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Subject: An amateurish 1st game (5p) rss

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Kirov Ever
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The interesting thing about this 1st game was that each of us 5 players were strong in our right, were threatening by apparently leading at times, and must have done stuff right - but it did not translate to winning the game.

Blue - Gamemaster and owner of the game. Taught us the rules. Pretty anal about how the workers were faced up (master or not). Must've been traumatized by master workers once.

Yellow (winner) - Was somewhat familiar with the game sometime back. Only player to have master workers. Could have been a couple of them.

White - Resource b*tch as he seemed to be always rich. Either in gold or resources.

Red - Guild spammer as she spent a lot of her time building the guilds.

Purple (me) - Tower spammer. One of the fastest people to place down buildings.

I thought I had things going for myself (purple) as I had plenty of cheap buildings in the beginning. Towers and Inns. And I kept drawing Towers and buying up Towers if they're revealed. These Towers and Inns allowed me cheaper Gnomes and Workers at one coin apiece. I could have had the game had it not been for lack of early momentum. Ironically it was how the turn orders per round were arranged (what one could or could not do). To even use the discount for recruiting worker, one had to place down the building first, then one had to buy the gnome, in the action phase, but only during the placement phase IN THE NEXT ROUND could you use that building ability.

Mistake: Perhaps I should have placed the Inn first. I placed the Tower first as it generated a gold, and gave a huge discount for Gnomes (1 gold vs 3 gold). Which was tempting. But then you could only use it on the next turn!

Which meant that by the time I got to use the Inn's ability it would have been on next rounds. So Inns should have been bought first. And hence it proves that the best early move was to recruit more workers at two gold apiece. I though I could put that off for another time since I had my Inn. But depending on how you defined strategy, the game was more tactics than strategy. It doesn't reward long term decisions (strategy) but quick decisions (tactics) which translated to early momentum.

I admittedly went light on resources because of the Bandits' Guild which caused every player to panic about being stolen from. I chose to go gold instead. My favorite Guild was the blue one which gave a discount for placing down buildings. However Red was pretty annoying (in general) and either stole from us, built Guilds so we had to pay her, took the Guilds we wanted. From mid game onwards she decided to place on my favorite Blue Guild and I was forced to take her Bandits' Guild. Pretty annoying player but her personality was, unlike her playstyle, not annoying though.

White was the player who was rich most of the game. We did not know what he was doing. He was hoarding resources (this ain't Power Grid). He probably wanted to place down expensive buildings. Even then this ain't Citadels and IIRC buildings either gave 1 gold or none despite the building requirements. In the later game he used the red Guild (which swapped building locations) and completely took over my district. His personality was unlike his playstyle though. In person he isn't a prick.

Mistake: Earlier on I had three buildings on one district. I probably should have spread out. Wasn't paying attention to the majority thingy in the scoring phase. White took over that district by the end game.

Despite annoying Red and White sabotaging my efforts, none of us 3 won. Red was in last place the whole game and could not surpass me (Purple was second to last). Caught up in the last moment when I realized she was vying for worker majority and used my Towers and Inns to catch up on worker count in the late game. Just to avoid in time the embarrassment of last place.

The toss up was really between Blue and Yellow who were 1st and 2nd (later becoming 2nd and 1st).

Yellow was constantly mind gaming people against the resource stealer (Bandits' Guild) and mind gaming the stealer to steal from anyone but himself. Also mind gaming people to not change the turn order, saying how going 1st has no real advantage, etc. Was pretty much mind gaming the whole time, lamenting on his lack of early momentum but winning in the end.

Pretty confusing thing in the game was passing the Placement turn and deciding which workers to put on which resource. There were plenty of retracted moves and people kept changing their minds after their turns. While learning the rules my initial evaluation was get workers -> get resources -> build. But after the first session it became forget about anything else just spam workers -> there is no time for strategy -> early momentum is crucial.

Found each single round too long and draggy, yet too few rounds existed to allow comebacks and catching up. You can only spam workers and that's the only way to catch up.

I was to learn to play Delphi on the next day. Yellow (different player this time) would go on to win again.
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