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The Battle of the Lyginus: 335 BC

Alexander and the Macedonians vs the Danubian Triballians

This battle was a historical one of mixed arms (Phalanx (PH), Heavy Infantry (HI), Some Cavalry (LC and HC), and Skirmishers (SK – archers and slingers)) vs. a lot of Javelin wielding infantry (mostly Light (LI) but a few Medium (MI) as well. Any reference to LI or MI is therefore Danubian, every other unit is Macedonian.

For those of you without a scenario guide, the Danubians began spread across the map (east to west) along a hill’s ridgeline. The Macedonians were advancing from the south with 6 PH in the centre, a few LC and HC on the flanks, some Hypaspists (HI) on the east side, and their SK in front.

Turn One:

Relatively uneventful. The Danubians remained on the ridge, but advanced their back forces to create a solid line of Javelin throwing LI.

Alexander (Macedon) advanced his full army 280 yards (4 hexes) and the cavalry on both flanks went into wedge formation to prepare for the inevitable charge.

Turn Two:

Danubians completed forming their complete ridge line and used recovery actions to remove any cohesion hits from movement.

Philotas (M) sent HC which hit the westernmost Danubian (D) LI. The LI failed it’s Trope and Collapsed.

Alexander (M) ordered the HC to continue on the west flank but it bit off more than it could chew and it routed. Some archers began to fire against the LI in the centre and one LI was taunted into charging. Using Momentum, the second HC in the west charged the flank and the LI routed from the charge.

Turn Three:

Alexander (M elite orders phase) – Rallied the fleeing HC. The two archers fired again (missed) and retreated behind the foremost Phalanx. The HC continued its attack on the west flank and routed a third LI.

The Impetuous LI in the centre charged the Archers, but broke against the waiting Phalanx.

Arrhibaeus (D) managed to rally all three routed LI in the west flank. And the HC was attacked (routed) by two LI.

Clitus (D) attempted a rally of the centre LI, but it fled (eliminated). He also ordered the LI on the west flank to counterattack the HC. He tried for momentum but was trumped by Alexander.

Alexander (trump) Ordered LC to charge the west flank and another LI was routed. Some other units were recovered and others advanced.

Alexander (momentum) The second HC in the west was rallied.

Syrmus (D) and Philotas (M) performed some Rally and Recover actions.

Turn Four:

Alexander (elite) – Archers in the centre hit a MI and taunted it. He continued pounding on the west flank as the previously rallied HC drove back into the flank of the LI.

The Impetuous MI charged the archers, but again was intercepted by a Phalanx and the MI was routed.

Glaucias (D) was sitting on the uneventful east flank and ordered a javelin attack. He tried for momentum but was trumped!

Alexander (trump) led a major charge of 2 PH just to the east of centre and the HI on the east flank finally charged. Defensive Javelins were flying everywhere, but the end result was two MI and two LI were routed just east of centre. Meanwhile in the west, a HC charged and the LI routed preshock.

Alexander (momentum) – Moved further east and called up the lagging Cavalry to cover the flank of the charged HI. Numerous recovery actions were also taken. In the shock attacks, the HI routed a Danubian LI. Nicanor (the Hypaspist Contingent Commander) was wounded in the attack. The other HI also routed a LI and a second LI was eliminated. Alexander had managed to take the eastern slope and 6 enemies were routing.

Arrhibaeus (D) rallied some LI in the west and managed to rout the HC in a flank attack.

Clitus (D) failed a rally attempt, and another LI was eliminated.

Syrmus (D) Moved east to begin rallying units: 3 successes and 1 MI was eliminated

(An error was made here, as we allowed both Syrmus and later Philotas to make Momentum rolls. Although being previously skipped by Alexander’s trump, they actually weren’t allowed to. We realized this after the turn, and to my knowledge did not make this rules error again)

Syrmus (D – momentum) – Moved the LI up to the HI and managed to break the HI with javelin attacks. A second LI attacked the second HI (which was 1 hit away from breaking) and manged to break it. Both HI were on the run! Some further units were rallied and recovered in Syrmus’ second momentum phase.

Philotas (M) – ordered three phalanx to charge in the middle (against 5 Danubian units). One MI broke pre-shock and 3 more broke as a result of shock combat.

Philotas (momentum) PH attacks were made east and west of the centre pass and 3 more units were broken. Second momentum phase was used for recovery orders.

This was a very eventful turn. 8 LI were routing, along with 2 Macedonian HI. The Phalanx were able to take the centre pass and break the Danubian line in two, but were seriously disrupted (near max cohesion hits) from doing so. Score was 20 RPs for the Macedonians (needing 80 to win).

Turn 5:

Alexander (elite) – Rallied both HI. Phalanx in the centre broke the last MI.

Glaucias (D) east – LI unit (nicknamed the Marshmellows) flank attacked the third HI and routed it.

Clitus (D) west – Ordered long range javelin attacks from the hill.

Arrhibaeus (D) moved to the centre and began rallying the fleeing units, now in the far north. 1 more MI was eliminated in a failed rally attempt. His momentum roll was trumped by Alexander.

Alexander (Trump) – The third HI was rallied. 3 PH were recovered. HC were able to shock attack the Marshmellows in the rear and easily routed them. A routed MI in the centre was eliminated. Alexander failed his momentum roll.

Syrmus (D) and Philotas (M) both performed various rally and recovery orders.

End of turn five saw the Danubians at 40 RPs (halfway to Macedonian Victory)

Turn 6:

Alexander (elite) – The centre ground was truly taken by the Phalanx. But the Danubian Infantry was rallying to the far north (up the valley). The Phalanx moved into a ‘square’ formation with two phalanx on either side and two across the top (north) with some skirmishers in the middle of the protective box. The east and west sides of the box began pushing outwards into the LI flanks (of the broken line). 4 Danubian routs ensued.

Glaucias (D) ordered an attack on the LC in the east (which held its ground as it was protecting a phalanx flank). The LC was broken. An LI was eliminated in a botched rally attempt.

Arrhibaeus (D) began moving the northern rallied units back into the fray. They threw javelins at the PH, but failed to rout them.

Clitus (D) more javelin attacks at the PH, which again shrugged off the cohesion. They were on the verge of breaking, but kept succeeding in their troop quality roles to stay together.

Syrmus (D) ordered a javelin attack on the fleeing Macedonian LC, and eliminated it! The first Macedonian eliminated unit! The Infantry was ordered to try to break the Phalanx, but nothing they tried worked. Syrmus then failed his momentum and had a Crisis of Faith. He withdrew from where he was (in the eastern line) along with 3 LI units. This created a gaping hole in the Danubian Line.

Philotas (M) took advantage of this whole and a HC was charged through it, behind the Danubian lines and it charged down and eliminated a routed unit (with two more nearby!). The three HI were back into the action (after previously being rallied) and they charged two LI on the slope, routing them both. The Phalanx in the centre were involved in shock combat and eliminated one routed LI and routed two others. Philotas failed his momentum roll.

Alexander (M) sensing victory, pushed his units to their cohesive limits. The HC was ordered to charge down and eliminate another LI. The HI in the east eliminated two other units (one which was already routed, and the second which had no retreat path). Two phalanx also eliminated routed MI and LI in shock combat.

The RPs were up to 80 (16 fled units) and the remaining Danubian Triballian Infantry fled the battle.

Victory was Alexander’s. (Only one Macedonian LC was lost).

This battle was very fun, and I look forward to playing it again. Although it is likely we’ll play a different scenario next.
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