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Episode 84 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Friday, November 18th (since Tuesday, November 15th).

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Alright! Big announcements! I will no longer do the Final Roll podcasts. Since every interesting project will already be covered in a First Roll episode, you will all know when your favorites end. I will however send out lists on facebook and the usual 24 hours left tweets, since I already got all the data anyway. This also means that the First Roll podcasts will be released on the regular Monday, Wednesday & Friday schedule which used to be the Final Roll schedule. I will keep the Final Roll name on for the Interview Specials and other purposes (I don’t feel like completely rebranding).

Anyway, The First Roll will keep on Rolling (no pun intended) and it’s a big episode today, so here are the games that are new on kickstarter since Tuesday.


Ghosts of Gaia:

Bad Squiddo Games is bringing a range of of post apocalyptic female badasses in 28mm scale. 10 heavily armed women which you don’t want to mess with. It’s a very successful campaign already and that’s probably because these models look pretty good! 5 GBP each and the whole set of 10 can be yours for 40.
Ends 11-28


Another very successful campaign is the Undertown terrain range by Antenocitis Workshop. Modular pre-painted scenery to bring your sci-fi table to life. It was designed with infinity in mind (which shows) but can be used with any 28 or 32mm sci-fi wargame. Combination pledges for a lot of different buildings so check it out for yourself!
Ends 11-27

Heavy Gear - Dreadnoughts:
Fusion Core studios is bringing a new Fleet Scale Landship Tabletop miniatures Wargame called Heavy Gear - Dreadnoughts. Control armadas of landships, massive hovering fortresses bristling with weapons & troops. To achieve victory, you must wisely manage your army to not only deliver punishing bombardments, but also to launch air missions, command ground forces, and provide repair and recovery resources to damaged units. The 2 player starter set is 80 USD.
Ends 12-18

Blind Beggar Holiday Specials:
Blind Beggar is bringing ALL its previous series to kickstarter in a holiday sale blowout! If you missed one of the campiagns, this is THE time to get them at very reasonable prices! So much stuff that you’ll have to check it out for yourself!
Ends 11-22

Goal Post Models:

And if you’re looking for custom goal posts for your ‘Mob Football game, check out the ‘Goal Post campaign from Primogenesis. Whatever guild you’re into, there is a post for you to live up the field. The posts are 9 GBP each.
Ends 12-02


Board Games! A City special today! First off, Lisboa. Eagle-Gryphon Games is bringing this very pretty looking board game to the tables! Reconstruct the city of Lisboa (which is in Portugal… geography lesson) after the great earthquake of 1755 and the tsunami and chaos that ensued. Help the King, Marquis & Architect! Lisboa is 79 USD.
Ends 12-16

Pompeii - Wrath of Vesuvius:
Another city in rough waters is Pompeii. Pompeii - Wrath of Vesuvius is a lightweight area control game of building, bluffing and destruction that is suitable for the whole family. Build warehouses and influence in the Pompeii phase and hope they survive the upcoming Vesuvius phase! Pompeii - Wrath of Vesuvius is 35 USD for a Standard and 40 for a Deluxe edition.
Ends 12-15

Leningrad '41:
Another city that has seen some rough days is Leningrad (I should’ve called it a city destruction special). In leningrad ‘41 you can play the siege of the city, which was an essential part of operation Barbarossa. Based on the successful Moscow ‘41 game engine you can now relive this ‘struggle for the North’. Push your luck and change history in Leningrad ‘41. It’s 48 EUR.
Ends 12-18

Naval Battle in Archipelago:
Another tactical wargame, but this time at sea comes with ‘Naval Battle in Archipelago’. A realistic tactical simulation of naval combat in the 1970s, for two players. Control your aircraft, ships, boats, and other craft to achieve supremacy and win the battle! Naval Battle in Archipelago is 20 EUR for the pocket version, 32 for the basic version and 58 for an expanded version of the game.
Ends 12-16

Two other New boardgames:


Necronomicorp is the office survival horror game! Escape the (actual) tower that once used to be your proper workplace, pursued by monsters that were once your co-workers AND an evil copy machine. It’s 750 Mexican Pesos, which is about 36 USD. Welcome to Kickstarter, Mexico!
Ends 12-20

Abaddon - Shattered Command:

And Richard Borg’s Abaddon is getting an expansion called Shattered Command. It adds the command bunker, a scenario creating system, terrain rules and 8 additional scenarios. The expansion is 15 USD and you can combine it with the base game for 40.
Ends 12-18

Card games:


Card Games, and a LOT of them! First Tricksters is a game that I would’ve written a nice little review of, but somehow the package never made it to my door, darn you postal service. There is a PNP available so I’ll try to get it into the next game night so I can review it anyway, but for now… Tricksters is a game where players must seek and absorb only light or dark energy. You can obtain energy by deciding which race of creatures you want to favour each round. A very cool looking card game that can be yours for 300 Mexican pesos.
Ends 12-16

Legends Untold:

In Legends Untold, you take on the role of an unlikely hero. Starting with only your wits and a crude weapon you will explore the Weeping Caves trying to gain access to the great free city of Dun Mordhain. It offers the depth of an RPG with the pace of a card game to deliver an immersive adventure campaign. Legends Untold is 19 GBP.
Ends 12-16
www.inspiringgames/" rel="nofollow">https://www.facebook.com/www.inspiringgames/

Next, Hylaria. Hylaria promises a fantastic time full of characters, secrecy and hilarious fun. Players compete in two teams for the colorful tiles in the center of the table. To have a chance at winning, your team will need a clever code that can communicate the content of the face-down tiles in front of you. Without your opponents finding out of course. Hylaria is 1 EUR for a PNP and 20 for a physical copy.
Ends 12-16

Carry On:

Carry on is a gear collecting card game for the end of the world. Stash food and weapons & with the aid of other survivors find a way to carry on. It’s 14 USD.
Ends 12-02

Hangry Hippos:
In Hangry Hippos you're just trying to run a restaurant and a hippopotamus eats all your food. Who hasn’t been in that situation, right? A delightful combo-building card game for 2-5 players that will cost you 10 USD for a PNP or 20 for the physical copy.
Ends 12-17

The Red Dragon Inn 6 - Villains:
The Red Dragon Inn Series is getting a new expansions, this time with various villains. The very popular game is getting a boatload of new content: 4 villains, Dungeon events and new game modes. You can choose which version of RDI 6 you want, starting at 35 USD.
Ends 12-15

A quick run down of the plethora of other card games:

In Prehistorik,players put themselves in the shoes of a homo sapiens clan leader and send their hunters to seek food for the tribe. However, in these fierce ages, competition with other tribes is tough. It;s 9 EUR for a PNP and 14 for a boxed copy.
Ends 12-17

The Forest Dragon Card Game:
9-year old Rory designed a card game called ‘The Forest Dragon’. Dare you explore the forest? It's full of things you need, and there is treasure to be found. But beware! The forest is also full of monsters! Will you meet the Forest Dragon? Will you have a sword in your hand when you do? The Forest Dragon Card Game is 15 GBP.
Ends 12-07

Blitz Champ:

Blitz Champ is a football card game for jocks and nerds alike. It’s also 10 USD for a PNP and 20 for a real deck.
Ends 12-07

Cat People:
And if you’re into cats, check out Cat People! A game full of kittens, hilarious situations and broken lives. 20 EUR for a standard edition and 30 for a Plus edition.
Ends 12-17

Dice Games:

A Dice Game then! A fast paced dice tactics game where you aim to collect groups of their chosen Egyptian gods to score points. Each roll of a new OMINOE dice will trigger a move on the board - sometimes you will move your own Ominoe and sometimes you will be moving other players' Ominoes as you compete to collect groups of 4 or more of your gods. Ominoes is 25 GBP.
Ends 12-13

Role Playing Games:

Of Drow Origin (Module):

And finally, two RPG’s. The first one is the minimized campaign for ‘Of Drow Origin’. Where the last campaign was a huge undertaking with all kinds of extras, this one purely focusses on the 5th edition adventure module. A tale of intrigue and shifting loyalty with treachery, secrets and murder. PDF pledges start at 15 USD and print pledges start at 47.
Ends 12-17

Four Games in One - GMZero Project:

And finally, Jim Pinto from Postworldgames has 4 GMless games that he just wants to publish and be done with. No Need to lie about it, he just wants the moneys!!! 4 completely different games with only a few things in common. Pledges start at 4 USD.
Ends 12-15
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