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Subject: A worthy contender for SDJ rss

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Gender: pot*ato. My opinion is an opinion.
Zooloretto use the trusted and tried card drafting which is the essential and only mecanism of Coloretto, and adds a fitting theme and a layer of management above it.

It is a game that can be explained in few minutes, the rules themselves were extremely easy to pick up; being familiar with Coloretto does of course help, but the (multilingual) rulebook is clearly laid out and there is absolutely no ambiguity.

The quality of the components is adequate and the illustrations are top notch. The "panda factor" will help convincing occasionnal gamers to get in, and that factor, combined with the concise and simple rulebook, makes Zooloretto a very nice example of gateway game.
Do not make the mistake however to think that cute and kind are the same, because this panda has very sharp talons; you win the game not by collecting animals you need but instead by making sure your opponents collect animals they do not want. Of course I did not want to play that way with the wife and daughter, put playing nice did not get me anywhere.
The fact that you can loose points by getting just too much of an animal you collect makes also a big difference with Coloretto, as the actions you can buy which have the side effect of not being able to fill a stack or take one.
Additionnal details like birth, shops only add to the theme and fun without cluttering the system which stays streamlined.

Not only the terrific Coloretto has at last been put to good use, Zooloretto adds a layer thin enough to qualify as a gateway game, but deep enough for more savvy gamers to be mean; the theme fits perfectly in... classy.
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