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Subject: Training Scenario 5: Aluminum Overcast rss

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Aircraft operations are now added into the mix. The Air Rules of OCS have seen the most revisions over the years. After playing this scenario out, I’m not sure why. Sure, there is a little extra-bookkeeping involved, but nothing extraordinary.

Airbases don’t always reactivate all available Aircraft every turn, which sounds to me to be more realistic and could really jack up some plans if you think your going to have 6 Tactical Bombers available and only end up with 2.

Being able to intercept multiple times and with extra fighters, why did that change? Flak does seem a little weak in 1st Edition, however.

Anyway, this scenario shines the light on Aircraft Operations. All Non-Aircraft units are targets and do not move.

The Germans start out with 4x Ju87b’s (Stukas) and 3x Bf-109f’s while the Russians start with 4x IL-2 Bombers and 3x Mig3’s.

The Overphase

Both sides expend 2 SP each to have their Airbases run at full capacity. When the time comes, for the Air Unit Refit, a single dice will be roll and this number will be multiplied by the total “usable” level of the Airfield, which will be 2, since we just spent 2SP in the supply phase, otherwise it could be 1 if just 1SP is spent or 0 if none is spent.

1st Player Determination

Russians win the die-roll.

Movement Phase

Two Mig3’s take up station just West of their Infantry Divisions. These will be used as Interceptors. Two of the Russian bombers (IL 2’s) take up station over one of the German Infantry Divisions.

Russians do not get Hipshots like the Germans (Hipshots are an Optional rule by the way), so they will have to wait until the end of the Movement Phase to resolve the Barrage attempt. One IL-2 and a Mig3 will Station themselves over the FLMpzr unit and the remaining IL-2 bomber will flyover the Northern-most German Infantry Division.

At the end of this Movement Phase, Flak and Barrages are now resolved. Each RE is equal to 1 Flak point, each Level of an Airbase is also equal to 1 Flak point. Dumps, Trucks and Wagons (regardless to how many of each) equals 1 Flak in total.

So the first attack by the two IL-2’s must have them roll for each Bomber with a Flak Rating of 4 (4 RE’s in German ID). Both bombers pass and Barrage on the 12-16 Column shifted to the 17-24 Column (2R shift for 4 Step target and 1L shift for no Adjacent Unit). A 9 is rolled, so that inflicts 1 Step loss and a DG. The 2 Russian Bombers fly home and become inactive.

The Barrage on the Northern German ID starts and stays on the 5-7 Column (1L for Close Terrain, 1L for No adjacent unit and 2R for 4 Step Target), passes the Flak roll and misses its target.

The remaining IL-2 and its Mig 3 escort will stay on station over the FLMpz will await the Barrage Segment of the Combat Phase. If it survives the Reaction Phase of the Germans, it could then combine its Barrages strength with any available Artillery unit within range to target. There is no Arty in this scenario, just want to highlight the possibility here.

Reaction Phase

Two of the German Stuka’s with a Fighter escort attempt a bombing run of the Russian Supply Dump. When they get within a 5 hex range of the Russian Fighter Aircraft, Interception is now possible.

Air to Air combat is now on the menu. The Russian Mig3 intercepts (and is now considered the Attacker). With a -2 DRM going up against the German fighter, this may be tough. The Mig suffers a step loss and returns to it Airbase to be deactivated.

Had the Mig3 prevailed, it would have taken up its new station on the current spot. This would allow victorious Interceptors to “travel” during the turn with each victory as an Interceptor. COOL!

The 2 Stukas and Bf-109 continue on towards the supply dump.

Here is another chance to be intercepted, either by one or by both MIG3’s.

The 1st Mig is able to force the German fighter to abort, leaving the Stukas without Fighter support and must defend themselves. Since they are the Defenders in this case (they got intercepted, which switches the rolls) they cannot Abort on their own. The 1st Mig attacks a Stuka, but gets a bad roll and is forced to Abort. The second MIG3, not wanting to report he got bested by a Stuka pilot to STAVKA, inflicts step losses on both Stukas, and they return home, bombing mission failed. That 2nd MIG3 now resumes its patrol at his new location.

The Germans, still in their Movement Phase, will send the remaining 2 Stuka’s with both remaining Fighters to bomb the Russian Airfield. This time, the Russian MIG sees the better part of Valor is by not noticing them.

End of the Movement Phase has the Russian Airfield attack being resolved.

A Flak rating of 2 since it’s a Level 2 Airbase has no effect on the four rolls, and the German Barrage fails to inflict any damage on the 11-20 Column. They all fly back to be deactivated.

Combat Phase

The IL-2 will now attempt to take out the FLMpz. FLAK is easily avoided. Starting on the 5-7 Column, the Left shifts mount up, 1L for Close Terrain, 1L for no Adjacent Unit and 2L for less than 1RE in hex. This would put the Barrage off the chart, but the last available column is used. Fortunate for the Germans, the IL-2 rolls an 11, missing them by 1 Point. The IL-2 flies home and deactivates.
This leaves only 1 MIG3 Fighter on station.

No other phases relevant

German Turn

Air Unit Refit

As mentioned earlier, Airbases are supplied during the Overphase to the amount the player so chooses. This particular instance, the German Airbase was supplied the total of 2SP (for its 2 Levels). A dice is now rolled to see how many aircraft can be refit for the entire turn. A 2 is rolled, so multiplied by 2 makes only 4 Aircraft available. This means during the 2nd half of the first turn for the Germans, 4 Aircraft will be able to refit then as well.

The 2 full strength Stuka’s and two of the Bf109’s will refit and become active. I can also combine identical half-strength Aircraft into one full strength one at any time they are in the same hex together.

Movement Phase

One Stuka with Fighter escort stations itself over the Russian Infantry Division. The Germans are allowed Hipshoots, and as many Aircraft can participate.

A FLAK of 2 misses and the Hipshoot inflicts a DG on the Russian ID.

The other Stuka and Fighter combo will attempt a run at the Russian
supply dump.

The MIG3 now attempts to Intercept and fails, suffering a step loss and an Abort. The Attack on the Russian supply dump continues uninterrupted (even by the 1 FLAK) on the 9-12 column on the Barrage vs Dump chart after the shifts cancel each other out and obtains a 10% destruction of SP, so 2 SP are removed, leaving 16SP in the dump.

The successful Stuka and Fighter returns to base and deactivates.

No further Phases other than Clean up

This ends the first half of the Turn

Russian 2nd half of Turn 1

Air Unit Refit Phase

The Russians roll a 4, so that makes a total of 8 Aircraft to be refitted for Operations.

Movement Phase

Three Bombers proceed to the German Airfield uninterrupted. Bad Mistake for the Germans.

One Bomber and Mig3 move to take up station at the German ID that was hit earlier and the 2 now reduced fighters takes up Interception duties, one over its Airbase.

At the end of the Movement Phase..

FLAK at the German Airbase is 2, which inflicts no damage on the 3 Russian Bombers

On the Barrage vs. Facility Chart, a 6 is rolled on the 21-40 Column, which would normally inflict a 2 level loss on the Airfield, but Airfields can never be reduced to less than 1 level this way. All deactivated planes must now roll for damage. Two of the Stukas and 1 Bf-109 fail there rolls and are reduced.

The 2nd Barrage attack on the German ID (FLAK failed) nets a DG after a ½ result is rolled.

No further Phases other than Clean up

The German take their last half of the Turn.

Still only allowed to refit only 4 aircraft, 2 Stuka’s and 2 Fighters reactivate after two half-strength Stuka’s combine.

Movement Phase

One Stuka and the two Bf109’s head to the Russian Airbase to return the favor, destroying the remaining MIG that tried to intercept them and forcing the 2nd MIG to Abort. Since the 2nd MIG chose to intercept them outside of his Airbase, had there been another Airbase within Range, he could have flew to the Alternate airbase to become deactivated.

This is not a Hipshoot, so will be resolved at end of Movement Phase
The remaining Stuka attempts to destroy some RR tracks outside of Orel.

At the end of the Movement Phase, FLAK has no effect and the Airbase is successfully attacked with an AB result, which is no damage to the Airbase itself, but all deactivated aircraft must roll for loss, which 2 IL-2 Bombers and 1 MIG each suffer a steploss. The RR tracks remain safe to use.

All German Aircraft return to Base and become deactivated.

This ends the 1 Turn scenario. Counting up the losses according to the Victory conditions:

Germans lost 1 step of Infantry, 1 step of Bf109’s, an Airbase Level and 4 steps of Stuka’s while the Russians lost 2SP’s, 2 steps of IL-2 Bombers and 4 steps of MIG-3 Fighters). Pretty even.

I realized that the Airbases were not mentioned as targets, only the land units, supply dumps and RR hex’s. My nature has always been to attack an opponents Airforce at every opportunity, so this wasn’t a mistake, per se. Hopefully I showed you everything possible one can do. The one thing missed was the Doubling up feature. This allows an Attacker that has two more Fighter Aircraft than the Defender to make two double attack rolls. The Attacker rolls twice, using all DRM’s for both rolls, and pick the best one of the two rolls. If this destroys or Aborts one of the Defending Fighter aircraft and there is another Defending Fighter, the Attacker gets to roll twice again. This works the same if the Defender has two more Fighter aircraft than the Attacker, except both the Defenders Fighter Aircraft AR’s are subtracted from the Attackers roll.

Don’t understand why some of these rules were not carried over into later revisions. I know Dean and the boys wanted to streamline the Air Rules quite a bit, but by doing so, I think a lot of really neat mechanics got kicked to the curb which, I think, would have really added (maintained) some hard decisions to be made.

So, this finishes all of the OCS mechanic-specific rules Training Scenario’s.

The Final Training Scenario (#6) is the Graduation Scenario. All the rules should be digested by now and ready to employ. If there is anything that you are unsure about, then the previous scenario’s await to be set up again and played out until you are sure.
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