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Subject: Help! Losing very quickly (possible spoilers) rss

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Help! I am losing after 2 turns and feel maybe I am missing something - if not... What I am doing wrong?

Here's a blow by blow account.. (Spoilers to the objective of the second campaign mission below)

First game went ok, was quite good fun, so I tried the second.

You have to “collect” 6 cultist cards into your victory area before the doom runs out – a total of 6 doom (you get one added per turn)
It takes 2 clues to spawn a cultist from the 5 card cultist deck, with the other apparently somewhere in the main deck.

Playing solo

First turn –
Action 1 - move to an area, flip it – it has two clues added to it
Action 2 – Spend 1 resource to add an asset into play, which increases my book (investigate) skill
Action 3 – Investigate – gain 2 clues
Free – Spend the 2 clues as per the Act to spawn the first Cultist from the Cultist deck
Spawn a nurse of some sort, card says Spawns in the hospital (2 cards away from me).
Card says “Successfully Evade to add this card to your victory pile”.

Reset phase – pull a new card and a new resource token.
Pull Treachery Card – “Put this into play, each time you earn a clue, instead remove a clue from this card (total of 3 clues)”

Turn 2
Mythos Phase
Add a doom token to the Agenda
Pull a Weakness card – “If there is a cultist in play, add 3 doom to the card”.

(Now up to 4 doom tokens)

Action 1 – move once
Action 2 – move again (now in room with cultist)
(their evade is 5, my running symbol is 2,and I have 2 more in my hand).
Action 3 – Evade – pull a -2, fail

Monster Phase
Monster attacks – I am down to half horror

Upkeep Phase

Turn 3
Mythos Phase
Add a doom (now up to 5)
Pull a card – monster spawns, goes into threat area

Action 1 – Play a card – for this turn all book can be used as run (agility?)
Action 2 – Evade again – pull a -4, fail
Action 3 - … Realise that if I manage to evade, I will die next turn to the monster in the room. If I fight the monster and win the cultist will kill me. If I run away to another room the Doom will kill me in the mythos phase.

This is 3 turns into the game.

So, what I am doing wrong here? Cos at the moment I'm not really enjoying this

Many thanks!
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Jonatan Rueløkke
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Hi Kniknax

So first of all the mistakes you made in terms of rules that i quickly saw, is that it is not a free action to spawn a cultist, it actually costs an action. That in fact makes it even harder. Also the doom added is only 2 as far as i remember. And the last thing is that the card you played in your third turn does not in fact cost an action since it is fast.

However in terms of strategic choices ill put the rest in spoilers.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Midnight Masks is all about managing the board and trying to do as well as possible. You gotta realise from the start that getting all 6 cultists is near to impossible.

Once you got that under your skin, the next part is how do you control the board. First of all wasting time trying to evade the nurse with Roland Banks is maybe not the best idea. Since Roland is a combat beast, your best bet when playing solo is to build up before spawning cultists, thereby getting ready to take out cultists by killing them instead of doing the things they require.

I would in this encounter right of the bat get a weapon out. This is so i could quickly take out any creature that accumulates doom, and thereby giving myself more rounds.

Secondly by trying to evade the nurse, which will be next to impossible as roland, you let her hit you and that makes you take damage.

In general your problem is that you try to force a test with very small outcome probability instead you should have gotten a weapon out very first thing, so that once you spawn the Nurse you would easily be able to take her out.
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Roland M
Makati City
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I don't think you'll lose just because of doom on Scenario 2 Agenda 1. Then again, you can just resign and move on.
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There's a lot to pick apart here! It might get a bit messy, but I'll just try to type observations / clarifications / tips step by step, so apologies if I miss anything or get turned around.

SPOILERS ABOUND, retreat if you've not touched scnario 2 yet.

-- First you mention "have to collect" which isn't quite accurate. You're tasked with finding as many of the six as you can before time runs out. Getting all six is *very* difficult. Note that in the Agenda you have a permanent "[arrow trigger action]: Resign." A tip here - Grab as many as you can to best of your capability and then bounce.

-- Doom doesn't 'run out' at a value of 6, it just advances the Agenda to the second card. Not saying you'll enjoy what happens at that point, but don't think of the scenario as a flat "I have to find all these cultists before six doom tokens are drawn."

-- First turn, actions 2 and 3, it looks like you play Magnifying Glass for the +1 and you committed the Deduction card for the extra clue. No mistakes to point out here, just a "nice! "

-- Your first cultist is the mortician ('nurse'). A word on the Cultists: There are two ways you can 'interrogate' most of them (add them to the victory pile for scenario objective purposes): If the card text describes some cost or requirement to place them in the VP, there's one option. The mortician has something like "if evaded, add to VP." This is not good for Roland! He has crap Agility and this enemy has a high Evade difficulty. The other, always available, option to add to Victory Pile is to fight them and defeat them. The mortician is arguably a bad cultist pull for Roland, but you do still have the option to just beat her up.

-- You then draw into your unique weakness. Ouch! Important clarification here. You typed, "each time you earn a clue, instead remove a clue from this card." This isn't quite accurate. Dealing with this unique weakness is optional. When you would gain a clue as per normal rules on a location, you *may* - as a reaction to gaining that clue - instead remove 1 clue from the weakness, ignoring the clue at the location.

-- Turn 2, I don't *think* there is an Encounter card which adds 3 doom. There's Mysterious Chanting, which adds 2 doom to a cultist, or spawns one if no cultist is available. I think at this point, if I'm following along correctly, you've counted doom 1 over the correct amount.

-- Turn 2, you try to pass the Evasion attempt versus the mortician, hoping to add to victory pile. As mentioned, very difficult check for Roland with his bad Agility and her high difficulty check versus evasion.

-- Turn 2 monster phase, you say you're down to half sanity. Nothing you've described in the game thus far has dealt horror! The mortician deals one damage (the physical health stat) per attack. I wonder if you're looking at her combat value (3) and thinking this is the damage you take to both health and sanity?

-- And at that point I think it's a couple more instances of the same, plus you realising that you won't survive if you carry on. "If I run away to another room the Doom will kill me in the mythos phase." Again, nope. You'll just advance the Agenda.

All in all, I think you had some poor luck in those opening turns, but there's definitely some mistakes and misunderstandings (leading to misplays) being applied too that are devastating your chances at anything like a victory.
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Thank you for all your help and advice. Very detailed. I will try again and apply what you have said.

Appreciate your time.
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