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Lyle Chipperson
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Days ago I read in a Morten interview and he mentioned a variant that consisted of the automa like " invading " everything from the factory . This is not a variant of the main game (I think the game is awesome as it is ) this is a new game mode using the automa deck and scythe rules.

For now this is a Solo mode

The objective it's to stop the automa from taking your base until it runs out of units and you control the factory


The factory suddenly It's working again ! The Automa experiment wasn't off it was just learning and calculating, sadly in the war, the automa learned anger and revenge, it calculated this was the best time to wake up and conquer everything, no mercy, no development just dementia and destruction!

General rules
- When you used all the just reshuffle the deck and start again using scheme 2.
- If star tracker reach its end, just start it over but ignore the non crossing river symbol.
- The automa uses two sets of workers, mechs but just one character .
- When you win a combat or repel a worker that unit it's eliminated
from the game. (Unless the automa produce again when runs out of every
- If the automa it's without units it spends one turn doing nothing,
and the next turn it starts deploying again (this gives you 1 turn to
reach the factory )
- When the automa character gets eliminated it comes back when the card ask
for a deployment

Automa Setup
- For the automa ignore stars , coins.
- Place the character in the factory and 2 workers ( of any of the two sets ) in the
factory as well.
- Pick the lowest power value of the two player mats, and pick the highest
combat card value

Automa movement

- For the variant , the base of the automa is the factory.
- "Closer to the factory " is now "closer to the enemy base" (for example
when the automa have a factory/encounter move, now it's enemy
- "No enemy unit" is ignored in your home base
- If a tiebreaker mentions the factory, replace it with the enemies base.
- Your homebase it's another terrain for the automa.
- When there are 5 of more workers they ignore the rule "⎌not in enemy unit neighborhoods ¨

Homebase rules
- If the Automa reaches your base and it's occupied with a combat unit ,
resolve combat as normal, if you lose put that mech back on your mat, BUT
you still maintain the unlocked hability , that means you have to deploy
it again.
- If the Automa reaches your base and it's occupied with a worker, place the
worker back to the player mat ( you can produce the worker again ).
- If the automa kills your character in the home base he re spawns in the
base after turns .
- Homebase can not have structures

How the automa wins ?

- the automa wins when it places a combat unit on your base and stays there
3 turn or if it places 3 workers

How you win?

- when the automa runs out of units to deploy and you control the factory
- You cannot control the factory until the Automa is without units to
deploy (Township hability can send you to any other town )

Player changes

- When you repel a worker you gain 1 popularity and lose 1 power ( automa robot unit explodes and hurt your unit )

- When you repel an automa worker from your home base just win 1 power.

Thoughts after playtesting

-Tried it two times, felt different than the real game, a little more tense and makes you rethink your gameplay, game can be a bit short. The automa conquered my base twice.

- First game was full of bumps and issues, second game went more smooth, the automa is indeed aggressive! Want to give it another try tomorrow

- custom star tracker is being designed

- tried it one more time, made some tweaks, at certain point I forgot about the "euro" aspect of the game and started to just fight fight and fight,so I guess if I ever make this variant balanced enough it can scratch the itch of gamers who want more action in the game
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Lyle Chipperson
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so after testing this variant several times items I decided it would be better for it to have its own star tracker so I used the one posted in another variant

- Spaces with one gear means the automa repeats the valid movement action

- Spaces with two gears means the automa gains the double in the "automa gains stuff " part of the card

I enjoy play this variant ,sometimes the automa gets super aggressive and invades my base quickly , sometimes I get to hold it off for a good while , anyone hope someone can try it or give em some comments
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