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Subject: Mixing Climate with Flight - An Attempt rss

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Bob Horton
United Kingdom
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DISCLAIMER (so Dom doesn't panic)
I am well aware that the Climate and Flight expansions aren't supposed to be played together as it creates imbalance, but since my group aren't too worried about stuff like that, we thought we'd give it a go

How we did it
We used all of the trait cards from climate, including all of the promo pack 3 traits, as well as all of the trait and carnivore cards from the Flight expansion. This created a deck of 267 cards, which following the guidance in the rulebook and extrapolating, was precisely the right amount of cards for 7 players (the number we played with).

We agreed that any modifications to the watering hole food caused by the climate would also apply to the cliff, to prevent birds having an advantage during extreme climates (they don't tend to in reality), also any climate event card effects (such as Wildfire) would also apply to avian species, but otherwise we ran with it like this.

I also discovered afterwards that we were playing the climate track wrong: moving the marker a number of spaces according to how much one side won each round (eg 5 suns and 3 snowflakes resulted in a shift of 2 warmer) but players seemed ok with this and were happy to keep it as a house rule in future.

How it Panned Out
It should be noted that 4 of the 7 players had never played before, and one of the other players had only played once, so our strats were probably decidedly amateur
The game lasted 6 rounds. Because there were 7 players, there was an abundance of food in the watering hole for most of the game, which resulted in very few Carnivores (only 2 over the whole game, both by the same player who just kept getting dealt carnivore traits). The winning player had one foraging long necker protected by defensive herding and warning call on his other species (a bird). The climate track didn't move much despite the mistake in how we played it, only going to Scorching once (which still didn't empty the WH). But the greater variablity in the climate track meant there were multiple climate events (2 volcanoes and a wildfire), something I don't really see happening often in standard play. Most common traits used were Long Neck, Foraging, Fertile, Defensive Herding & Scavenger (as you'd probably expect from a not-particularly-defensive game), and climate traits tended not to be used (though this may be a side-effect of how we played the climate, as there was no planning for it). All in all, a great time was had by everyone, and we bow to the superiority of the screeching bird. Winner ended on 52, second and third were 47 and 41 respectively, lowest score was 18 (though it should be noted Wildfire killed off most things on the last round).

Does anyone have any suggestions for introducing the flight traits into the climate game? I think we have a reasonable starting point here (though I fully expect Dom to accurately predict the resulting meta within my group based on the imbalances ) but any suggestions/other people's experiences would be welcome I was thinking of maybe adding some more Carnivore cards from the base game, since the addition of the promo pack traits diluted the carnivore presence somewhat.

Last Word
Trample is my new favourite trait - whoever came up with that is an evil genius! laugh
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Dominic Crapuchettes
United States
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We're going to need a bigger disclaimer. I still panicked!
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