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Today's Active Members:

Sir Percival Percival (valianttimdjango)
Xanamane The Great (adularia25)
Seidel Kraut (Jormi_Boced)
Meshell Heelbeck (Corps_of_Oa)
'Head-Shot' Feggins (MrFeggins)
McFearsom The Mad (Woopike)
Marius Rothenburg (Astartus)


Warband Status
Warband Rating: 922 (Enemy 1004/Brutal!)
Current Gold: 501
Current Wyrdstone: 375 Weight
Wyrdstone Shipment Request: None


Scenario Summary

'Shh!... Did you hear that?', Meshell asks the others. Feggins and Marius jump down from the Cart and take a few steps forwards where they freeze as the Ravens all stop loading the cart and listen to the eerie silence of the ruins. We've been looting an area of the Merchant District that belongs to The Reikharts Reavers, a rival Mercenary gang.

A number of the Ravens had got into a bar fight with the Reavers only a few nights back after their Captain, Maro Von Mirellasohn, insulted Marius's missing arm. In the fight Marius broke Maro's nose and when the watch came and separated us out Maro and Marius spent the night in lockup, threatening and cursing each other. It came as no surprise then that when the vote came for where to go for the week many of the Ravens singled out the Reavers territory, wanting to teach Maro and the Reavers Warband a lesson about what happens to those who oppose the Ravens!

After a few seconds they hear the noise again- voices shouting to each other out in the dark. It must be the Reavers, and they know we are here!

The Ravens all deploy as one from our Wagon!

Turn 1
'Right! One more sweep of the ruins good fellows, and then I think we shall be departing', says Sir Percival, shoeing the Ravens back out towards the darkness.

Xanamane, Seidel, Feggins and McFearsom head North from our cart up the street towards a large open square. Xanamane stops to collect a large Cluster of Wyrdstone from among the rubble.

Seidel, Xanamane, Feggins and McFearsom head up the street looking for trouble!

Percival, Marius and Meshell head into the nearest building. Inside Meshell heads upstairs as Percival and Marius turn over the downstairs rooms. Percival kicks over a collapsed table to find an intact casket. Inside is a Fine Shield and some Fine Clothing. He packs them up and moves on.

Percival finds a couple of Fine Quality items!

Marius also finds more Fine Clothing which he collects. Meshell reaches the upstairs landing and walks out onto a catwalk that stretches across the street above Xanamane and the others and into the buildings opposite. She stops midway to watch over the Ravens as they advance.

Turn 2
As Xanamane's group reaches the edge of the square another figure appears from the streets on the other side. It's the Reaver's Youngblood, no more then lad the same as Seidel. 'I found them!', he shouts back, 'It's The Ravens of VGG!'. The Youngblood runs forwards eager to attack us. McFearsom and Feggins look at each other and chuckle. They raise their weapons and fire. Xanamane focuses his energies and throws out a bolt of dazzling light as Meshell joins them from the catwalk above. The Youngblood is peppered with shots, an arrow and a flash of light as the Ravens blast him!




And Meshell pummel the Youngblood with shots!

Another Reaver emerges from the same street as the Youngblood, its a Warlock, his hand already held high and charging a spell. He throws a Blinding Light back at us, dazzling everyone but McFearsom! McFearsom finishes reloading and shoots again, knocking the enemy Youngblood to the ground.

McFearsom gets another shot off as the other Ravens reel from the enemy's Blinding Light spell!

Another enemy jumps down from a window just to their left into the streets below out of sight. Looks like this will be over quickly- the Reavers are moving in fast!

Percival unashamedly ignores the commotion and continues looking for loot. After all, its the job of the common rabble to keep the enemy occupied! Marius runs out and follows up behind the others, eager to help his comrades.

Seidel, still half blind from the enemy spell runs forward to take advantage of McFearsom's shot and finish off the stunned Youngblood. Unfortunately the Warlock blindsides him, whacking him around the face with his Staff causing Seidel to spit blood as he reels away!

Seidel tries to charge the other Youngblood but is caught out by the enemy Warlock instead!

Seidel retaliates with a couple of swings of his Greatsword, but only manages to clip the enemy. Meshell finishes reloading and fires at the Warlock, also just clipping him with a shot!

Meshell tries to help Seidel, but her shot doesn't do enough damage and the Warlock remains standing!

Turn 3
As Meshell reloads she feels the strike of a Spear tip in her side! She stumbles, almost slipping from the catwalk as she cries out and grabs at her side. 'Ravens bitch!', says Maro Von Mirellasohn stepping out from the adjacent building, 'I was hoping it would be you lot. I've a score to settle with the Ravens'. He stabs for her again and she uses her Rifle to deflect the thrust.

Meshell is surprised by Maro Von Mirellasohn, the Reavers Captain!

The Youngblood recovers from the ground and pulls out a Crossbow, shooting a bolt into Xanamane. Xanamane curses and chants up another Blinding Light. He throws it at the enemy Warlock, but as the energy surges from him he suffers a wave of sickness that leaves him disorientated!

Feggins takes aim through the dazzling light before his eyes and finally puts the enemy Youngblood down. He then turns his Longbow on the Warlock and looses another arrow, striking him too! Two Reavers Warriors enter the square and head for us. One brakes off for Seidel whilst the other charges for Xanamane.

More Reavers members enter the square, things are going bad fast!

Xanamane ducks the Warrior's initial swipe despite his confusion, bashing him back with his heavy Staff. McFearsom ignores the Warrior entirely and reloads, aiming for the Warlock instead. Unfortunately the shot goes wide and hits nothing! Marius runs in to support Xanamane, using his Spear to stave off the attacking Warrior.

Marius charges in to help Xanamane as the Warrior moves in to attack him!

Percival has finally done looting and heads down and out of the last building on the block. He pops out of a doorway right beside Seidel, catching the Warlock by surprise and landing a couple of nasty blows on him.

Sir Percival joins the fight and charges in to assist Seidel!

The enemy Warlock grabs Seidel's arm and speaks a magical phrase that causes Seidel's armour to visibly age and rust before his eyes! Seidel bats him away, but the damage is done and his Armour is all but useless! Seidel gives the Warlock no further time to take advantage of the spell and cuts him down in a splash of blood. Seidel and Percival then move for the Warrior.

Seidel turns on the Warrior, the residual effects of the Warlock's spell still tainting his armour!

Percival is stopped in his tracks by a shot that rings out from one of the upper floors of a tall building on the Reavers' side of the square. A Sniper must have set himself up in the spot to assist his comrades.

Meshell meanwhile is being overwhelmed by the Reavers Captain and makes a controlled jump down into the streets by the others.

Turn 4
Maro, the Reavers Captain, jumps off the catwalk onto Xanamane from above dealing heavy damage. Xanamane is now sandwiched between two enemies!

Xanamane is trapped between two enemies!

In desperation he casts another Blinding Light, this time clapping his hands and unleashing it upon himself! The light flashes out, dazzling both the Reavers Captain and Warrior, as well as McFearsom who swears profusely! Marius stabs repeatedly at the Warrior, but he's still going to take some more to go down.

The Reavers Champion has now also emerged and is striding forward towards the Ravens, his bulky muscles rippling as he raises his Axe and points it towards us!

Seidel sees the Reavers Champion closing in on the Ravens!

McFearsom still manages to shoot him successfully, despite being half blind.

McFearsom slows the Champion's advance with a shot!

The enemy Warrior bashes Seidel whose Armour virtually falls apart due to the dead Warlock's spell! Percival and Seidel fight back furiously and try to keep Seidel from sustaining any more damage.

Seidel and Percival press their advantage, trying to overwhelm the enemy Warrior!

Meshell who has been taking aim for some time fires, blasting the Warrior's skull apart before them!

Meshell snipes the enemy Warrior, freeing up Percival and Seidel for a moment!

Seidel and Percival drop their guard when Percival suddenly stumbles forwards as he is hit again by the enemy sniper from the other building!

Turn 5
The Reavers Captain overwhelms Xanamane and brings him down with a brutal sweep of his Spear! He then brakes through McFearsom and Feggins and charges alongside the Champion into Seidel and Percival.

The enemy Champion marches in towards Seidel and Percival!

The injured Seidel becomes the focus of their fury and suffers several heavy blows. Percival and Seidel fight back but poor Seidel won't last much longer! We must end this now!

Seidel becomes the focus of the Reaver's attention and he won't last much longer!

'Aim for the big git- larger target!', shouts McFearsom. He, Feggins and Meshell all fire upon him and he cries out defiantly before dropping to his knees and slumping to the ground dead.

McFearsom, Meshell and Feggins focus on the Champion and bring him down!

Marius continues sparring with the Warrior, keeping him off the other Raven's backs! This time Seidel is struck by the Sniper as a large hole is blown in his chest! He flails and collapses to the ground!

Another cloud of smoke emerges from the building opposite as Seidel is finally put Out of Action with a shot from the enemy sniper!

Turn 6
To everyone's surprise Maro doesn't retreat despite being low on men and vastly low on Morale! Instead he lunges for Percival who is still recovering from the last sniper's shot. Maro stabs Percival who grimaces in pain. He then swings his Spear around and brutally smashes Percival around the face, knocking him down and out!

Percival is brutally smashed in the face by Maro's Spear!

Percival collapses to the ground as Maro turns and runs headlong back into the other Ravens! He brakes through Feggins and McFearsom again and heads back for Meshell.

McFearsom and Feggins move forward and recover a couple of items of loot from all the bodies before its too late, shooting back at Maro but missing due to not wanting to risk hitting Meshell. Unfortunately they pay the price as Feggins is shot by that Sniper!

Turn 7
The Ravens continue to mess up in a panic as Maro and the remainder of his men refuse to surrender!

Maro passes a second Morale check and refuses to surrender to the Ravens!

Meshell slowly backs up as she dodges Maro's attacks. Both McFearsom and Feggins once again shoot back at the Reavers Captain, and both miss once more! Marius is the only one continuing to land hits reliably, and continues whittling down the Warrior.

Marius continues holding up the Warrior, keeping him occupied as Maro attacks Meshell!

Meshell ducks around Maro and draws her blades. She dives into the Warrior, sinking her Dagger and Sword into his back with a squelch!

Meshell finally brings down the Warrior, freeing up Marius to help repel Maro!

Now only Maro and his pain in the ass sniper remain! The sniper reminds us of his presence by shooting McFearsom!

Turn 8
Against all sense Maro still refuses to retreat, and charges Marius who is caught unawares by the sudden attack!

Maro passes a third Morale check and charges for Marius next!

Maro stabs Marius in the back, pushing him forwards. Marius spins around the Spear tip and strikes back, but Maro is ready for him! He grabs the Spear haft and rips it from Marius's hand, bringing it up sharply and bashing Marius under the chin with it! Marius stumbles and falls onto his back. Maro throws Marius's Spear back at Meshell, knocking her over and then walks up to Marius and spears him in the shoulder! 'Not so tough without your friends around are you!?', he spits. 'I told you I'd get you back, you stumpy prick! Let's see how you do with NO arms!'. He shoves his Spear tip deep into Marius's shoulder forcing it right through the other side. Marius grabs the Spear's stave, trying to hold it still and cries out in pain, cursing Maro! Maro laughs evilly, then he twists the Spear brutally, mincing a large hole in Marius's shoulder. He puts a foot on the downed Raven and savagely rips his Spear up and outwards, mangling Marius's shoulder entirely! Marius's arm falls limp as nerves and muscles are torn to shreds! At that moment Meshell leaps onto Maro's back, desperate to stop the torture. Maro elbows her in the face and grabs her in a head lock on her knees. He holds his Spear tip close to her eye and shushes her until she stops struggling, holding the tip ever closer until she gives up fighting. 'Enough you bitch, call off your dogs before I poke out one of your eye balls!', Maro warns. 'Alright!', Meshell cries. 'McFearsom, Feggins, stop! Its over!'.

Meshell surrenders as Marius lies crippled nearby. The Ravens have lost!

McFearsom and Feggins approach them sheepishly, palms outstretched so as not to make Maro nervous. The Reavers Marksman, the sniper, strides up behind them with the remaining Reavers. Maro drags Meshell to her feet. 'Let's go and see what you've been taking from my territory', he spits. He turns her around and marches her towards the Ravens cart, the Marksman poking along McFearsom and Feggins not far behind them.

'In the trunk', Meshell nods to Maro upon reaching our cart. He drops his guard to nosy inside it and Meshell immediately smashes his head forwards into the side of the cart as McFearsom and Feggins turn on the Marksman, pushing his Handgun aside as it goes off and punching him in the face. They then flee into the ruins and begin making their way back to the camp- we need reinforcements so we can come back and collect the others! Maro's curses and cries of anguish can be heard for some time..



New Items Acquired:
+34 Gold Crowns
Fine Clothing x1
Wyrdstone Fragments x2
Wyrdstone Shards x1


Warrior Experience/Progress:

The Ravens of VGG = +1xp!
(1xp For Battleground Defeat)

Sir Percival = +4xp! +1 Physical Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(2xp Underdog Bonus)

Seidel Kraut = MVP! +1xp!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(2xp Underdog Bonus)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)
(1xp For Most Valuable Warrior)
(-5xp Amnesia)

Xanamane The Great = +4xp! +1 Physical Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(2xp Underdog Bonus)

Meshell Heelbeck = +7xp! +1 Mental Advancement! +1 Martial Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(2xp Underdog Bonus)
(3xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

'Head-Shot' Feggins = +4xp! +1 Martial Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(2xp Underdog Bonus)

McFearsom The Mad = N MADE LEVEL 5! +4xp! +1 Physical Advancement! +1 Martial Advancement! +1 Mental Advancement! +1 Strategy Point!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(2xp Underdog Bonus)

Marius Rothenburg = -



Sir Percival = Cost of Defeat, Open Wounds, Broken Jaw

Cost of Defeat
Having fallen Out of Action and consequently left behind during the rout Sir Percival was left to make his own way back to the Warband. As a result he may have lost some of his equipment along the way!
(Recovery Time: 0 Days. Lost Dueling Pistols)

Open Wounds
+5% Injury Chance After Battle
(Recovery Time: 0 Days)

Broken Jaw
Sir Percival's jaw has been shattered resulting in impaired speech. The injury reduces Leadership and maximum Leadership by 1 and Spell Casting chance by -5%.
(Recovery Time: 3 Days)


Xanamane The Great = Cost of Defeat, Open Wounds, Mysterious Ailment

Cost of Defeat
Having fallen Out of Action and consequently left behind during the rout Xanamane was left to make his own way back to the Warband. As a result he may have lost some of his equipment along the way!
(Recovery Time: 0 Days. Lost Staff)

Open Wounds
+5% Injury Chance After Battle
(Recovery Time: 0 Days)

Strange Ailment
An unknown disease has beset Xanamane, provoking a permanent fever. The Warrior's base Wound value has been reduced by -10hp as a result of this affliction.
(Recovery Time: 3 Days)


Seidel Kraut = Amnesia, Tendonitis, Chest Wound

Fortune Return
Even through the horrors of Mordheim, Seidel has managed to return safely and without losing any additional equipment during the journey! (No equipment lost)

A sharp blow to the head has fogged Seidel's memory. He loses up to 5xp from his current level.
(Recovery Time: 0 Days)

Seidel now suffers from Tendonitis in his wrists. This injury causes Strength and maximum Strength to be reduced by 1.
(Recovery Time: 3 Days)

Chest Wound
Seidel has suffered a grisly injury to his chest. Even after recovering, this injury will leave him weakened, causing Toughness and maximum Toughness to be reduced by 1.
(Recovery Time: 3 Days)


Marius Rothenburg = Severed Arm/RETIRED!

Severed Arm/RETIRED!
The loss of Marius's other arm renders him completely crippled! Unable to assist the Ravens further, the maimed Marius removes himself to eke out such existence as he can in a more tranquil place then the brutal ruins of Mordhiem!
(Recovery Time: N/A - Marius is gone, removed from the campaign!)



Post Session Warband Updates:

Boris Heelbeck: Equipped Fine Shield.
Meshell Heelbeck: +1 Alertness, +1 Weapon Skill.
Seidel Kraut: Equipped Fine Healing Draught.
Xanamane The Great: Equipped Staff, +1 Toughness.
Grimwulf: Swapped Light Armour for Fine Clothing.
'Head-Shot' Feggins: +1 Ballistic Skill.
McFearsom The Mad: +1 Toughness, +1 Leadership, +1 Ballistic Skill.

Sir Percival still has experience points to spend.


Our Armoury:
Shredded Mordheim Map x1
Sticky Sludge x2
Oil Bomb x1
Mad Cap Mushrooms x2
Fine Mandrake Root x1
Master Crafted Mandrake Root x1
Bugman's Ale x1
Master Crafted Bugman's Ale x2
Greta's Boon x1
Master Crafted Greta's Boon x1
Crimson Shade x1
Master Crafted Crimson Shade x1
Anti-Toxin x1
Draught of Concentration x2
Fine Healing Draught x2
Fine Poultice x3

Dagger x2
Axe x2
Hammer x2
Mace x2
Spear x2
Sword x2
Great Hammer x2
Great Axe x1
Ulrican Great Axe x1

Bow x2
Longbow x1
Crossbow x2
Handgun x1
Fine Handgun x1

Pendant x1
Clothing x2
Shield x2
Helmet x2
Light Armour x2
Heavy Armour x2

For details on all equipment in our armoury visit The Armoury


Would you like to join the Ravens of VGG? Head to our main discussion & recruitment thread for more information!
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Caroline Berg
United States
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...124 to run fleeing from the mountain. ...125 to use a rope to climb the cliff. ...126 to quickly cast "summon stairs." ...127 to dodge under the falling rocks.
Poor Marius!

Ah, a Xanamane sandwich! I love how he has a mysterious ailment too! Good thing he only had basic equipment to lose. I'm honestly surprised he survived this long!
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Nate Parker
United States
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Marius! To think, he lost not one but two arms to Mordheim! Clipped wings, indeed.

You were a good fighter, Marius. Your skill and steel will be missed.
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Michael Jordal
United States
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Ike Clanton painted by me for Wild West Exodus
You will be missed Marius, but not by siedel, who's amnesia has saved him from the grief of losing you
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