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I backed this on KS, and having received it was really impressed with the production quality and I was keen to play it. However for various reasons I haven’t been able to get it to a games table with a group of people, and I really wanted to try it out, so I developed some solo rules.

Same as for a normal game, but only use the treasure, treasure chests, sword, shields, and the various dragon action cards.

Don’t use the Crown, Sceptre, Cloak or the 6 player cards

Make sure there are no ‘Eeek!’ wake the dragon cards in the 12 set out around the sleeping dragon

Deal 5 cards as a starting to hand yourself. If there are any ‘Eeek!’ wake the dragon cards then immediately place them in the discard pile (but they are still in the game)


On your turn you have 3 options:
1)Roll the dice as normal, then pick up the card you land on. Replace it with a card from the draw pile, but look at it first. If you draw an Eeek card then place it on the discard pile and draw another card. The Eeek card has no effect
2) Play treasures in front of you, as per the normal rules
3) Play a ‘Ssshh!’ Or a ‘Choice’ card to put the dragon to sleep. In this case place the card on the discard pile, not in front of you

At the end of your turn, it’s the dragon’s turn. Reveal the top card and place it on the discard pile.

1) If it’s an ‘Eeek!’ Or ‘Choice’ card, wake one section of the dragon card
2) If it’s a sword, the dragon steals a set of treasures placed in front of you, unless you can counter that move with a shield. If the set is stolen then remove the treasures from play but put the sword on the discard pile. The dragon takes the lowest value pile, if 2 piles have the same score then the you choose which one the dragon takes.
3) If it is any other card, simply place it on the discard pile, it has no impact.

Treasure chests are played in the normal way, if you place one in front of you as part of a set then awaken a section of dragon. If a dragon turns over a treasure chest, put it on the discard pile.

Once the Draw pile is depleted, shuffle and reuse the discard pile.

Play continues until the dragon awakes.


Tot up your score for the cards in front of you. Do NOT reduce your score for any cards left in your hand.

The dragon will always awake eventually, so there is no winner as such, you are simply trying to get as high a score as possible.

As a benchmark, after a few plays I managed to score 21 points. Feel free to post your scores below if you better that.

I am not pretending that is the deepest solo experience ever, but it’s a good way to learn the game and give your brain a bit of a stretch!
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Will try it later
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Tim Kings-Lynne
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hey this is cool!

great to see you having fun with the game, even when you can't get the group together!

Will try out your solo build soon

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