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Gian Paolo smirked as he watched his troops make preparations for the defense of Venice. Patriarch of the Baglioni family, he had the most feared mercenary army in Italy. When news arrived that Nepal had declared war, the city fathers, fat and lazy from decades of prosperity, went into a panic and demanded the new Doge, a quivering mass, make plans for the impending attack. Gian Paolo, seeing his good friend's predicament, graciously offered his assistance. For a fee.

This will be over quickly, thought Gian Paolo, hefting his purse. His troops would be overrun in short order. They were no match for the Nepalese army. While Gian Paolo's men had put many a city to the sword, they were ill equipped to repel an invasion of this sort. His men, who had served him loyally through the years, would die. Oh well, thought Gian Paolo. I can always hire more.

That pompous jackass, Anton Bentivoglio, had somehow convinced the Nepal High Council to employ his army to settle an old score with Venice. Gian Paolo had spoken privately with the President of the Nepal Council about employing his forces instead, but to no avail. He was about to order the High Council President's death when he realized defending Venice would suit his purposes just as well.

As his mind turned to thoughts of lunch, a glint of light on the horizon caught his eye. The sun's reflection off a helmet? He frowned. That's odd. The Nepalese army had arrived early. That dumb bastard Bentivoglio could never tell time anyway. He perused the menu and gave some terse orders to the serving girl. He eyed her bottom hungrily as she scurried off. Perhaps there would be time for some desert?

He gazed languidly out across the veranda to see what progress the Nepalese army was making. What kind of fool hat was Bentivoglio wearing? Some ridiculous pointed cap doubtlessly thrust upon him by an overpriced tailor who had convinced him this was the latest fashion.

Apparently the fool had decided to change his army's colors as well. They looked a lot like the colors used by ... Alfonso Ferrara, the new Pope. Gian Paolo paled. A papal messenger strode importantly into the room. "His Eminence, Alfonso the Second, brings his warmest greetings. He informs you that, seeing his dear friend's plight and not wishing him to face this mortal danger alone, he has brought his troops to aid in the defense of Venice. He apologizes for not sending word earlier. He knows His Excellence will understand."

Gian Paolo looked outside again. Ferrara's vanguard was making its way across the first of Venice's bridges to the cheers of Gian Paolo's men. Ferrara's troops were tenacious defenders. Venice would hold, that much was certain. His plans were ruined. He clenched his fist, took a deep breath, and said slowly, "Of course. Please tell His Eminence that his help ... is greatly appreciated."


I have three city tiles for Nepal. On my turn, Nepal attacks Venice. Candy outbids me for attacker. I win the bid for defender. My troops have massive attack value but a defensive value of only 3. Adam, who holds three city tiles for Venice, uses the Pope tile to add his troops to the defense. He has every defensive troop tile.

Nepal fails its attack. Venice, with the massive combined forces of Adam and myself, wins its counterattack by more than double the attacker's modified die roll. My own troops ended up being used against me! Nepal's status drops to 3, Venice's status maxes out at 10.

Well played, Adam! You will pay for that. zombie
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