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Didier Renard
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Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar Solo+ variant

This variant simulates an artificial opponent, Maya, for solo play. On each turn a die is rolled to determine which actions Maya is taking. She follows special rules to streamline game play while providing solid competition.

You need a 6-sided die to play this solo variant. Set up the game for two players using standard rules, with the following adjustments:
- Maya uses her 4 starting Wealth tiles to determine her positions on technology tracks and temples (ignore resources).
- Maya starts with her 6 workers available. After the standard setup, place one worker on each track, first using the starting tiles. If several tiles provide the same location, draw one at random. Then continue drawing tiles to place the other workers. If you run out of tiles, roll a die for each remaining gear to place a worker on space 1-6.
- Randomly chose the starting player.

Play the game as usual. On Maya's turn roll a die to determine which gears are activated:
1 = Palenque
2 = Yaxchilan
3 = Tikal
4 = Uxmal
5 = Chichen Itza
6 = all gears

The following special rules are used:
- Once a gear is activated, Maya performs the action corresponding to her worker without paying the associated cost (see below if the marker is on the Free choice action spaces). If the worker is not on a numbered space, nothing happens.
- Palenque: Maya first attempts to take a Harvest tile, otherwise a Forest tile, on the selected space or in the next lower one if no tile is available. For spaces 6-7, select the highest action space where any tile is available.
- Yaxchilan: If the worker is on action spaces 4-7, Maya takes a skull (if any remains); otherwise nothing happens.
- Tikal: Roll a die to advance on technology tracks (spaces 1 & 3), to select buildings or monuments (spaces 2 & 4), and advance in temples (spaces 5-7). If the worker is on action space #4, Maya builds two buildings in Age 1 and a monument in Age 2 (if none remains, she builds two buildings).
- Uxlan: Roll a die to advance a temple for space #1 and to select a building for space #4. In action spaces 5-7 Maya takes a skull if she has none; otherwise roll a die to either use Tikal 4 (die roll 1-3) or Tikal 5 (die roll 4-6). Ignore other spaces on this gear.
- Chichen Itza: If Maya has a skull available, place it at the corresponding space or the next lower available if it is already occupied. She can use theology technologies to place a skull on a higher numbered space if possible, and to advance on a temple.

When Maya has taken her actions, she rolls another die to determine if her last (6th) worker is placed on the Starting player space. She does when the number rolled is (strictly) smaller than the number of corns on the Tzolk'in gear. When this happens, put corn tokens back to the bank. At the end of the turn, roll a die to determine if the calendar advances 1 space (die roll 1-3) or 2 spaces (die roll 4-6). Note: standard limitations still apply in that case.

Additional rules:
- Buildings: Apply all benefits except resource gains.
- Monuments: Maya can get a monument whenever you take one. Roll a die to determine which one is taken after you have selected yours.
- Technology tracks: Ignore resource gains.

Food days
Food days are conducted as per normal rules. Maya is not feeding her workers and ignores resource gains except skulls. Scoring occurs normally between the two players.
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