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Subject: Training Scenario 3: Achtung Panzer! rss

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Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Surprise and Overruns! This scenario is another Solitaire effort, just like scenario 1, meaning only the German player moves and attacks, the Russian units are just stationary targets. The do get to retreat if that option is chosen.

One interesting note here. In the first edition of the OCS Rules, Surprise is an Optional Rule! No joke. If the Surprise option is not used, then the restriction of a unit having to have a minimum AR 3 to participate in an Overrun is mandatory. This would seriously put the Russians at even more of a disadvantage. Dean does go on to say that they never played the game without the Surprise option however.

This scenario is only 1 turn long (meaning 2 full rounds of phases). Victory for the Germans is to remove all Russian units in the 2 turns they have available by any means necessary. They have the 3rd Motorized Division (less their Artillery and Motorcycle Regiments) and the entire 18th Panzer Division (minus its Artillery).

Mode Determination Phase

All units in Combat Mode except Infantry units, 1st and 2nd Pz. Battalions are placed in Reserve.

Movement Phase

MC and Recon move to Flanking positions of the first Russian ID. If the Russian unit retreats, this will either allow for a DG or a possible step loss due to Ezoc.

The 3rd Pz. and Armored Recon Battalions attempt an Overrun. Odds of 1:1 in Open Terrain with a +3 DRM (Recon’s AR). Surprise is rolled and a shift of 1 makes it 2:1 odds. A low roll results in an AL1o1/Do1. Recon is destroyed and the Armor Battalion retreats.

Remaining forces move in for an attack.

Combat Phase

1:1 Open with +2 DRM (MC’s AR). Surprise roll is failed, but a High Combat roll results in an Ao1/DL1o1. The Germans opt to lose the Motorcycle unit to force the remaining step of the Russian ID to retreat and become DG’d for retreating into a ZOC. The 18th Pz. Infantry Combat moves into the vacated hex.

Exploitation Phase

The 1st and 2nd Pz. Battalions come of Reserve and make an Overrun attempt.

The Russian ID is now at half strength after losing 1 step, bringing them down to 5 Combat Factors. They are DG’d now, which reduces them half again to 2.5 and brings down the AR by 1. Raw combat odds are 6:1 (which is brought down to 5:1 on the chart) and +4 DRM (using 2-18 Armor Battalions AR). Surprise is gained, and a shift of 6 makes it 15:1. A massive Overkill resulting in an Ae2DL2o3DG. Doesn’t get any better.

Second half of Turn 1

Mode Determination Phase

All units are placed in Combat Mode and the three remaining Armor units are placed in Reserve.

Movement Phase

Armor units move so as to Combine for an imminent Overrun attempt and stay in Reserve. Infantry units move into position for an attack in the Combat Phase.

Combat Phase

Odds are 1:1 in Open Terrain and 0 DRM (52 Shu AR) No surprise is gained, but another high roll (11) results in an Ao1/DL1o1. The Russian Tank Brigade is destroyed.

If the Germans take their Option as a retreat, then the Russian ID stays at full strength for the upcoming German Overrun attempt. By staying where they are and losing the 52 Shu Infantry Regiment, the Russian ID either has to lose a step and become half strength or retreat into a ZOC, which will inflict a DG, which will not only make it half strength but will also inflict a -1 to its AR.

The Germans take the hit and lose 52 Shu and the Russians ID loses a step.

Exploitation Phase

German Panzer Battalion’s pop their Reserve and roll in for an Overrun attempt.

This will be at 4:1 odds in Open Terrain with +3 DRM (3-18’s AR). Surprise is gained yet again for 2 shifts, making it 7:1 in Open Terrain, inflicting an Aol/DL1o1.
The last Russian step is eliminated and German option is null.

Dead Pile

The fact that Supply is not an issue yet (that’s coming up in the next scenario) these past two scenarios obviously had some gamey techniques. Normally, one wouldn’t send units up and around behind enemy units like that. An HQ has to be able to throw supply to them for their Combat supply needs, and this may not be possible if the distance is too great. (Another note here, Internal Supply hasn’t been invented yet;-))

If you’re a first time player of OCS, this looks like a perfectly fine idea, and in these first training scenario’s, it is. The progression here teaches you how to move your units to get the most out of them, and then parameters are set in place so you then need to figure out your limitations once you understand the mechanics. This is now much easier to do since you already know how best to move your forces.

I'm going to reload this one and try something different.
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