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Episode 83 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Tuesday, November 15th (since Sunday, November 13th).

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Alright, at last a first Roll podcast again. Been a while with being sick and all, but we’re back! Normally this episode is sponsored by the Role Playing Game Pick of the Week, courtesy of Dark Naga Adventures (www.darknaga.com) but I haven’t seen Kickstarter all week, so just shout-out to Dark Naga Adventures!

Anyway, here are the New games on Kickstarter since I believe it was Sunday.


The Roots of Magic:

One miniatures project today and it’s The Roots of Magic Miniature Game. Select your Wizard, determine your rivals, and then duel to the death to demonstrate your superiority wielding the Roots of Magic! Pledges start at 8 GBP for one model and go on from there, the entire set of 8 will cost you 60.
Ends 12-14


Clash D’Ardeche:
Boardgames! First, Clash D’Ardeche is back! The game where you are competing in a race to get the best camping ground near the beautiful river Ardeche. Bluff, Bribe and other tactics are at your disposal in this dog-eat-dog industry. Clash D’Ardeche is 29 EUR.
Ends 12-15

Next, Shadowscape. A game of strategic movement, smart tableau building and hand management, played on a randomized board and set in the Mistfall Universe. There’s a very good-looking set of miniatures to be added on as well, if you really want to bring this game to life! Shadowscape is 34 for the core game or 57 if you want those miniatures.
Ends 12-09

Abandon Planet:
And There’s Abandon Planet. A smart party game for 4-8 players about building rockets and escaping the meteor apocalypse. A game about survival, betrayal, and fragile alliances in the moments before Earth is annihilated. Abandon Planet is 45 USD.
Ends 12-15

Other board games new on kickstarter are:

Co-op the Co-op Game:
Co-op. A cooperative game where you must save the Co-Op from the evil Mondomart. It’s 28 USD.
Ends 12-18

Glory Gears:
And if you’re into cycling, go Check out Glory Gears. It’s 45 USD.
Ends 12-16

Card games:

Robots Love Ice Cream:
Card Games! Robots Love Ice Cream is back! Two years have gone by since the first campaign and now 25th Century Games is trying it again. A Cute, Family friendly co-op game for 1-4 players where you must collect sets of weaponized ice cream to defeat Spinston & save the galaxy. It’s 6 USD for a PNP and 18 for a physiocal copy.
Ends 12-15

Kingdom Duel:
Another relaunch, albeit a lot sooner on its original campaign is Kingdom Duel. A very cool-looking pixel-art card game where 2 players use a group of fantasy heroes like paladin, mage, thief and archer, to destroy his opponent. Kingdom Duel is 5 USD for a PNP and 30 for a boxed copy.
Ends 12-15


Next, Banishment. An asymmetrical, semi-cooperative card game about exorcism. One player takes on the role of an accursed Demon, and the rest are Exorcists trying to banish them. It’s a fast, highly interactive card game involving strategic thinking and eternal damnation. Banishment is 10 AUD for a PNP and 25 for the boxed game.
Ends 12-14

A Quick overview of the other new card games:

Thor - The Metal Avenger:

Battle of the Electric Vikings is getting its first officially licensed expansion pack called ‘Thor - The Metal Avenger’. It’s 6 USD for an expension and there’s options for the base game and the other expansions as well.
Ends 12-14

Neo Miners:
Neo Miners is a card game where players practice resource management through asteroid mining, however, space can be dangerously unpredictable. It’s 25 USD.
Ends 12-14

For Want of a Nail:

In For want of a Nail you must command armies of knights, Ents and Zombies. A fantasy game all about war, but also for all ages! It’s 5 USD for a PNP and 25 for a physical copy.
Ends 12-15

Circles of Imora:
And the Final card game is Circles of Imora. A brand new Trading Card Game where you must construct an army for survival in the world of Imora. Pledges start at 25 SFR.
Ends 12-15

Role Playing Games:

Places by the Way:
Two RPG’s this time, the first one being Places by the Way by Douglas Sun. This already funded campaign brings a series of short location and/or adventure modules for D&D 5E. Each entry in the series will consist of two versions sold separately but similar in content. One version will be set in the Forgotten Realms; as such it will be sold exclusively through the Dungeon Master’s Guild. The other version assumes a generic setting and complies with WotC’s Open Game License. In any case pledges start at 25USD.
Ends 12-14

Limitless Encounters Vol. 1:
And the other RPG, and final project of the day is ‘Limitless Encounters, Volume 1’. It is a collection of the first 15 limitless encounter products an it will feature over 150 full encounters in 12 different settings for D&D 5th Edition. Combine that with Stat Blocks, treasures and over 450 writing prompts and you’ll have a collection that will guide your game forward for many a game night. This 200+ page book will be 20 for a PDF and softcover versions start at 25 USD.
Ends 12-14
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