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Subject: Family Fun Day - Episode 3 - Mission 1 (Again) rss

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Kevin Warrender
United States
New Jersey
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So the first attempt at this mission didn't go so well, resulting in an exploded bomb. Oopsy. While my wife wasn't quite ready to play, we set everything up and even selected the first player (my son) and dealt out the double-draft of command cards. Then, while we continued to wait, we even ran through his theoretical turn, making sure to undo everything once done. He had a pretty easy plan - turn 90 with a fuel tank and move 2 spaces with a speed card, which would set him up next turn to start pushing the bomb. Pretty straightforward plan. With the wife ready, it was time to start.

Mission 1 - Mistakes Were Made - Attempt #2

Me - Corki
Wife - Tristana
Son - Ziggs

I opted for Corki this time around because his Barrel Roll is just a solid schematic, and with close quarters and me planning to play defense, it just made more sense than Heimerdinger and his level 4 schematic.

First round, unlike previous missions, there were plenty of move cards, a few turns and a few attacks. I ended up with 2 Skewers cards which I stacked to move forward quickly. My wife took an Omnistomp and Flamesplitter.

Our plan was simple. She and I would run up the sides trying to clear the path for Ziggs to push the bomb as needed. As my son is about to run his program, I look over and notice he slotted the move first and the turn 2nd. "Wait, what happened to the plan?" "Oh, right, I forgot." We let him switch his slots before proceeding since it was a silly mistake.

No surprises 1st round, just positioning.

2nd round another Speed came up which was perfect for my son. I took 2 Flamesplitters as the 1st player and my wife took a Ripsaw. However, our plan started to crumble a bit since my son proceeded to push the bomb further than either of us had gone. It took 2 damage.

Oh, should mention here that we did in fact start on easy mode (7) cause really, why punish ourselves?

Next round I got an omnistomp, my wife took a blaze and my son also took an omnistomp. Faced with the possibility of turning before moving though, we did kind of guide him a little and said there was a way to not turn, but it would be giving up his fuel tank. A bit of a bummer, but necessary to keep moving forward.

Again though, with his 4 speed, he managed to push the bomb 1 space past the repair pad. Meanwhile, lagging behind were Corki and Tristana, picking off the stray Minions where they could.

While we helped a little, the bomb did take 3 more damage (yay easy mode!) and now Ziggs would be taking 2 damage as well. Oh boy, this is where our plans would go to pot I suppose. "No no, it's okay" said the damage deck, dealing Ziggs two "switch slot" cards which resulted in no effect. Sweet!

Tristana managed to not take a single point of damage thanks to her Blaze/Flamesplitters really clearing the path in front of her. And with my Skewer card, I had successfully avoided damage for 2 straight turns. Good times.

4th and final round came up and all we needed was a turn card for Ziggs to face the repair pad and then tow the bomb into place. And thankfully we got 3 of them to choose from. Being the first player he opted for a Memory Core and put it (with some gentle prodding) on top of the Omnistomp. His other card was a Chain Lightning. So he turned and pulled the bomb onto the repair pad winning the game for us.

"Waaaa waaaaaa, look the bomb takes damage now so we lose" my son lamented. We had to explain to him a few times about the fact that as soon as he put the bomb onto the pad we had won and the game was over. "We did?" Yes, yes we did.

We were all surprised at how quick that mission had gone but seems as though the Yordle gods were kind to us and could have just as easily ruined our best laid plans.

Perhaps we'll get our comeuppance next time.
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