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Subject: Banishment card game Kickstarter launch rss

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Jonathan Durnford
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Our unholy plans have finally come to fruition. Our Kickstarter, like an ancient, unknowable god, has risen!

Kickstarter running until 14th December 2016

In Banishment, one player takes on the role of an accursed Demon, and the rest are Exorcists trying to banish them. This is a fast, highly interactive card game involving strategic thinking and eternal damnation.

Each game lasts about 15-20 minutes. Suitable for 2-5 players.

At the beginning of the game, Rituals are pulled from the Ritual deck with requirements written on them. When the Exorcists meet the requirements of a Ritual, it is resolved. When all are resolved, the Demon is cast back into the darkness from whence it came and the Exorcists win.

At the beginning of each of the Demon's turns, they increase their Demon Dice by one. If it reaches 10, they break into our reality, drag the Exorcists' souls screaming down into hell... and win the game.

Exorcists are less powerful than the Demon and must work together to complete the Rituals. They will need to choose between using their cards as components to complete the Rituals directly or using the abilities on their cards to protect themselves against the Demon and buy more time.

Embrace your dark side and pledge your your souls (and funds) to the Dark One's infernal cause today!
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Brendan Riley
United States
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Nos operamur, te ludere
"Life is more fun if you play games." - Roald Dahl
I think you'll get more traction here if you post your rule book as well as any independent reviews you've cultivated. Good luck!
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Kim Larking
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Hi Brendan,

I'm the other designer involved in Banishment, and I'm happy to post the rules up for you. Just be aware the wording of the instructions will very probably change before we print the final copies.


Banishment is a 2-5 player asymmetrical, semi-cooperative card game about exorcism. Each game runs for about 10-20 minutes.

One player is designated the Demon. The rest are Exorcists.

Ensure cards have been separated into three decks: Ritual, Demon, Exorcist. Each deck has its own discard pile. If a deck runs out of cards during the game, shuffle its discard pile into the deck.

Draw cards from the Ritual deck and place them face up into play until there are Rituals equal to the number of players plus one. For example, five Rituals for a four player game. Set the Demon Dice to 1. Each player draws three cards from their deck.

The Demon, who is trying to break into the mortal world, wins if the Demon Dice reaches ten. The Exorcists, who are trying to stop the Demon, win if all Rituals in play are resolved.

The player to go first is the Exorcist with the most experience playing Banishment. The last player must be the Demon.

Exorcist turns
1. Draw an Exorcist card.
2. Perform one of the following actions:
a.) Play a card. Perform the actions written on the card, then place it into the discard pile.
b.) Place a card onto a Ritual to meet that Ritual's requirements. This is referred to as placing a component on a Ritual.
c.) Do nothing.

Resolving Rituals
Exorcist cards placed onto Rituals are referred to as components. Components remain attached to the Ritual until something causes them to be discarded. When all requirements for the Ritual have been met, the Ritual is resolved. Discard all components attached to it and turn it face down.

Demon turn
1. Increase the Demon Dice by 1.
2. Draw 2 Demon cards.
3. Play a card or draw a Demon card.
4. Play a card or draw a card again.
Note: Some cards can be played at any time, even in other players' turns. It will say so on the card if this is possible. This will not count towards the number of actions you may play each turn.

The above instructions are for the 4-player variant. The 3-player variant is exactly as outlined above, except that the Demon draws one card each turn instead of two. In the 5-player variant, the Demon draws one extra card per turn.

For the 2-player variant, both players are Exorcists. At the end of the turn, they must choose and play a Demon card. They must choose how it resolves.

Produced by Dark Mirror Games

As for reviews, the closest we have are a couple of mentions in local media outlet GameCloud - we haven't printed enough copies of prototypes to send out to professional reviewers. I hope this is close enough to what you are looking for.
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