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Soult Attacks South French 7, Allies 1

The Allies have lost Austerlitz, and all that remains is the mopping up. The remaining Allies are surrounded, and further crippled with a 4 card hand! Do they have a chance to win tactically, or is it as hopeless as it looks? Perhaps they can damage the French behind them on the Allied board edge. The French win the first move, but miss all their shooting. So the Allies get to fire as they planned, but sadly miss also. On the Allied Right, the French play Cavalry Charge, vaporize the two Cossacks in the front, and badly damage the Allied Cavalry behind it on the Cavalry Breakthrough attacks, and force the Russian infantry unit into square. Then they play Reserves Forward, bringing up their Horse Artillery adjacent to the square!

Having no useful card of the three left on their rack, the Russians pull back two units on their Left. Then the French finish off the entire flank of the Allies. On Turn 4 they have already earned 4 Banners (of 7)—for two Austrian cavalry, an Austrian leader, and a Russian infantry. Its looking pretty grim for the Allies. With the small Austrian contingent and others swept from the field, the Allies are now surrounded on three sides instead of two, and have lost all of their horsed units!

The Russians are forced to waste a useless left flank card, but finally get a Center card and cause some casualties to the French on thee Russian board edge. As the French close the ring from that flank, the Allies ditch a second now useless card. The French finally get to fire dome of their Allied edge units, taking out a Russian infantry in the town. More significantly, a French Line Infantry now uses both Infantry Forward Leader and Infantry Melee Leader to wipe out the Russian infantry on the bridge and the leader with it! The French now have 6 Banners; the Allies none!

The Russians now redefine their objective: prevent the shut out. A light unit takes out a French infantry block near the bridge, while another firing from the walled farm takes out a two block leftmost French friendly edge unit, forcing its leader off the board (but getting no point for it). Mission accomplished, as the Allies brace for what is to come...

Having retrieved Infantry Melee Leader with Capable Tactician, the blue troops now hit the 2 block Russian holding the rightmost town hex from two sides; with a three strength infantry on the bridge and a 4 strength one from the Austrian base line! Result after both attacks: the Russian still holds out after losing a block and putting one loss on each French attacker!

Playing Forward, one Russian leaves the other town hex so the one strength unit can abandon its position in the other. Meanwhile a Light unit advances from the walled farm to fire at a blue infantry out in the open, but completely misses. Using Counerattack,the uninjured 3 strength Frenchmen now marches into the abandoned town hex (its point won't count until next turn). But the artillery on the Austrian baseline now takes out the single block Russian, winning the game.

This seems to be the only one of the six standard scenarios hardly worth playing. While I'd give it another try, I'm glad I didn't foist it off on a live opponent; this was a solo try out. It's disappointing, if historically accurate!

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