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Hi guys, I am creating a script that I am trying to play with a few buddies of mine. Most concerned about the balancing of the script. So feel free to give me some comments about it, especially when it comes to balancing. Do also give a little opinion about how difficult is this script and how many loops there should be.

By the way, I also have some theories of my own script that I have written at the bottom, so feel free to reflect on my theories as well.

No. of days 6
No. of Loops : (my estimation) 4 maybe 5

Day 1: /
Day 2: /
Day 3: Butterfly Effect
Day 4: Hospital Incident
Day 5: Murder
Day 6: /

Spoiler (click to reveal)

No. of days 6
No. of Loops : (my estimation) 4 maybe 5

Main Plot: The Sealed Item
Subplot A: Unknown Factor X
Subplot B: A Love Affair

Day 3: Butterfly Effect (Boy Student)
Day 4: Hospital Incident (Girl Student)
Day 5: Murder (Nurse)

Shine Maiden: Person
Alien: Person

Boy Student: Person
Girl Student: Factor
Rich Man’s Daughter: Cultist

Office Worker: Lover
Boss: Person (Turf: School)
Pop Idol: Brain

Doctor: Person
Nurse: Loved One

My theory about my script is:

Spoiler (click to reveal)

- The boss does little but be a scapegoat for the cultist ability.
- The butterfly effect is not meant to do much but to cause a distraction (during the first loop or two) making the Protagonists think the main plot is Change of Future
- When the Protagonist do try to use Girl student to stop butterfly effect they may mistake Girl Student as Cultist
- Originally I was planning to use boy student as cultist, but then I realise it will be way to hard to prevent Hospital incident, therefore I used Rich Man's Daughter instead.

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