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Episode 77 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Tuesday, November 15th & Wednesday, November 16th

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Finally! Back amongst the living! I really took my time to recover this time around, because I can’t keep on getting sick. So missed a lot of projects, but yeah.. Life happens. Anyway, even though my voice is not at 100% yet, here are the games that will end their Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday, November 15th & Wednesday, November 16th.


Dark Skies 1942:
The first Miniature Project is Dark Skies 1942. An alternative history air-battle miniature game (which is played on different altitudes) with very, VERY cool looking airplane miniatures (not to mention the Huge battleships). A Two player starter set will cost you 134 EUR.

Relicblade - Bone & Darkness:
The Relicblade expansion Bone & Darkness is finishing a very successful campaign, doubling its initial funding target. New adventures and new miniatures can be yours for this fast paced skirmisher. Combination pledges so please check it out for yourself!

Soldurios & Nanotech Warriors:
Lonnie Jones’ little Soldurios & Nanotech soldiers are also successful this time around. These are incredibly detailed for 6mm soldiers and I suggest you go check them out! You can pledge for all kinds of combinations so check it out!

Frazetta’s Masterpieces - Death Dealer:
And the final miniatures project is the Death Dealer. If you haven’t checked out this incredible sculpt, I suggest you go do so now, because it looks sooo darn good! It has a great backstory as well, which you can read on the campaign page. The death Dealer is available in several different scales starting at 25 EUR.


Payoff Pitch Baseball - 2016 Season:
Board games! Or actually a new card set for the Payoff Pitch Baseball game. The 2016 season is coming to the tables! It’s 44 USD.

Card Games:

Knights of Camelot:
Card Games! First Knights of Camelot. Get everything out of the way between you and an empty throne. Bluff your way through the game to get the support of the Knights of the round table. Knights of camelot 10 GBP.

Windup War:
Next, Windup War. When you are asleep this war between your toys breaks out. Take your faction to the tabletop (and beyond) and program your toys to duke it out in a cute looking card game. It’s 16 USD.

Spires just made it’s 20K funding target. Build towers as high as you can, but don’t make it too high because the king would not like a tower higher than his. This very pretty card game is 15 USD for a standard and 20 for a deluxe version.

Witch Slapped:
Next, Witch Slapped. There’s only room for one witch in the woods and you’re trying to be it. Throw down and cast your spells to secure yourself your little place in the woods. Witch slapped is 18 USD.

Godforsaken Scavengers:
And the final project is Godforsaken Scavengers. A very dark, but cool-looking unforgiving dungeon crawler, inspired by Lovecraftian horror. Try to survive the different areas by pushing your luck and being a real menace to your oppionents. Godforsaken Scavengers is 15 USD.
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