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The only thing I ask my family for on Veteran’s Day is to play a war game with me (any Commands and Colors game) or leave me alone long enough to play a solo game… They chose to let me play solo… They have no idea the fun they missed… The game I played Hunters Over Korea. I own the PDFs so reprinted the game but used the revised board in the Files section (kudos to Matt Gonneau (tincup2) )

I drew an 18 turn Bombing Mission, target Kujang Airfield in North Korea with a secondary target of B5 Fuel Depot in Sain-ni. I also rolled a flight of six F-86’s:
Viking (flight leader), Cowboy, Swede, Mick, Gator and Cajun

0600 Taegu Air Base
We departed from Taegu and headed north into the DMZ
While transiting we took some light ground fire damaging Mick’s plane

0700 DMZ
We refueled at G14 in the northern DMZ gaining 6 turns of fuel (-1VP)
Heading to Kujang we did not have any encounters

0745 Kujang
We locate the airbase at Kujang
While forming up over Kujang Mick’s plane took some vicious AAA causing the plane to crash.
We did see a parachute and radioed in the incident.
Viking also took some minor hits from the AAA but was able to drop four bombs destroying the airfield on the first run with three hits DMG 5/4/3/miss… (+3 VP)

0750 Kujang
Westward to Sain-ni at F5…

0820 Sain-ni
We locate the Fuel Depot at Sain-ni
Alerted from the attack on Kujang the AAA over Sain-ni was thick.
Our flight queued up on the grid with flight leader Viking on point.
Targeting the Fuel Depot B5, AAA peppered the sky scoring hits on Viking and Cowboy, resulting in severe damage to both planes (flip the planes).
Not having any bombs and trailing smoke, Viking screamed in at the target unleashing his six .50cals, scoring 3 hits that yielded 7 damage.
The fuel depot went up in a glorious fireball, smoke quickly obscured the facility. (+3 VP)

0830 Sain-ni
Returning to the flight Viking assessed his damaged plane… still flight worthy.

0900 DMZ
The 30min southward flight to the DMZ was uneventful
We refueled at G14 again (-1VP) in order to make it back to Taegu

Transiting the DMZ, we took some light ground fire but no damage was incurred

1000 Taegu Air Base
By 10a we had all landed safely back in Taegu, minus Mick…

I then calculated the mission results

Recover downed pilot roll:
During his vacation in North Korea Mick miraculously evaded capture and was returned to our squadron

Calculate VP:
-1 VP for the outbound refueling
-1 VP for Mick losing his plane (-2 VP if pilot is not recovered)
+3 VP for destroying the Airfield
+3 VP for destroying the Fuel Depot
-1 VP for the return refueling

The net was +3 VP which yields a successful move on the campaign track

Hunters Over Korea is a gem of a solo game… the only hindrance to me are the poor graphics and rules organization. The PDFs look like they were created by a 6th grader… but don’t let this deter you.
The rules while not looking professional do get the basics across.
I’ve rewritten them to ease my learning and for easier reference.
I can see some opportunities for improving this game but as is the concepts and gameplay are spot on and fun.

The combat sequences are unique and unlike any other game I have played.
Players do not conduct combat in a traditional counter to counter fashion but instead are placed on a grid based on each unit’s combat capabilities. The combat is abstracted but with minimal imagination a rich narrative can be constructed.

If you enjoy solo games and have a desire to conduct air operations in the Korean War, well then, this is your game.
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