it increases one of your stats, for example you increase your max chakra by 1, do you also get instantly a blue cube to fill 1 chakra point or does it only increase the maximum capacity?

4) What about Sai's card "Super Beasts Scroll: Lions" that reads "Inflicts 1 injury on ANOTHER enemy in the zone"? Does it mean that this only works if there are 2 or more enemies in the same spot (for example an Akatsuki member and it's summoned token) and if it activates you can injure one enemy that is not the one you are currently fighting?

5) Do i roll the special dice only for Akatsuki members that have a specific talent that concerns the special dice or for all Akatsuki members? And if the talent itself mentions only the sharingan side of the dice or the rinnegan side or both, does it means that the defence side of the special dice always counts if I actually roll it even if it is not written in the card?

6) If an Akatsuki member wins a round and leaves the field, does this count as an Elimination? For example Deidara is stated in the rules that he injures all heroes in the zone and adjacent zones ONLY if his health is reduced to 0, but it's not perfectly clear about Zetsu. Do Zetsu traps return to the field even if Zetsu survives all 3 turns and leaves the field or only when his health reaches 0?

7) Is Itachi able to summon Susano more than once? Since you have to roll the dice everytime you fight him, what if he rolls Sharingan more than once? Does Susano just ressurect even if you already defeated him? Or is it possible to have multiple Susano tokens in the zone? In the game only one Susano token is included.

8) During the Akatsuki Phase when it's time to draw technique cards, can each player either draw only 1 card (if he has 0 cards and therefore cannot discard 1 card) or discard one card to draw cards until you have a full hand? Are you always obliged to discard one card and fill the hand or you can just draw one without discarding anything?

9) If a player uses both 2 actions to escape from a battle, is he able to move for 1 or 2 spaces during that turn?

10) How exactly does Kisame's talent work? For example 3 different people have activated fight cards againist him this turn, so during the Akatsuki phase he will deal 4 injuries (1 normal injury + 3 injuries for the fight cards activated). Does he injure one hero for 4 health cubes and instantly killing him or he will deal one by one each injury on different characters of the players choice until he has dealt all 4? Can someone that has a technique card to avoid an injury avoid only one point of injury or all of them?

11) If you avoid an injury from Shurado Pain during the Akatsuki phase by using a technique card, do you still suffer the extra injury from his talent or you can dodge both since you avoided the first injury?

12) What exactly does Sasuke's talent mean that it returns the attack against the hero if he rolls Sharingan? Does the hero take one injury or does he also suffer the effect of a fight card that the hero could have used during the fight?

13) When you fight Danzo and roll Sharingan and the attack fails, does that mean that you do not even roll the attack dice at all?

14) Do the summoned tokens also attack the heroes during the Akatsuki phase? For example if Orochimaru has summoned multiple snakes and those are placed in the Tobi area, if a hero is at the Tobi area, does he take injured for the Akatsuki member and also for each snake currently there?

15) Do the summoned snakes of Orochimaru remain in the Tobi Area even after Orochimaru trap has been removed from the field? Do the snakes remain in the zone they were summoned after the Akatsumi member was removed from the field after the last turn, they leave the field together with the Akatsuki member at the end of the round or do they move to the next area that the Tobi figure will move?

16) Does the Defence buff that Jugo takes everytime he injures a hero last for the whole game?

17) During the final round, Tobi's description states that players have to roll the special die when they fight an enemy in Tobi's area. Does that mean that players have to roll the special die for both Gedo Mazo and Tobi for everytime they attack either one of those two?

PS: This game is insanely difficult and sometimes painful. I have come with a perfect strategy to win almost all village fights but still when I arrived at the final boss i got my ass kicked. I won 7 village and lost 1, but when i arrived at the final boss (3 players total, Naruto, Sakura and Rock Lee) we defeated Gedo Mazo on the first round but we kept getting paralyzed EVERY SINGLE TIME from Tobi. Its not enough that he has tanky stats, but he has a 30% chance to paralyze you EVERY TIME you attack him, which makes it impossible to kill in 2 rounds, since you use the first one for the statue).
I would like to make some house rules that will make the game more balanced and not so much based on luck of dice rolls, so any advice is greatly appreciated!
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