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Subject: Adios Amigos - Gun Kata with Math - down to the basics review rss

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Tiago Perretto
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About Adios Amigos:

1) What is it?
Adios Amigos is a party and family game about math dexterity done with simultaneous actions by the players, in a shootout of additions and subtractions, coupled with reloads to give more shots, dynamites that make everyone else close their ears and countdown from 10 to zero before acting again, and lots of arms flailing.

Adios Amigos contains few rules and loads of interaction done in real time, with players using tokens to "shoot" the cards of other players, in order to gain points and, hopefully, be the last one standing, which is worth some more points.

All is done very quickly, frantically, with everyone trying to be precise, as there are penalties for mistakes, as well as fast.

2) How do you play?
Each player reveal three cards, facing the others. All cards have two numbers. Then players reveal, at random, 2 bullet tokens, and these have numbers going from 0 to 9. After this, players use these tokens in order to "shoot" at the cards of other players. For instance, if I revealed my token number 2 and someone has a card with number 3 and 5, I can use my 2 to shoot that card (5-3=2) - a token number 8 could also be used to shoot this card (5+3=8).

At first only two of the ten tokens are revealed, but at any time a person can use a bullet token to make everyone Reload - which means everyone reveal, at random, two more tokens.

Every player also have 1 Dynamite that, when used, makes all the other players to stop the shooting, put their hands above their ears and countdown from 10 to zero before being allowed to return to the normal actions.

When a player have her three cards shots, she is out of the round. When only one player is left the round ends and the person takes one Gold tile, which is worth points (and more points as the rounds go by). Then players check the shots on the cards, to see if the math match. If it does, the person that did the shot takes the card as point. If the math is wrong, the player must pay 3 points to the person she mistakenly shot and also 1 point to everyone else - is a harsh penalty.

Once all the cards are checked and distributed, a new rounds starts. At the end of the fifth round the player with the most points will be the winner!

3) Which are the decisions made during play?
Mainly two and both are very simple:
- When to use Reload (to reveal more bullets tokens). This is usually done not only to have more options, but also to throw the other players somewhat off, as they change their attention from one point to another;
- When to use the Dynamite (to stop, for a few moments, the others from playing). This is usually very short lived, as the countdowns are done really fast, but this use can be important to take an important advantage, to finish someone off, for instance.

I could add the use of the bullet tokens as decisions, still they hardly are. Is simple a matter of quickness of perception: you see a card which fits your token, you use the token, regardless of who the person is. Still, I have seen someone focusing his bullets in the player he thought was the closest to him in points, and was successful in doing this. However, this is seldom done - yet the game allows this, so if you are fast and cold-blooded enough, the use of the bullets tokens can be a decision also.

4) What are the good things in the game?
- Easy to teach and to play;
- All is said and done in a matter of 15 to 20 minutes;
- Portable and with some nice bits;
- Good amount of interaction.

5) Which are the bad news?
- There can be some bash the leader, as player can focus their attention on the cards of a given player to eliminate her fast. Yet, most of the time this simply won't happen, and be everyone for themselves. Also, the random reveal of bullet tokens prevents this a little, as you won't shoot if the math doesn't match;
- Player elimination, albeit a very short one;
- The penalty for making a mistake is harsh and likely to take the player out of the contest - but I understand this rule in order to keep players from shooting blindly only to eliminate the others, making necessary to have some caution.

6) How do you feel while playing?
In the nerdiest shootout ever.

Overall, Adios Amigos is good for what it is, as the elimination hurts little and stays out of the game for just a short time, and the rules are easy enough for everyone catch on quick, making Adios Amigos work nicely for both game nights, parties and family time.


Image credit: Sentieiro

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