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False accusations are a big no-no anywhere, and often it's done to discredit something or someone.

Case in point, a specific individual has accused any and all future Leader titles to be Thunderbolt-Apache Leader clones because he didn't like Tiger Leader. Close, but no cigar. B-17 Flying Fortress Leader (Which is due to be finished at the Printer sometime soon) is more of a strategic bombing campaign title akin to Hornet Leader, while U-Boat and Gato Leader are more or less submarine warfare titles. And of all three of the currently-announced upcoming Leader titles (Israeli Air Force Leader, Sherman Leader and Huey Leader), Israeli Air Force Leader is nothing of the sort. Heck, it wasn't meant to be as such before, and it's not going to be one now!
I've got actual proof that is from DVG's FACEBOOK and Kickstarter pages. Not to mention I helped contribute to the project on Facebook, by reviewing all the little fine historical details and suggesting components like certain Sites, Bandits, Campaigns and even Standalone missions like Operation Opera!

First, IAFL has Campaign Sheets, NOT Campaign Cards nor any Situation Cards. I cannot stress this enough that this game is more AKIN to Hornet Leader and Phantom Leader than TAL!
The Invasion Track symbolizes the progress of the Enemies of Israel, ever so eager to remove the Land of Zion and Jerusalem off the map. The track goes right anytime an Invasion Target comes into play. Destroy these kinds of Targets with all haste, or risk losing your homeland altogether!

Now, we come to the Target Board. Does this look like ANYTHING OF TAL TO YOU?!

Look at this Pilot Card, it shows the Aircraft alone! See? More like HLCAO and PL than TAL. Proof's in the pudding again!

More proof that destroys any arguments about IAFL being a TAL clone. This isn't a Battalion Card, it's more like the Target Cards from HLCAO and PL! Plus, there're two things that are new that no one's ever seen before... Different Hit numbers in different decades and the Escalation Trait! [discussed below]

And now, here we have the effect of destroying a Target with the aforementioned Escalation trait... Draw an Escalation Card! You'll face biased and unjustified repercussions from the UN like this Prolonged Campaign. Not to mention, that the Escalation Trait will often pop up with Targets that have juicy Victory Point values. So it's Risk and Reward, you see.

Here is one feature that will not only make IAFL stand out from the crowd, but also innovate the series as a whole: Pilot Skills and Traits! So much so that DVG plans to incorporate this system into previous, present and upcoming entries!

And feast your eyes on the new Track Record Sheet!

Check this out, boys and girls... A hypothetical Campaign featuring Desert Storm! It'd be interesting to see what happens if the Arabic/Islamic world allowed Israel to fight alongside the Coalition against Iraq in 1991.

And what could be the toughest Campaign in the Flight Leader series as a whole: 2020 Middle Eastern Invasion! The Arabic/Islamic world is out for Israeli blood, and will stop at nothing until Israel ceases to exist! And it's up to you to stop their invasion once and for all... Or prepare to, die trying.

There you have it folks, IAFL is a Flight Leader akin to Hornet Leader Carrier Air Operations or Phantom Leader... Not a CAS Leader game like Thunderbolt-Apache Leader. My apologies for any crass remarks or outbursts through this post.

And hopefully, it'll convince people on the fence that giving money to this game's KS is worth it. For more information, check DVG's Facebook page and IAFL's KS page!

Credit to Dan Verssen Games' Facebook page and IAFL's Kickstarter Page

EDIT: The Skills List is Now Complete! Now the KS just needs to break $25K!

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