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Bojan Prakljacic
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Since I've noticed that there are some ppl here that also use Tabletop Simulator to play board games, I have a treat for them:
Dead Space Legendary, a retheme with new mechanics (based on the core deckbulding mechanics of Alien Legendary) so, in some ways a completely new game.

I'm still working on the mod, but it will be finished and playable during the next week. Since it has many new things I will have to do some play-testing and probably balancing of some cards... I am just one man, these things are done by big companies and groups of ppl so, might be that first version of the game could have some bugs. :}

Here is the list of additions to the game play:

- Objectives that come in small decks of 8 cards per Location. These Objectives vary from easy, medium to hard and they are shuffled and added to Necromorph's (Hive) deck at random, providing greater replay-ability and challenge.

- Hazards are still related to Locations, but Events are completely separated from Objective cards and function as separated mini-quests that can either help or hinder players progression.

- Players don't use Avatar cards but player's sheets instead. They have a RIG, an armored suit they can upgrade with Upgrade Circuits (replacing the Sargent cards) which they can use for buying or can destroy in combination with other cards to add some shielding, firepower, command (more cards in hand) or to expand their health bar, etc... They track upgrades using tokens, also each player has Sanity that can be affected by Marker corruption and will turn them into enemies for other players - traitor mechanic. So, from coop, to semi-coop, but it is optional, same as using Alien decks for attacking other players. Still, shield on the suit can be used to prevent wounds from regular enemies.

- Some new options with character cards. Beside Coordinate, there are some additions like Reveal, Guard, Renew, Commit...

First game follow loosely story about Ishimura incident and things that happen in the Colony on Aegis VII. Due to restrictions in finding art to use, had to go with things I could muster from movies Dead Space Downfall and Dead Space Aftermath, because I wanted to follow the same art style they use for Legendary games (comic style). Also, added new avatar characters to have a complete new story arch. But, don't worry, you can still play as Isaac Clarke. :}

And, of course, here are some images from the game (of this variant):

It is a fan-made mod, and it is not intended for any personal gains from my side except having fun in making it and playing it. It is only used in TTS virtual environment and not beyond that.

If anyone opt to try it, just search Dead Space in the Steam workshop for TTS mods at the end of the next week.

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Bojan Prakljacic
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I'm almost finished. As the game mod is closing to be published in the Steam workshop, here is the explanation of the changes in game mechanics:

1. Players choose the Location card and characters that correspond to that location.

2. Players then take 6 cards with Objectives that corresponds to the Location they have chosen. They shuffle those cards (there are 2 easy, 2 medium and 2 hard Objectives in there) and place three of them on the mat placeholders for Objectives A, B and C, face down(!)

3. After that they have to prepare Necromorph deck.
There are 3 small decks with enemies, events and hazards that corresponds to stage I, II and III of the whole Necromorph deck.
In the stage I deck there is one special Event card with this text: Reveal the first Objective. It is very important that this event is part of the 9 cards of the first stage deck since it will activate the story progress. Then, depending on number of players, you have to add Drone cards in each of these stage decks (Number of Drone cards must be equal to number of players). You shuffle each deck separately, then place stage III on the bottom, stage II on top of the stage III, and stage I on top of the stage II deck. Your Necromorph deck is prepared. Leave the Drone deck close because there are some Objectives that will demand adding more cards from it.

4. Each player chose one avatar sheet and place the token markers on the corresponding spots. With these tokens players track their RIG upgrades conditions and their health. Each avatar has different RIG so each setup for the starting upgrades is different.
One mayor change is in the mechanic of wounds system. RIG has an armor that can shield you against wounds depending on the upgrade status of that armor. There is an armor bar that shows +1, +2, +3 if you slide Armor token as gaining upgrades and reveal those bonuses. This is an addition to your default health basically. Armor can't shield you against Critical wounds. These wound are addition to this game only and can cause some side effects to player's hand or RIG.
When player suffers a wound he still draws a card that can deal 1 to 5 wounds to him, but he can lower that damage (or even cancel it in some cases)with a bonus his armor is giving him. [So, it is possible to brush those 1 value wounds off]

Example, player that has 8 health and +1 armor, suffers a wound with value of 3. His health is lowered only by 2 points, due to his armor.
Players can also upgrade their default health to new values. basically, you can upgrade your starting health value from 8 to 9. And with armor it will mean you will survive longer against Necromorphs.

5. Players starts with a deck of 12 cards in which there are 5 Security officers (dealing strikes) and 7 Engineer Specials giving him an option to buy characters. Depending which avatar class they have chosen, they place one card with a special ability of that avatar in their starting deck. Each turn they take 6 cards and use them to fight monsters or buy better characters from the HQ.

6. When the first Objective is revealed by the Event card from the stage I deck, players will flip the Objective card in the space marked as Objective A. The rest of the Objective cards stays face down.

Each Objective card has these requirements written on it:

Class commit requirement: showing which class icons must character have to be committed to that Objective. For instance: you can't commit characters with the Command class if Objective is demanding an Engineer class.

Commit cost: The sum of the cost of all committed characters of the needed classes. For instance: if the Objective has cost of 8 and it demands from players that they commit Medical and Security class characters, they must use the mix of those classes and their group cost must be equal or higher then the Objective cost for them to be able to do a Task of that objective.

Committed characters are placed beside the player's sheet in tilted position so the sum of their group costs can be seen easily. Players commit their characters from their hand during their turn. When the Objective is resolved, those characters are returned back to the discard pile of those players. (so, basically, you can't use those cards as long as they are committed to the current Objective).

Reveal action text happens immediately after you flip the Objective card. These Reveal effects usually setup some additional requirements or just do some harm to the players.

Task action text is explaining what players must do to gain and place one success token on the current Objective if they have correct class of characters committed and their group cost is equal or higher than the cost demand of that Objective.

Success requirement: shows the number of success tokens needed for the Objective to be finished.

Event action text: shows what happens when players reveal the event card from the Ship zone, by exploring rooms. (Explore is a Scan action in this variant)

7. After players finish the Objective A, at the end of their turn they must flip the next Objective B. They do the Reveal action, and then proceed to resolve that Objective. When all Objectives are finished, players win the Scenario and the game.

8. In this variant, instead of the Sargent deck players have an option to buy cards from the RIG Upgrades deck. These cards can provide buying power and the icon to use for card combos, but they also have a special RIG upgrade ability that can be activated only by destroying that card and one character that corresponds to that card icon's demand. These upgrades are permanent and players will use bonuses they provide till the end of the game.

So, that is all about the changes. Game will be available soon. It will have 3 locations (6 Objectives per each Location) and 2 batch of characters. After that I will expand it as I see fit, adding more of everything... I hope you will enjoy this variant or should I call it complete new game of Legendary Dead Space.

P.S. Here is how you additionally scale the difficulty of the game:

Easy setting: use 2 Easy and 2 Medium Objective cards. Shuffle them together and take 3 from that deck.

Medium Setting: Use 1 Easy, 2 Medium and 1 Hard Objective to form an Objective deck.

Hard setting: Use 2 Medium and 2 Hard Objectives to form an Objective deck.

'God Help me, Idk what will happen' setting: Use all corresponding Objective cards to form that deck. For the record, I like this setting the best. Game is brutal and full of surprises.

As a bonus, I will spoil the character decks for ya.

Spoiler (click to reveal)

Spoiler (click to reveal)
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Bojan Prakljacic
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Mod is published!

I've played few games today and died marvelously each time. Some random guy that was playing with me said that it was fun, but he cried a little afterwards. XD
This might be my most punishing game so far.

Lol, I've just designed, made and published game in 17 days! Eat your heart out FFG.

TTS users, please subscribe and comment on the workshop page, I would like some feedback.

Well, that was that. I'm off to play some more games. See ya!

P. S. So happy now... Altman be praised.
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