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Subject: Captain's Log: Date unknown rss

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Prefaced by Captain's Journal Entry ? :

I have recently been on the search for rewarding solo experiences in board games. During my numerous visits to that bastion of individual yet shared experiences - the 1 Player Guild- one name kept popping up. It was at times spoken with enthusiasm and at times with uncertainty. In the unguarded discussions of those known as Redditors, this game would oft be mentioned. "Try Deep Space D-6" they would reply to requests for recommending solo games. Deep Space D-6? The name was suggestive of bowing completely to the whims of randomness; and therefore initially unappealing. Yet after failed attempts to locate a retail copy of recently released games, my thoughts began to return to Deep Space.

Inquiries revealed the game to be a successful Kickstarter release, with no retail versions available. Such was my luck regarding board games recently. And yet, before the Kickstarter, it had been a free PnP game. Was it possible that the designer was generous enough to have left those files available for posterity? The record suggested that the gentleman in question had indeed been so kind, and within a span of 24 hours, I had a hastily assembled version of the game in my possession.
After putting the young one to bed and with my wife busy with her sketches, I laid out the game pieces on my dining table. There were not many of these, and only the supplied diagram of a seemingly obsolete space ship appeared worthy of remark. I confess that I did not even bother to learn the name of this vessel. Yet armed as I was with enthusiasm and imagination, I allowed it to carry me and my crew to the far reaches of space. Our destination: a distress beacon whose signal had recently been detected on the nearest star base scanners.

Archival data from Ship's Log

Space, it turns out, is rather more inhospitable than one would like to think. Man is not the only one to explore the vast unknown. Other beings, whose complete capabilities we are not yet aware of, have organised themselves into military structures similar to our own and are attempting to establish their influence. My first contact with these beings was brief and brutal. I ran afoul of a Flagship carrying their equivalent of an Admiral. The massive ship combined with its intercepters and aided by unforeseen space anomalies, was successful in swiftly bringing down our ship. My second attempt to help whomever had sent the distress call was similarly unsuccessful. That we had been ambushed was clear to me now; yet I had not anticipated that the opposing force would hire mercenaries and pirates to augment their strength. For the second and indeed a third time, I ran afoul of the cards. It also seemed that the dice, presumably invented to perpetuate one's frustration, were not willing to cooperate.

The time when I am normally abed was drawing nigh. I was tired of constant defeat. And here, I am ashamed to admit dear reader, I decided to trim the deck. I rationalized that I was a mere Captain and the presence of an enemy Flagship to ensure a successful ambush was illogical. Furthermore, the robots on our ships were capable of much more loyalty than they were given credit for. And so my next engagement was fought without these 2 burdens.

There were many hazards, from corsairs to meteorites, from battleships to malfunctions within our ship. But there were also many false alarms. The dice were finally kind and the cards seemed to realise our need for respite. And so, after a furious 20 minutes, battered but not yet broken, that unnamed vessel managed to carry our crew out of the ambush and back to a friendly star base.

I have heard that there are other ships in the fleet, including those that are more focused on mounting an effective offense. If the opportunity presents itself, we would not decline a ship with better armament. But for now, we travel through the galaxy with the relic provided to us, furthering its history.
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Darryel C.
United States
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You can preorder through online game stores like or - though I don't have a clue when it will hit the stores.

Another similar game is Star Trek Five Year Mission, currently available if you like the theme. I missed the kickstarter too, but like yourself found Tony Go's files here.
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