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Subject: Training Scenario 3: Achtung Panzer! (Rewind) rss

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So I decided to play this one for a fourth time, which brings up a valuable for these training scenarios. So far, these first three scenarios have taken 15 minutes or less to play. That includes set-up time. This makes it much more efficient and reduces the learning curve as opposed to playing a “small” scenario in one of the other titles like Reluctant Enemies. You can play out a scenario, reload it, and try a totally different tactic, just to see what gets you the best results.

I’ll even say these smaller training scenarios are better for learning OCS than with the original Tunisia, which, if anyone knows anything about me, that’s saying a lot. Anyway, this particular replay of the 3rd Training scenario was so amazing in its efficiency I had to post it before I moved on to the 4th Training Scenario

Units are the same

Mode Determination

18th Panzer Armor Battalions are combined in Combat Mode and put into Reserve.
18th Pz. Infantry Units in Move Mode, MC and Armor Recon in Combat Mode.
3rd Motorized Division Infantry units in Move Mode, Recon unit in Combat Mode.

Movement Phase

18th Pz. Armor Battalions move half MP under Reserve Mode with the remaining units from 18th Pz. and 3rd Motorized moving up to attack.

Combat Phase

Counting up all the Attack factors makes it 2:1 in the Open Terrain column with a +2 DRM (AR from 3rd Motorized Recon unit). Again, I try never to use AR’s from Armor or Armored Recon units if it’s not totally necessary. Surprise is gained and 2:1 shifts to 9:1, resulting in a massive Ae3/DL2o2DG! I was only expecting the minimum of a step loss to be inflicted on the Russian Infantry Division, not being completely destroyed outright. Since all the attacking units involved have an AR of 4 or greater, they all get to take part in the upcoming Exploit Phase. The 3 Armor Battalions in Reserve mode now have to adjust their target. This is a fundamental element of OCS that everyone who plays must learn, sooner rather than later. Always, always try and have units available to exploit an unforeseen opportunity when it presents itself for you to Exploit (Pun intended).

Exploitation Phase

Units that gained an Exploitation marker move half there MP’s while released Reserves may move their full movement allowance. The 18th Pz. Armor Battalions are too far away from the remaining Russian units to be used in an Overrun attempt in this Turns Exploitation Phase so they join in a regular attack.

2:1 in Open Terrain with a +1 DRM (using the 18th Pz. Recon unit). Surprise is obtained again with a +4 Shift to 7:1 with a result of Ae4/DL1o2 (Exploit is ignored). The Russian Tank Division is destroyed (its AR was used) and the remaining Russian Division suffers a DG since it had to retreat 2 hex’s. It could have taken a Step Loss and treated 1 hex as well, which in hindsight would have been the better option.

Mode Determination Phase

All units that were in Move Mode switch to Combat Mode, the 3 Panzer Battalions go into Reserve

Movement Phase

All units move in to attack.

Combat Phase

7:1 Odds in the Open with a +3DRM (3rd Motorized Division Recon AR)
Surprise roll is failed AolE4/DL1o2

After the Russian takes its step loss, the Germans can choose to lose the Recon unit as their option, which would then give all the remaining attacking units exploitation markers for the upcoming Exploitation Phase, which would then also force the remaining Russian ID step to retreat 2 hex’s again. Or, the German player could retreat all of his attackers 1 hex and lose out on the Exploit Phase. If this was a larger scenario with more Russian units around, this would most definitely have to be considered.

Exploitation Phase

The Panzer Battalions are released and Overrun, with odds of 9:1. The Russian ID is at ½ Strength from its previous step loss and ½ again from being in DG, so it has 2.5 Attack Factors and an AR of 1. Surprise is gained, but not needed in this instance, since even by rolling snake-eyes on a 9:1 column, with the +4 DRM, the remaining Russian ID step would be eliminated.

So, this time around only 1 of the 2 Turns allowed was needed to accomplish the Victory conditions for the Germans. I can definitely understand Dean’s note in the rules stating that they always used the optional rule of Surprise. Shouldn’t be any wonder why it became a standard rule in future titles.

Next up: Supply and Artillery units
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Juan Valdez
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I'd purchase a large book of these little training scenarios spanning the OCS system (TCS as well).

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